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MACHETE Movie Review (Article) - 9/3/2010 1:41:09 AM

I havent seen it yet, but Rob's review really reminds me of how I felt about El Mariachi and Desperado...I really wanted to like both of those films, but just couldnt....every time they would start to build back up, Rodriguez would drag me back down again by dragging me into a political snorefest.  I can see that being the case in Machete too...He needs to focus more on the fun he brings to his films and less on the statements they make.

That being said, i do like a lot of Rodriguez's work....Planet Terror is one of my favorite sci-fi/horror homage films of recent years.

KICK-ASS 2 a Go? (Article) - 9/1/2010 3:30:47 PM

Can anyone tell me if the TV version of Human Target was any good?

The Last Exorcism Movie Review (Article) - 8/31/2010 8:44:39 PM

Got dragged to it by friends tonight and you know what...the show was a lot of fun...made me jump a couple times...creeped me out a bit....then BAM!  The show takes an idiotic turn that made no foreshadowing, no clues, just a fast "Hey this is how we are ending our movie, we know it doesnt make any sense, but thanks for paying $11 to watch it". 

I swear the whole theatre moaned at the end and half the people were all saying how stupid it was....I wanted to tell people in line not to waste their money.  I give the first 7/8 of the movie a solid B, while the ending deserves an F

Final Destination 5 Cast Found (Article) - 8/31/2010 8:54:45 AM

Would you all stop going to these so they stop green lighting sequels???? And studio execs....just use the $$$ to pay off some of my debts and buy me a new car instead

Cranston Leads GRIEF TOURIST (Article) - 8/31/2010 8:52:09 AM

Wow, I can def see Cranston in this role....cant wait for next season of Breaking Bad

True Blood: Fresh Blood Review (Article) - 8/30/2010 5:45:14 PM

I am the opposite, I thought this was one of the more higher energy, thrill-filled episodes....It hit on too many of my guilty pleasures and I enjoyed every second of it and cant wait to watch it a 2nd time. 

Skarsgard never ceases to amaze me with his moment uttering "prick" under my breath at him and then cheering for him the next second.  It was fun seeing Sam's dark side coming out as well and the reactions by his little brother, whose bark seems much worse than his bite when he is faced with an alpha male scenario (like he used to with his abusive father).  I say good jon True Blood and to me this episode was an A Plus

2 Spots for M. Night's DEVIL (Article) - 8/25/2010 9:04:54 AM

Why are people attacking this is only based on a script by the Sham....he didnt direct it or write the screenplay or touch it as a small child....the screenplay is based on a story written by him and he is one of the producers....I will give it a chance

True Blood: I Smell a Rat Review (Article) - 8/24/2010 9:05:48 AM

It is a ritual with True up to the big reveal is always so full of intensity and excitement, that by episode 10 of a season they throw all the cards onto the table leaving the 3 final episodes for non stop action....I didnt mind the episode because it sets us up for the end of the season....

It's like riding a rollercoaster....sooo exciting as it slowly pulls us to the highest point of the ride...keeping our adrenaline running with anticipation...there is always those few seconds as we cross the plateau as our heart and brain settle as the ride slows....pauses....then..... Swooosh! down we go!! ...heart racing...adrenaline pumping...muscles the ride comes to an end, leaving us wanting to go on the ride again!!  Unfortunately, we have an 8-9 month line before we get to climb onto the next rollercoater :(

Writers for TMNT Reboot (Article) - 8/21/2010 5:12:59 PM

Reminds me of the film they made Turtles Forever where the old school cartoon transports into the dimension of the newer series and at the end they end up in the original black and white Eastmen & Laird  dimension LOL

10 TV Actors We Want To See In More Movies (Article) - 8/21/2010 4:13:23 AM

Karas....did you really find Watchmen more violent than the graphic novel???  Its been quite a few years since I read it last, but I remembered the graphic novel been much more gritty and violent than how Snyder portrayed it....

As for your sarcasm...I am sure Caveman appreciated it....Damn those cavemen...why must they all be so sarcastic!!??

While not all of Del Toro's films are in excess of violence, the violence that he does portray is very gritty and graphic....if I remember correct, it was Pan's Labyrinth that Capt. Vidal bashed in a guys face with a wine bottle!!!

As for Peter Jackson....well let's just say he started off with a couple extremely funny yet graphically bloody and filled with flying guts films called Brain Dead (Dead Alive) and Bad Taste....with a semi pornographic puppet show in between them ;) Hahaha

Robert: I'm Robert.
Trevor: You may be Robert to your friends but you're fly shit to me! Piss off!

I think I blame Meet the Feebles for any type of inhalation of marijuana smoke that may or may not have occurred in my youth!!! You hear that Mr. corrupted my did this!!!  Hahahaha!!


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