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Favreau concerned about 'Iron Man 2' dates

By Jim Harvey     June 10, 2008
Source: forum.myspace.com

'Iron Man' director Jon Favreau has been active on the movie's MySpace page this week, answering questions about 'Iron Man 2'.


With regards the proposed April 2010 release of 'Iron Man 2' the director told fans:

It’s been five weeks since the one and only phone call my reps have gotten from Marvel. I know their hands are full with the 'Hulk' and I’m sure they will get into it shortly, as they tell me they intend to. I ran into the Marvel guys at the 'Hulk' premiere and everyone sounded eager to get to work on 'IM2'.

I am concerned, however, about the announced release date of April 2010. Neither Robert nor I were consulted about this and we are both concerned about how realistic the date is in light of the fact that we have no script, story or even writers hired yet. This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation. It might be better to follow the BB/DK, X/X2 three year release pattern than to scramble for a date. It is difficult because there are no Marvel 09 releases and they need product, but I also think we owe it to the fans to have a great version of IM2 and, at this point, we would have less time to make it than the first one.

And the rumored March 2009 start...

March seems unrealistic.

We had always hoped for the film to be well received, but we were all pleasantly surprised by how much business it has done.

Robert and I speak a lot and can’t wait to get started developing the script for IM2.

Favreau comments on classic villains and how they'll be incorporated into the movie world:

I think they would need to be updated, as is the case with the Mandarin.

Russia and China are still extremely fertile politically, albiet different, and I have many ideas as how to utilize today’s headlines as they speak to IM’s classic villians.

If you still haven't seen 'Iron Man' yet (what are you waiting for?) this next one is a SPOILER...


...About the ending in which Tony Stark reveals Iron Man's identity to the world:

To be honest, it was [producer Kevin Feige's] idea. I was against it at first, but I am very happy I gave in. I think it opens up a whole different approach to a well explored genre. We are no longer limited by the thin at best secret identity that would’ve only dumbed down the sequels. The "bodyguard."

And the easter egg appearance by Captain America's shield:

ILM surprised us with it and we kept it in.


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