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gutsmgee 12/15/2010 10:33:56 AM

Jesus Loco, do you have any Ideas of your own?


ponyboy76 12/15/2010 11:54:38 AM

Favreau leaving Iron Man isn't that big of a deal. He did a great job with the first 2 but its understandable that he may want to do something else, especially considering he's  also producing The Avengers. I'm sure RDJ and Marvel will get someone just as good to replace him.  I mean lets be honest, they have yet to go wrong when it comes to choosing directors for their projects.

Joe Carnahan would be awesome for Deadpool. He knows how to direct an action scene, especially violent ones.  He actually should have been the one to direct The Punisher movie, because amidst all the violence and bloodshed , he knows how to craft a good story.

silversurfer 12/15/2010 12:52:15 PM

I remember Narc from Carnahan and that was an awesome movie...I would see his Deadpool movie if they gave it to him...IM3 will be a success, and let's be honest: Before JF did this, no one was really sure what they were going to get, and we were all pleasantly surprised. Disney gave him another project and paid him for it...so it's not the mone; and he's involved as a producer with the Avengers so he'll be around.

KidLo 12/15/2010 1:32:50 PM

Something that I think few comic movies do right is to make a supervillian. The first movie is usually an origin story with a villian. Then you rarely ever see that villian again which is totally opposite of what the comics do. How many times have we seen Batman vs Joker in the comics? Countless. I think Nolan was headed in the right direction with the Joker and planned to spread him across 2 movies, making the Joker more of a Supervillian instead of just some origin fodder. I also think that the Xmen movies had that going in the right direction with Magneto being the main villian throughout all the movies. Too many superhero movies are just that...SUPERHERO movies, we forget the fact that without the supervillians there are no superheros. So perhaps JF wanted to go in this direction and got vetoed or just could not see himself being able or allowed to make such a movie(s). or maybe he doesn't want to be Peter Jackson.

 Im also thinking that Guy Ritchie is doing it right with Sherlock Holmes. Each movie having a bad guy who is a pawn of a greater bad guy and everything wraps up in the end. I want to savor every minute of film, what I don't want is to drown it in ketchup and wolf it down. Give me the Supervillian to match the Superhero!

marcd30319 12/15/2010 1:58:50 PM

"The Mythbusters have announced that they'll devote the December 15th episode to the drive-through crime fighter movie Green Hornet. Seth Rogen will assist them in debunking his status as a leading man."

Okay, what will Mythbusters do for the remaing 59 minutes of that episode?


flinshadytoo 12/15/2010 2:35:39 PM

 My wife asked the question, will he still play happy hogan though, good point!

Tevii 12/15/2010 2:46:15 PM

@wiseguy - "2-I don't get this notion by fans that only one person should direct or play a certain role. These are rotating jobs, actors and directors will come and go. I care more for the character and a well done story, so no tears from this fan"

I agree with this comment except for the fact that there is team chemistry on the set. When you change a major element it doesnt always flow correctly. But if they all change then it can work.

The new Spiderman has every chance of being greater than Spiderman 1. But Iron Man 3 could, not positively, but could just feel out of place from the rest, since the dynamic is different.


Rizing 12/15/2010 3:18:40 PM

Jon Favreau had all this promising input about Iron Man and the future, so it comes as a surprise that he's droppin out. Does this mean Robert Downey, Jr. won't come back? Does this mean Favreau won't reprise his role as Happy?

I'm territorial when it comes to the concept of story-telling. So I hate the musical chairs game that Marvel is building a reputation for- whether it's their fault or not. I like to see one actor in the role and I prefer the director that oversaw that world he created. I still want Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire to do another Spider-Man. I still pine over the Edward Norton firing. For me, Jon Favreau is a genuine loss!  

At least, Chris Nolan is going to complete the Batman trilogy.

krathwardroid 12/15/2010 4:42:41 PM

AH! Makes total sense, yeah?! As long as they don't replace Robert Downey Jr., we should still get a good sequel. Just because Jon Favreau is departing doesn't mean the franchise is doomed. Stephen Sommers only directed the first two Mummy movies. When Rob Cohen got his hands on Tomb of the Dragon Emperor I didn't think it was bad, but it actually seemed to improve over its predecessors somewhat (except for Maria Bello, she made a dull Evie). And now, with Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, we have Rob Marshall at the helm. Does this mean Pirates will tank because Gore Verbinski isn't there? I think the new movie looks much better. Ah, and need I mention Star Wars? Did Irvin Kershner not make The Empire Strikes Back better than if George Lucas had directed it? You never know, Iron Man 3 may improve in quality over Iron Man 2. My only question now is, does this hamper Favreau's reprisal of Happy in Iron Man 3? :P

CastBroad: Yes, Iron Man 2 was sub-par. People believed so blindly that it was going to work that it did work without them realizing what was wrong with it. Only after it made box office gold once again did everyone stop and say, "Huh. What a short fight with the heavy. And why less scenes with Iron Man?"

Wiseguy 12/15/2010 4:53:04 PM

Tevii, that's the thing though I think that chemistry is gone at least to a certain degree IMO. I was reading what amounts to gossip on a couple of other sites and they suggest  a rift between RDJ and Favreau. Citing that the improvisation by RDJ that worked so well the first time wasn't going as well in the sequel, the fact that they were hardly seen together after promoting the film, that that was why RDJ pulled out of Cowboys and Aliens and possibly why Favreau eliminated himself early on from the running for  the Avengers. Don't know if there's any truth to this but it would make sense.

In the end as long as they have a good story I remain confident that it'll be a winner. And since RDJ has the right to veto who directs the film I doubt chemistry will be an issue.

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