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Warehouse 13: Instinct Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(June 07, 2013)
It is incredibly refreshing to see Artie return to the warm, playful spirits which used to inhabit him before the unpleasantries of the Astrolabe wreaked all manner of havoc in his life. Kelly Hu's Abigail Cho has had a remarkable effect on the senior agen

Defiance: Goodbye Blue Sky Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(June 07, 2013)
This week's Defiance successfully weaves a number of divergent stories together into an hour of compelling entertainment. Deception and misdirection plague Rafe's home as Nicky makes an unexpected storm time visit; love is in the air for a surprising pair

Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2, Ep. 11 - Clip 1 by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(June 05, 2013)
Check out this latest clip from the Ultimate Spider-Man. Here we see Spidey and Iron Man battle Swarm, yes Swarm. We also get a quick glimpse of the hall of armor in this clip.

Revolution: The Dark Tower Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(June 05, 2013)
The best episodes of serial story telling put all of their cards on the table. Every pawn is in play, the holodeck safety protocols are disengaged, and anyone could perish. This week's Revolution enjoys the added bonus of being the season capper, so it has

Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray Details by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(June 04, 2013)
AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment have released the details for Season 3 of The Walking Dead on Blu-ray. Here is the official press release below. The big deal this time around? Well check out the Limited Edition “Zombie Head Tank”.

In the Flesh: FIRST 3 MINUTES by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(June 04, 2013)
Here is the first three minutes from IN THE FLESH. BBC America's new 3-night Zombie Event begins this Thursday June 6 at 10pm/9c.

GAME OF THRONES: The Rains of Castamere Review by Jarrett Kruse, TV Critic
(June 04, 2013)
The old saying that you do not miss what you have until it is gone was never truer than having an extra week of waiting for Game of Thrones’ new episode. I will take part in the old adage in saying that it was most certainly worth the wait. While I found

10 Films That Would Have Been Better As Twilight Zone Episodes by Michael Henley, Contributing Writer
(June 04, 2013)
Few television shows have been as influential as Rod Serling’s original Twilight Zone, which from 1959-1964 tantalized audiences with a weekly, heady cocktail of speculative fiction, social commentary and stark morality plays heavy on tidy, weighted iron

Game Of Thrones: Mhysa Preview by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(June 03, 2013)
Facebook lit up with iconic and ironic expressions of what happened last night on Game Of Thrones. Mania’s review will be up soon as Jarrett Kruse is still recuperating. Here is a preview for next week’s season finale. Yes, that’s right the season fi

TV Wasteland: Zombie Stomp by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic and Columnist
(June 03, 2013)
There’s a lot of beginnings and endings this week. Revolution, Da Vinci’s Demons and Game of Thrones are all signing off (with all three to return next year), while Burn Notice, Continuum and Falling Skies start new seasons. Syfy unveils a new series b

Wizard World Philadelphia Cosplayers 2013 by Robert T. Trate and Kimberly McCall, Critics and Photographers
(June 03, 2013)
This weekend, in the city of brotherly love, Wizard World Philadelphia landed. An incredible amount of talent attended the Con this year. There were several panels featuring cast members from The Walking Dead, Firefly, Buffy, Charmed, and even William Shat

Matt Smith Leaving Doctor Who by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(June 01, 2013)
The Wrap is reporting that after four years of service as the Doctor, Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who. The BBC and BBC America made the announcement on Saturday June 1st, 2013. Here is a statement from Smith about his departure.

Hannibal Renewed by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(May 31, 2013)
The news has come down from NBC that Hannibal will in fact get a second season. The second season will have 13 episodes and air, again, as a mid season replacement.

Sneak Peek: IN THE FLESH by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(May 29, 2013)
BBC America has sent Mania a Sneak Peek at their new mini-series IN THE FLESH. Check out this 2 minute clip from the premiere. Here we see Kieren has he prepares to be reintegrated into his old community after undergoing therapy, but is he ready?

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters: Plus One Trailer by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(May 29, 2013)
Here is the latest trailer for Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. In this episode "Plus One" we have the unusual pairings of Arcee and Wheeljack. All the while Agent Fowler finds himself in a tight squeeze with Jack's mother, June. Check it out on The Hub

Revolution: Children of Men Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(May 28, 2013)
This week's episode marks the point of acceleration toward what must be an epic, season concluding cliffhanger. The show runners don't simply speed up slightly, they pin the pedal to the firewall and bury the needle in an action packed bid for your eyeball

TV Wasteland: And now the story... by Rob Vaux, Writer
(May 27, 2013)
Can’t talk. Wallowing in new season of Arrested Development.

True Blood Season 6: Clip Trailer #1 by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(May 26, 2013)
Here is the another trailer clip for the season 6 of True Blood. Since this show is pretty much about trailer park vampire trash, may I say my favorite part here is at the 19-21 second mark.

Revolution: Clue Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(May 24, 2013)
It's time for a full on road trip this week, as all three of our groups converge on Colorado for an inevitable showdown at the Tower! Of course before Monroe and his shock troops can pack up their camping gear for a fun weekend jaunt at the old Department

The Doctors Greatest Secret: Strax Report by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(May 24, 2013)
Here we are, almost a week later, and we are still discussing the final moments of the Seventh Season of Doctor Who. The BBC has helped with clips and reposts of those final moments. Now they have posted “Starx’s Field Repor”t. Join in on the convers

True Blood Season 6 Plot Trailer by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(May 24, 2013)
A new spot have surfaced for the sixth season of True Blood. Check it out with the Season 6 trailer below. It looks as if the state of Louisiana has declared war on the Vampires. If the show has jumped the shark it might have just set it right again. Mania

Doctor Who: The Name of the Doctor Review by Kimberly McCall, Contributing Writer
(May 24, 2013)
The only thing that upset me about this week’s “Doctor Who” finale, “The Name of the Doctor” is the fan base being upset that they weren’t delivered the Doctor’s actual name, like the title suggested. Clearly, such people have no idea what it

Halo Live Action TV Series by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(May 22, 2013)
Now don’t get too excited. It seems as if the uber popular video game, Halo will get it’s own TV series. The cool news is that Steven Spielberg, (Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, ET) will be bringing the show to life. The odd news is that the series “will

Marvels Avengers Assemble: Trailer and Clip by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(May 22, 2013)
Here is the first trailer for Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. As you can see from the trailer it is a new team for the Avengers. This new series reflects The Avengers’ film released by Marvel and Disney last summer. The interesting addition here is the Fal

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 Clip by Robert T. Trate , News Editor
(May 22, 2013)
I am not usually one to post hand held footage from a convention or an event. I’ll make an exception in this case. Solely because we have no idea when we will see this footage, again. A clip from Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 or the “Cancelled Sea

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