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Level Up! The Last of Us Review (Article) - 7/6/2013 3:18:54 AM

wow, not sure what the site hated about my post but it ate everything I typed to you Hanso.

The gist was that the cut scenes added to the experience, yet the game is a slower paced style of play as opposed to run and gun.  I don't feel like typing my well thought out and informative post again....damn fn site...even having issues with the copy/paste commands lately *sigh*

Level Up! The Last of Us Review (Article) - 7/5/2013 1:34:09 AM

This is almost the perfect game if it had only perfected the AI of your teammates and some of the simplicity of the enemies movements...I cant wait to see what Naughty Dog does with the sequel on next gen console.  My buddy who rips through games did 16 hrs on single player, I explored a lot more and hit 18 hrs first time through.

This game is the closest thing there is to controlling a movie imo.  It is so story and character driven that you really invest in the characters well being and survival.  There are a few moments in the game that will threaten to bring a tear to your eye.  The best in game acting to date and the devs used some subliminal imagery to play off your emotions.



There is an emotional scene where Ellie and Joel come across some giraffes.  It is really the first bonding moment that the two of them share.  Later in the game after she is being operated on, you are passing through a children's section of a hospital and murals on the walls lightly depict giraffes.  As Joel is already emotional and moving at a panicked pace looking for her, the subliminal image of the giraffes comes back in a heavy emotional way.


Despite the minor bugs with AI, I can honestly say this is the best console game ever released to date and is the only one I have ever picked up to play again on the next difficulty setting.

Shock-O-Rama: The Potent Legacy of Jim Kelly (Article) - 7/4/2013 1:00:57 AM

This guy oozed awesome through his whole career and his films were one of the things my dad and I enjoyed together over the years.  I think his film collection will be one of my next purchases.

RIP Black Belt Jones

Dexter: A Beautiful Day Review (Article) - 7/2/2013 10:36:59 PM

And best of all we got to see the very sexy Aimee Garcia's boobies!!  Attention Hanso....BOOBIES!!!

Dexter: A Beautiful Day Review (Article) - 7/2/2013 12:06:33 AM

I thought the opener was better than a B...had a very strong open and played off the last season, which had great characters but was not the strongest.  I cannot wait to see how this final season plays out.

Wolverine: Origin - Title Sequence (Article) - 6/30/2013 5:34:37 PM

I am not a fan either.  I bought one of the marvel knights packs on dvd before and made it 10 minutes into the first one.  I was completely bored.  Marvel has such an amazing collection of mini series and epic stories that they could release as animated features, but they don't.  I could imagine a Punisher animated series done in the adult style of the old animated Spawn series. 

Ultimate Avengers vids were decent and loved the 90's animated X-men...other than that, I find Marvel fails at animated features.  Disney needs to assign someone to do this right!

Book Review: Wisp of a Thing (Article) - 6/29/2013 11:58:44 PM

Sweet, was reading a lot of interesting reviews and tons of praise for this novel.  I do love the fact that you do not need to have read the first one...from what I read is that he has really grown as an author since the first novel. 

I ordered a copy today on Amazon, along with the new Joe Hill "NOS4A2", who I have been hooked on since "Horns" and Neil Gaiman's "The Ocean at the End of the Lane".

Book Review: Wisp of a Thing (Article) - 6/29/2013 12:54:44 AM

What is the target age group for this book? Is it adult or young adult?

Saturn Award Results Are... (Article) - 6/27/2013 11:02:46 AM

I completely agree mellowdoux, Paranorman blew it away in my opinion

Top 10 Wrongs of Roland Emmerich (Article) - 6/26/2013 7:10:32 AM

He has not written/directed a single movie I have liked. Yes that includes Stargate and ID4...I am one of the haters of ID4 and what is even worse is his "epic" sequel is being done in two parts *sigh*.  Dont get me wrong, I love a little cheese, but something about his movies always annoy me.


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