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Favreau to direct AVENGERS?

Plus: WONDER WOMAN, WATCHMEN and SCOTT Pilgrim in your Comics2Film 9.3.13

By Rob M. Worley     March 13, 2009
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Jon Favreau and the Avengers
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Did Marvel move 'Avengers' so Jon Favreau would have room to direct it? That's the rumor of the day. Plus: Insiders say Scarlett's Black Widow deal is "terrible". The Rock talks 'Shazam!' 'Wonder Woman' picking up steam. And, we've gathered a bunch of fun clips from the web. Here comes the Fun Cooker in your Comics2Film 9.3.13!



A bad deal for Scarlett?

In her Deadline Hollywood blog Nikki Finke says the reputedly frugal Marvel may have coughed up a hefty sum to sign Mickey Rourke to 'Iron Man 2', but was it at the expense of Scarlett Johannson's deal? The actress also jumped on board the project to play the Black Widow, a role she'll continue into 'The Avengers' and perhaps beyond.

Finke's sources say that the actress' agents at CAA made "a terrible deal" for the actress. An insider is quoted as saying. "It's as bad as any deal that I've heard. It's lowball money. And it ties her to countless movies, including that ensemble The Avengers, which is what makes this brutal for a lot of actors."



The Visual Effects of WATCHMEN

VFX World goes in-depth on the special effects behind 'Watchmen'. In Part I, they present an from Alex McDowell, the production designer, and John DJ DesJardin, the overall visual effects supervisor.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Dwayne Johnson says SHAZAM! is starting over

Actor Dwayne Johnson is making the press rounds promoting the 'Race to Witch Mountain' movie, but he's long been attached to the 'Captain Marvel' movie (which may or may not be called 'Shazam!' if and when it actually gets made).

Back in January, screenwriter John August declared the movie dead, although most realize that such projects never die completely. More precisely, August was declaring his script dead.

Johnson told MTV Splash Page that director Peter Segal is looking for a do-over.

“I think we’re starting from page one,” Johnson told MTV News. “From what I know talking to [director] Pete Segal, there were creative differences between the script that came in and what the studio’s ideas were.

“That’s what happens when you start developing a script — there are so many people involved because it’s such a big project and everybody has their opinion in it creatively,” explained Johnson. “It’s too bad when you can’t come to an agreement.”

Johnson is still enthusiastic about playing Black Adam in such a movie, and promises that once the movie gets on track it will be "bad-ass."

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Favreau Directing AVENGERS?

Ain't It Cool News ran an email from an anonymous scooper which indicates 'Iron Man' architect Jon Favreau may be the favorite to direct Marvel's 'Avengers'  movie.

Although site-meister Harry Knowles admits the scooper is new and unknown, he does say that the information contained the scoop does sync up with what he's been hearing from independent sources. And reading the spy's comments, it's clear that he wants us to believe he is a Marvel insider, which isn't confirmed by AICN's presentation.

Primarily, the scooper claims that yesterday's announced delay of 'The Avengers' is in part due to financing issues, but is also to give Favreau the breathing space he needs to direct that movie after wrapping 'Iron Man 2'. Favreau has already been named an executive producer on the movie, and part of his negotiations with Marvel gives him "dibs" on the teamup pic.

Other interesting tidbits from the scooper:

  • Iron Man starts rehearsals in a few days, which is why the casting is finally coming together so quickly.
  • Alexander Skargard is indeed director Kenneth Branagh’s favorite to play 'Thor'.
  • Stellan Skarsgard is also being eyed for Odin.
  • Josh Hartnett is loking likely for Loki, dependent on negotiating his paycheck (which may be tricky given all the previous Marvel hijinks).
  • The rumored 'Daredevil' and 'Fantastic Four' reboots are likely to happen, if for no other reason than to allow 20th Century Fox to keep their rights to the character. If they don't make a movie with them, the rights revert back to Marvel.

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New Interest in WONDER WOMAN Movie?

Marvel has proven superheroes are hot. DC struck gold with 'The Dark Knight' and is looking to match Marvel's success. 'Green Lantern' and 'Jonah Hex' are on the way, and with good buzz on the 'Wonder Woman' animated movie, there seems to be renewed interest in a live-action version of the amazon warrior princess.

IESB's sources at Warner Bros have confirmed movement on the project which is said to be in the early stages. The studio is seeking yet another writing team to try to suss out the big idea for the film.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Gwyneth Paltrow starts IRON MAN 2 in two weeks

On her weird blog/website/thingee GOOP.com, actress Gwenyth Paltrow has been listing favorite DVDs of some of her famous friends. In discussing 'Iron Man 2' director Jon Favreau's picks she says:

"Jon Favreau and I met when we both had bit parts in Dorothy Parker and the Vicious Circle about 15 years ago. He then went on to write and star in Swingers and become an incredible filmmaker. We reconnected when he asked me to be in Iron Man. Jon is not only a confident filmmaker, he is deeply calm and funny. I can’t wait to start Iron Man 2 in two weeks and hang out with him every day."

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Radiohead and Beck producer for SCOTT PILGRIM

New York Magazine's Vulture reports on Mark Webber's appearance in 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'.

The actor said, "One bit of new info I can put out there, I hope I can put out there, is I’m going in today to record with Nigel Godrich, which is major. It’s an indication that, on every level of this film, it’s pretty much the best of the best of the best working with it."

Goodrich is the producer for Back and Radiohead, and will apparently be working with the actor bands within the film.

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This type Animation World News takes you step-by-step through the process of Dr. Manhattan waging war in Viet Nam during 'Watchmen'.

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Hayter Wants you to see WATCHMEN Again This Weekend

Screenwriter David Hayter has posted an open letter to fans on the internet. Hayter says if you're planning on going to see 'Watchmen' a second (or third or whatever) time, please do it this weekend. It's not about money for him. It's about demonstrating a moviegoer appetite for intellectual films.

Click through to read his complete comments.

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Comics2Fun #1: The The Lex Luthor Bailout

Funny or Die has this clip with Jon Hamm ('Mad Men', '30 Rock') showing us that even Lex Luthor is suffering in this tough economy...


Thanks to Brady and Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Comics2Fun #2: IRON MAN Armored Popper

MarvelKids.com has a nice-little time-waster for you: the 'Iron Man: Armored Adventures' Popper game. Promoting the new animated show, its a flash-based puzzle game that's simple and mildly addictive.

Play it now!



Comics2Fun #3: I'm WOLBERINE

Jimmy Kimmel's parking lot security guard Guillermo does for 'Wolverine' what he did last summer for 'The Incredible Hulk'...




Comics2Fun #4: WATCHNEN: The Silk Spectre Tour

So you're Malin Akerman's roommate and you're having trouble making rent. What can you do? Charge nerds hundreds of dollars to watch her sleep!

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


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