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The 10 Worst Superhero Costumes in TV and Film by Tim Janson, Writer
(April 06, 2011)
The old saying is that clothes make the man but clothes can also make the man…or woman, look downright silly. Those of us who are comic book fans love to see our heroes brought to the big or small screen. But the problem with live action superheroes is t

DVD Shopping Bag: Black Swan Blu-ray by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(April 05, 2011)
To start with, I apologize for not featuring Tron Legacy in this week’s column. I did not receive a copy in time for review. Thankfully, Tim Janson did and his review is available here on Mania. What I did receive a day late for last week’s column is D

TV Wasteland: April Flowers by Rob Vaux, Editor
(April 04, 2011)
It’s another idle week… so idle that I find myself wondering why Cartoon Network is rerunning the hideous Fox Game show Hole in the Wall when there are plenty of perfectly good Bugs Bunny cartoons just lying around.

DVD Shopping Bag: Tangled DVD and Blu-ray by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(March 29, 2011)
If seeing Disney’s Tangled in this week’s DVD Shopping Bag is a shock then you are not alone. This columnist saw this film over Unstoppable upon their initial releases. Why? For one Unstoppable looked like Jan de Bont’s Speed on a train. The other wa

A Fistful of Lois-es by Rob Vaux
(March 28, 2011)
With the recent announcement that Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane in the new Superman movie, we’re all abuzz. As one of the most famous girlfriends in pop culture, as well as an iconic character in her own right, she presents a daunting challenge fo

TV Wasteland: It’s only a model! by Rob Vaux, Editor
(March 27, 2011)
Flush with their God-of-guilty-pleasures success story Spartacus, Starz is hopping on another ancient legend in hopes that lightning will strike twice. Camelot certainly isn’t the first TV series to tackle the Arthurian legend (indeed, it’s going head-

DVD Shopping Bag: The DVD Library Dwindles by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(March 22, 2011)
This week the DVD Shopping Bag is incredibly light. I actually changed my top 5 must buy movies to the top 5 movies I won’t buy. I’m sorry Lee Horsley and Lynda Carter, but the complete series of Hawkeye is not going into the library this week. I took

TV Wasteland: Out Like a Lamb by Rob Vaux, Critic
(March 21, 2011)
It’s another comparatively quiet week on the genre front, dominated by basketball. My beloved Orange departed early, leaving the remainder a sad banquet of tears. Let’s get to the shows!

DVD Shopping Bag: Batman The Brave the Bold Season 1 Part 2 by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(March 15, 2011)
It seems pointless to review Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 Part 2 for you this week. We here at Mania have been reviewing the series since it began. As this is the DVD Shopping Bag I thought I would give you a quick bitch that these are not on Bl

TV Wasteland: The NCAA tournament takes center stage by Rob Vaux, Editor
(March 13, 2011)
March Madness is upon us, and as the TV world fills with hoops from one end to the other, our contingent of genre shows marches bravely onward. Let’s get to it!

TV Wasteland: The beginning of the end for SGU by Rob Vaux, Editor
(March 06, 2011)
Stargate Universe kicks off the final 10 episodes of its run this week, another casualty of a brutal season for genre shows. This particular example illustrates some of the potential causes. One could argue that SGU simply had too much baggage from the fra

Smallville: Scion by Joe Oesterle, Mania Critic
(March 06, 2011)
Now was that so hard Smallville? For the first time since their extended Christmas break, the creative team over at the CW gave us an episode worthy of the characters they are portraying. Not to say the episode was perfect – I’ve long given up on hopin

Top 5 1980s Properties That Need Their Own Movie by Kurt Anthony Krug
(March 03, 2011)
Okay, He-Man (in what was really a thinly-disguised New Gods movie released in 1987), G.I. Joe, Transformers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this summer – God help us all – the Smurfs have gotten the live-action treatment, for better or for wors

TV Wasteland: The Cancellation Hammer Falls by Rob Vaux, Editor
(February 27, 2011)
Unless you’re watching the CW, your genre show is looking at some pretty grim prospects for renewal. That’s the vibe as February ends and March brings the season – and possibly series – finales for a number of shows. Nothing is certain, and sometim

Zombified Oscars by Rob Wieland, Writer
(February 25, 2011)
Awards shows are designed to be self-aggrandizing spectacle, but nobody does it like the Oscars. They somehow stretch 3+ hours into feeling longer than a marathon screener of all the Best Picture nominees back to back. Let’s spice things up a bit. Everyt

TV Wasteland: And the Overhyped Pretense to Quality Goes to… by Rob Vaux, Editor
(February 21, 2011)
The Oscars are here again, in which a gaggle of privileged, aging Hollywood elites pretend they really care about art rather than commerce, only to have Father Time de-pants their capricious choices year after year. There’s no sense complaining about it,

Battle Royale: Superman Vocal Actors by Rob Vaux, Writer
(February 21, 2011)
When we did our Battle Royale for Batman’s voice actors a few weeks ago, there really wasn’t any question of who would win out. We went forward with it as a means of showcasing some of the other great performers who played the Caped Crusader, but Kevin

10 Best Genre Romances by Rob Wieland, Writer
(February 14, 2011)
Romance in most genre movies is often a kiss between the main male and female lead, then back to the alien blasting. Or, it’s a clunky part of the plot, where one of the non-human characters must learn to love, or a kiss brings the hero back to life to k

TV Wasteland: Happy Valentine’s Day! by Rob Vaux, Editor
(February 13, 2011)
Love is in the air, Cupid’s arrow flies and too damn many genre shows are on the chopping block for comfort. How do we love them? Let us count the ways…

TV Wasteland: More than meets the eye? by Rob Vaux, Editor
(February 07, 2011)
If Transformers fans need a silver lining to the dreadful Michael Bay movies, it may be arriving this Friday. Transformers Prime, an all new CGI animated show, debuts on The Hub network. It takes place after the Decepticon assault on Earth; Megatron is gon

Smallville: Mania TV Review by Joe Oesterle, Mania Critic
(February 05, 2011)
It’s been a long layoff in between episodes of Smallville, and after watching Friday’s newest installment I couldn’t help but ask myself, why? Not why was the show gone so long, or the even why did it bother to come back. The answer to both questions

6 Sidekicks Who Could Use a Makeover by Chad Derdowski, Writer
(February 04, 2011)
As in any walk of life, trends come and go in comic books. Pulp influences give way to science fiction. Huge collars and flowing capes fall to the wayside as pockets and shoulderpads become the norm. And the sidekicks of yesteryear have given way to legacy

Battle Royale: Batman Voice Actors by Rob Vaux, Mania Critic
(February 03, 2011)
In many ways, Batman has no face. Bruce Wayne died in the alleyway with his parents, and whoever he is now exists in that implacable cowl. It’s the voice we associate most with the Caped Crusader: the gravelly sense of menace thundering out of the shadow

TV Wasteland: Super Bowliana by Rob Vaux, Editor
(January 30, 2011)
Super Bowl week arrives with a full slate of shows, but no real stand-outs. Instead, let’s all point and laugh at the CW for hosing their Friday line-up and pissing off some dedicated fans in the process. Get that egg off your faces quickly, boys; Smallv

TV Wasteland: In Her Satin Tights, Fighting for Our Rights… by Rob Vaux, Editor
(January 23, 2011)
Our news this week concerns a show which isn’t airing, but will. Considering that said show is Wonder Woman – which was left for dead just a few weeks ago – it’s bound to raise some eyebrows. After David E. Kelley couldn’t sell his pilot for dog

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