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EXCL: Norrington Departs CROW Feature (Article) - 10/21/2010 11:47:03 AM

Monkeyfoot I think you should give TWD a try when it premiers.  It isnt just another zombie story...the title actually refers to the living people.  It is a very dramatic journey of a group of survivors and the ugliness that mankind can become after an event like this.  Yes there will be zombies and yes they will be at times trying to evade them.

Personally I can wait until they find the town with the Rick/Michonne/Phillip the Governor storyline...unfortunately that wont happen until at least season 3 I am sure.

NBC Picks Up EVENT (Article) - 10/20/2010 12:53:12 AM

I am on the opposite end as Lusiphur, I was hoping Outsourced would be more offensive than it is.  Dont get me wrong, I do enjoy the show a lot so far, but I expected a bit more extreme jokes.  I am a very open minded, non-racist person that has lived and worked around the world and within many different cultures (Indian being one of them) and I can appreciate humour in all aspects....Gupta (Parvesh Cheena) is the spitting image/personality of my old roommate Himanshu is almost uncanny!!! lol

Is Tom Hardy BATMAN's Villain? (Article) - 10/15/2010 1:24:36 PM

I could see Hardy as Riddler, Penguin or my personal favorite would be Killer Croc.  An amazing axctor and glad to see him added to the cast in any calibre.

10 Obscure Comics That Should Be Movies (Article) - 10/15/2010 1:21:46 PM

Top Ten !!!

I know that it could never be adapted properly, but what a helluva ride that series was!!! Another very obscure Moore story that could make an interesting adaptation would be Lost Girls.  Could be quite controversial if done to source.

TV Wasteland: Sanctuary Returns (Article) - 10/11/2010 10:43:40 AM

Nice!  Glad to see that little prick Crowley back in a new Supernatural episode....that backstabbing demon is one of my favorites!!

Although it is not genre, for those that are fans, IFC started airing David Cross's CH4 comedy The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret last Friday

9 Facts About Zombies (Article) - 10/8/2010 10:31:58 AM

I just dont get why the people that hate the lists and humour articles read them in the first place.  It is not hard to spot which article is going to be a list and not news as it usually starts off with Top 10 Reasons... or 7 of the Fattest.... Personally I enjoy the lists.  And remember, its a free site that you get to enjoy, no one is holding a gun to your head and making you read the articles (except maybe EnderWiggins, I think he might seriously have people held in his basement)

Dexter: Hello Bandit Review (Article) - 10/5/2010 9:59:04 PM

I think this episode was better than a C....I am sorry, but if a show like Haven is getting a B, then that would make it better than Dexter and even the worst episode of Dexter is 100 times better than Haven.  The episode was emotion yet had its brought Dexter the closest to human emotion we have ever seen, yet still capable of brutal human slaughter.  Just because this season isnt as good as last year (and that is a hard thing to follow up), doesnt make it a C.....all of last year was a solid A is like you are using an obscene grading curve to judge the show

Full TRUE GRIT Trailer (Article) - 10/5/2010 8:35:42 AM

I think this looks amazing!  While I know it will catch a lot of heat since everyone loves The Duke (c'mon he was a draft dodger and had a girls name....Mmmmmmarion hehe).  All kidding aside, it looks like the Coen brothers are really capturing the original novel and if they do one thing right, it is western style movies.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou is one of my favorites.

Fox Grabs Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Article) - 10/4/2010 12:25:33 PM

People that havent read Grahame-Smith's books Licoln: Vampire Hunter or Pride Pejudice & Zombies, then how can you bash on this concept.  They are a blast to read and Grahame-Smith has done a lot of other good work in both comic books and TV.  He is business partners with David Katzenberg.  I know a lot of you are Michael Cera haters, but Smith/Katzenberg's series Clark & Michael was hilarious.

On another defensive note, how many of you thought Elvis Presley battling a mummy sounded like an idiotic idea, and how awesome was Bubba Ho-Tep????

First Warrior's Way Trailer (Article) - 10/2/2010 9:29:36 PM

I disagree 5Feet....My initial reaction was Sukiyaki as well, but after watching the trailer a couple times, it seems the script is more influenced by western culture.  That being said, I was quite disappointed with Sukiyaki Western Django and i had such high hopes from it's trailer, so i hope this film is as good as it looks!


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