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True Blood: Evil Is Going On Review (Article) - 9/14/2010 7:45:04 PM

I am with you on Tara, Samson....but I spent years living in the Caribbean and have an attraction to black women tho

True Blood: Evil Is Going On Review (Article) - 9/14/2010 12:27:20 AM

I am not sure if you missed it, Rob, or if you just left it out of your review for some reason, but the ending camera angle as they leave Hoyt and Jessica in their new house def showed us a creepy kids doll.  Along with a little eerie music, this gave me the idea that next season our little love birds will also be dealing with some sort of haunting or demon possion in their house.

O'hare definitely stole the show this season (along with Pam really shining as a little comic relief)....what a treat to watch....even burned to a crisp he was  Some great cliffhangers at the end to keep us salivating until next summer.  I look forward to learning more about Sookie, Claude and Claudine....I look forward to Jason and his new litter of kittens...I look forward to the final outcome of the end battle between Bill and the Queen who is twice his age....I cant believe 8 more months *pout*

Haven: As You Were Review (Article) - 9/13/2010 7:14:48 PM

and yes I googled that....i wouldnt dare call a klingon blade a "sword-thingy"....there is a reason they call us maniacs!!

Haven: As You Were Review (Article) - 9/13/2010 7:13:08 PM

Hahaha I was embarrassed to say that i liked this episode too....I thought i might get beaten with Martok's Bat'leth...seriously....some of you scifi fanatics frighten me!!!

First GUARDIANS Clip Online (Article) - 9/13/2010 7:06:24 PM

<--- Its true

TV Wasteland: Cartoon-O-Rama (Article) - 9/13/2010 6:51:21 PM

So here is an update on the new Canadian Showcase series Lost Girl:


I give the show a solid B.  Since I know a lot of you dont have access to this show and no US networks have picked it up as yet, it is available for download off eztv or zoink it, plus I am sure many other sites. 

The show is a lot of fun and focuses on an attractive female character named Bo, who has lived her life with a hunger that grows inside of her that causes her to eventually "feed" off somebody through kissing them.  She devours their well she possesses the ability to control people through skin to skin contact (a very nice scene later where she is naked and seducing a female doctor *wink*). 

While working as a bartender, a sleazebag tries to slip her a roofie colada, and when she tells him off, witnesses the same creep drugging an attractive (yet annoying) pickpocket named Kenzi.  Bo follows them and interrupts an attempted date rape and kills the chump, rescuing little miss Kenzie and taking her back to sleep it off.  The following day, unable to convince Kenzi that she was hallucinating from the drugs when she saw Bo kill the guy, Kenzi convinces her to tell her about her abilities.  Kenzi then decides she wants to be the Robin to her Batman and follow Bo around like a lost puppy.

Well the body doesn't go unnoticed and is investigated by a couple of homicide detectives Dyson and Hale (one of them being the very cool Kristen Holden-Reid from The Tudors....I mean seriously, even a simple eyebrow movement seems cool from this guy).  Through detective-type detecting, they track down our little soul snatching friend and throw her into a non-police-sanction-type-van...Hey wait, arent they supposed to be the good guys???  Cue mysterious music....

Bo is taken captive and delivered to another amazing character named The Ash....I mean c'mon...if you werent tempted to watch before, then now you definitely are...I mean how awesome is The Ash played by the very cool Cle Bennett.  We find out that the world is inhabited by creatures known as Fae and that there are many sub-species like Bo, who we learn is a for what Dyson or the others are, we dont know as yet, but we do get to see Dyson when he is mad....did I mention how cool he was when he moved an eyebrow, well when he is mad he gets feral eyes and a nice double row of fangs going on.  Anyways, back to Theeeee Ash!!!

The Ash is insisting Bo tell them what clan she belongs to, and she keeps insisting that she has no idea what they are talking about.  Then in barges the sexy and evil Cher to our Bono.....The Morrigan!!  Now this woman oozes sex appeal in a nasty bitch kind of way.  We now find out that all Fae are divided into two sides, the Light and the Dark and each side is led by The Ash and The Morrigan.  They decide that Bo must undergo a "test" in which she must battle two different Fae that are not fit for surface dwelling, and if she survives then will be accepted into whichever side she chooses to join.  Oh and did I mention that Robin speaks Russian, has connections and tracks down her Batman only to walk right into the middle of this test...surrounded by demons, monsters and beasts???  Silly Robin

After a very cool battle, one physical and one mental, Bo surviives, but throws the world of the Fae for a loop when she denies both clans and chooses humans as her side.  At the end Dyson informs her of her tough journeys ahead and offers his assistance any time she is in need (eyebrow raise).

The show was fun and very well done...great effects and directing....there are a couple mediocre actors (I am looking at you Robin!!) and quite a few bits of cheesy dialogue, but overall I am looking forward to next week as it is better than most of the scifi on tv at this time.

Oh and did I mention there is a mysterious midget.....BAM!

TV Wasteland: Cartoon-O-Rama (Article) - 9/13/2010 12:25:43 PM

Haha...well said Hobbs!  I personally like the show for what it is...every episode teaches the kids a lesson, while at the same time using characters and a story that us adults can relate to from the star wars universe...

First GUARDIANS Clip Online (Article) - 9/13/2010 12:20:01 PM

Ooooh geese are nasty too, but they only owl tried to swoop down and kill my dog (chihuahua) one winter and then proceeded to hunt her for weeks after....and she is high strung as it is!!! haha

Weekly Book Buzz: The Living Dead 2 from Night Shade Books (Article) - 9/13/2010 9:36:54 AM

An early heads up....Sept 21 is the release date for The Fall Book 2 of The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck awesome vampire series so far!!

TV Wasteland: Cartoon-O-Rama (Article) - 9/13/2010 2:26:26 AM

Also, even though it is not genre, for those of you looking for a new show to watch, i really emjoyed Terriers which premiered on FX with Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James.  Its a fun and quirky private investigator show, full of humour and worth the watch.

As for new genre, an interesting looking show called Lost Girl premiered tonight (Sunday) on the Canadian network Showcase.  There was rumour of CW feeding it in the US but I think that fell through so i am hoping SciFi or someone else picks it up.  I am watching the pilot tomorrow as it is quite late and will leave a post on how it was.  Here is the synopsis:

Loaded with mystery, romance and intrigue, Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo – a Succubus with heart. While Succubi are inhuman women who seduce and feed off their human partner’s sexual energy, Bo is not your average Succubus. Raised in secret by humans, Bo tries to survive in the human, modern world without giving in to her instinctive urge to kill. Refusing to embrace her supernatural clan and its strict regimes, Bo uses her feminine wiles – along with some help from her friends – to fight for the underdog. All the while, she is on a very personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origin and find her birth mother.

The effects quality looks quite impressive and the cast includes Kristen Holden-Reid who is best known for his role as William Compton on The Tudors



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