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THOR Footage Online! (Article) - 7/29/2010 2:36:26 PM

Priest looks me faith that it is finally time for someone to do an amazing live action Vampire Hunter D

30 Days sequel looks better than the original and not hitting theatres....cant Steve Niles....Get someone to put together a Cal McDonald movie or TV favorite drug addicted, alcoholic, suicidal monster hunter around!! hehe

I might have to start watching the last couple seasons of Smallville....looks like it has gotten much better than I remember it being

First YOGI BEAR Trailer Arrives (Article) - 7/29/2010 11:02:22 AM

Ooops kudos to Elbaz....I gave props to wiseguy in a diff thread hehe.....well still thanls to everyone for Thor...just watched it at

and it worked fine for me!!

HAHA!  I think Yogi looks fun!!  Better than a lot of the other childhood cartoons that have been pedophilically raped by Hollywood.....and as Ackroyd's voice may be a bit off, i have to say wow that Timberlake's voice is awesome as BooBoo!!  The only think that made me puke a little was "IN 3D"

I am going to make a movie and my big selling point is going to be "NOT IN 3D" hehe

Cillian Murphy in The RETREAT (Article) - 7/29/2010 10:35:21 AM

Damn Wiseguy!!!  Kudos to you for linking the trailer....looks pretty damn good....Loki is going to wreak some havoc during that Odin-sleep!! hehe

True Blood: I Got a Right to Sing The Blues Review (Article) - 7/27/2010 6:13:05 PM

Dracor00 and Skroin,

I never did get to read the books, I hear the show goes in quite a bit of a different direction, but still carries the main story basis.  Are the books worth reading or are they like the Dexter novels, more enjoyable in the show, which for me is a rarity to find the original content not as entertaining as the show.


As well, I am only guessing since I never read the novels, but when Crystal was on top of Jason, her movements were very feline.  As I know the novels introduce numerous were-creatures (as well as many other beings like demons, fairies etc) into the mythology, I am guessing that she will turn out to become either a Panther or Tiger.  Now my guess is going to be my original of Panther as I do remember their race having a big part in the novels.  I also remembered reading a spoiler about Jason back in the day that also pushes me towards this thought.  I won't go into the details on Jason though in case I am right ;)

My memory of the basic novel plotlines are quite vague tho as I read the premise for each novel a few years ago when the HBO series was originally announced.  I would love to know tho if picking up the novels would be an entertaining read.

As well I also heard that Charlaine Harris was extending her contract and writing more than her original 10 novels.  So that should give us 13 years of True Blood goodness!! Hehe

True Blood: I Got a Right to Sing The Blues Review (Article) - 7/27/2010 9:05:39 AM

Ya, dodgy beat me to it....the bruises were from the beating....and yes the girl is going to be some sort of were-creature.  I never read the novels, but did skim the overviews of a lot of them a couple years back and I seem to remember there being other were-type creatures in the stories....if I remember correct book 4 or 5 introduses were-panthers and she definitely seemed to have a cat-like movement when she was on top of Jason before she took off.  The other clues are her body heat and animal-like sexuality (like being in heat)

True Blood: I Got a Right to Sing The Blues Review (Article) - 7/27/2010 3:14:12 AM

I disagree with the reviews of this season.  I am enjoying the main story so far and wow does Eric really shine this week....this guy can act!  I would love to see him in a superhero or villain role someday.

The side stories are so far mundane....there is something different about Jason's little redneck girlfriend, but do I care?  Not really.  What is funny though is she reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates a girl that only looks attractive in certain light...anyone else notice how one second she looks cute, then the next camera angle she looks ugly as hell?  Also Sam's story this season is very annoying to me, but all of this is definitely made up for with the main plot.

Due to the amazing scene's with both Eric and the Queen, as well as Bill's torture scene, I would give this weeks episode an A (minus)

SUCKER PUNCH Trailer Hits (Article) - 7/27/2010 2:08:26 AM

I love it!!!!

Even more fun than I was imagining.....thats all I needed to see, sign me up

Inception Movie Review (Article) - 7/24/2010 4:15:28 PM

What an incredible piece of art.  I hate commenting so late after its release as I know this falls onto deaf ears, but I finally had the pleasure of seeing this masterpiece today.

My first comment has got to be on the editting and the sound production.  I could not example anything of this magnitude...the orchestrated music building the intensity and mesmerizing the audience deeper into the dream...the editting was pure genius and absolute perfection.  As for the directing, I cannot name a single director in the history of cinema that could have pulled off a film of this concept and depth.  A huge kudos to Mr. Nolan and his team for this!


As for the ending...I love it.  I mind bender that leaves you thinking and talking about this film forever.  I left the theatre thinking 4 different thoughts:  

1. It was all a dream, from the very beginning...that he was alone in limbo designing his own perfect reality.  But that would be too depressing and besides, wouldn't Cobb have Mal in his perfect world?

2. The top continues to spin, he immerses himself into the dream state and gives up on reality.  Again, depressing after everything they went through.

3.  The top stops spinning and Cobb is finally at peace with his family.  This is the happy fairtale ending that I assume most people want....but my final twist that I believe is.....

4.  The top does stop spinning, BUT everything up until this point was still his dream limbo.  All an illusion and journey through his mind to become released from his dream state and when he awakens, it is actually the scene in his house with his children, not the plane.  Remember how Mal said to him that he had delusions of secret agencies chasing him around the world and that none of it was real.  His real totem was his childrenand seing their faces for the first time showed that his dream had ended. 

I know there are a lot of holes into my idea, and I will enjoy discussing them further with everyone...That is the beauty of films like this...the different perspectives that others come up with and share.  I look forward to watching Inception multiple times and piecing this puzzle together.

Full Trailer for GOON (Article) - 7/24/2010 4:08:09 AM

Damn that drives me crazy!!!!  I cant FN wait!!!!

Perfect voice casting for Goon and Frankie.....I dont care which story they tell from the books, I will be happy with any of them.  I do assume it will have Goon's origin story included for the viewers that didn't read the books....Top notch animation and I hope this does great for Powell, he deserves it!!

The Losers Blu-ray Review (Article) - 7/24/2010 4:00:26 AM

Definitely a disappointment after Andy Diggle had already written an incredible story within his comics.  Patric was annoying to me as Max....I did think Chris Evans made a perfect Jensen and played his character perfectly....

Basically a renter if you are planning to watch it with a date and you want to keep her more interested in you than the movie ;)


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