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FARSCAPE in a theater near you?

The series creator sits down with CINESCAPE to discuss the possibility of a feature film adaptation

By Eric Moro     July 23, 2001

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Hot off the heels of a jammed packed presentation at the Comic-Con International: San Diego, Rockne S. O'Bannon (series creator) and Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo) of FARSCAPE sat down with CINESCAPE to discuss the series and its overwhelming popularity. Out that conversation came an interesting tidbit regarding the possibility of a FARSCAPE feature film.

"There's been talks [of a FARSCAPE movie] from the very beginning," says O'Bannon. "It's been a passion of Brian Hensen to make a feature out of the project. Of course, the difficulty initially was just getting the series made. Now we're having more serious conversations about a movie, but it's an issue of where to fit it in the production. Do we do it during the FARSCAPE hiatus?" However, scheduling is not the only obstacle standing in the way of a potential FARSCAPE feature. The question of where to place the film within the series' continuity also poses a challenge.

"Creating a movie based on a television series that's still on the air is really tough to do because where do you put it?" asks O'Bannon. "[Chris] Carter did it with THE X-FILES by essentially designing a season that led up to the movie, then the movie came out in the summer, and then the next season tailed off. Seriously, I don't know how successful that was it gives the movie a short shelf life, I feel, as opposed to being a stand-alone film. However, in the case of our show, you have characters who were on the show in the beginning, but aren't there now. We have new characters that have come in, so where do you place it? We're in an arc in the series right now where John Crighton, the lead character, has been split in two. So we'll have one episode with him and some of the characters, and the next with his other self and another group of characters. So if the movie premiered tomorrow, it would be in the middle of the series about this split guy. I don't know how we're going to resolve that; it's a toughie."

According to Simcoe, if any genre series currently on television deserves the feature treatment, FARSCAPE makes the most sense if only from an aesthetic perspective.

"The beauty of the show is that it really has created another universe," says Simcoe. "You really get a sense of the FARSCAPE universe being vast and full of these imaginary creatures. That's what the Jim Hensen creature shop brings that's the real achievement. It's the sense that it's not a small place, set in a box in some studio. Its really massive."

Regardless, O'Bannon assures that the odds of the series eventually hitting the big screen are relatively high: "The bets are that it'll happen once the series has wrapped."


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