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TV Wasteland: Revolutionary? by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 17, 2012)
The new fall season officially kicks into gear this week, and already, we’re presented with a fresh new bucket of NBC’s flop sweat. Revolution, premiering Monday and occupying an unseemly percent of promo time during the Olympics, feels exactly like an

Norman Cast in Bates Motel by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 16, 2012)
Does anyone remember that cute and lovable kid from E.T.? Sure you do, Henry Thomas. Well do you remember that he went on to play Norman Bates in Psycho IV: The Beginning. I could go into more disturbing details about Psycho IV but let’s not. Well anothe

Black Sails Update by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 14, 2012)
There are two pirate series in the works and it seems as if Michael Bay’s, for Starz, is out of the gate first. Bay’s new series, Black Sails, has cast it’s Captain Flint in one Toby Stephens. Stephens is probably best known as the Bond Villain, Gust

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 12, 2012)
ABC and Disney have released a new promo for Once Upon A Time. So “brace yourself for a modern fable with thrilling twists and hints of darkness. Brimming with wonder, and filled with the magic of the beloved fairytales of all time”. That is ABC's and

Warehouse 13: Endless Monsters Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(September 12, 2012)
I have to come right out and say it: I love every moment Faran Tahir is on screen. His portrayal of Regent Kosan lends each scene a subtle nobility that's strengthened by each interaction with Pete. A character in his position, such as Mrs. Frederick, woul

Walking Dead: Prison Set Visit by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 11, 2012)
Check out this new YouTube clip as Executive Producer Robert Kirkman takes you on a tour of the gut-wrenching and thrilling prison setting featured in Season 3.

Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Review by Kimberly McCall, Critic
(September 11, 2012)
This week, Doctor Who fans continued their adventures with the Time Lord in the second tale of the 7th season entitled “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”.

The Halloween Tree DVD Review by Kimberly McCall, Critic
(September 10, 2012)
With the Fall season upon us, the spirited Halloween movies can never come soon enough. Who doesn’t have wonderful memories of being young and breathing that first breath of pumpkin air and knowing it was time for costumes, candy, and all the exciting TV

TV Wasteland: Are You Ready for Some Football? by Rob Vaux, Writer
(September 10, 2012)
Football season kicks off this week, which doesn’t stop the slow march of new genre shows starting up again in September. Here’s what’s coming up in between the touchdowns, hard hits and nightmarish sight of Peyton Manning in a Broncos uniform.

Wonder Woman on the CW by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 06, 2012)
Boom! Wonder Woman may be coming back to TV after all, but not in the way we've been used to seeing her on film. Barely a year after NBC opted against moving forward with David E. Kelley's reworking of the comic book icon, and just as the character is hook

Conroy back on American Horror Story by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 06, 2012)
The (old) gang’s almost all here for the new season of American Horror Story.

Abrams New Sci-Fi Cop Show by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 06, 2012)
Fringe duo J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman are reteaming for a sci-fi project set up at Fox.

Walking Dead Season 4 Key Art by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 05, 2012)
AMC has released new key art from the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. Here we see that all is not right with the prison (below).

Walking Dead Season 3 Poster by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 05, 2012)
AMC’s The Walking Dead has unveiled its season three key art. Here we see Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on top an overturned prison bus outside the West Georgia Correctional Facility. The new 16-episode season debuts Oct. 14, runs eight episodes, then pic

Fall TV Preview by Rob Vaux, Mania Columnist
(September 05, 2012)
Interesting bit of trivia: the tradition of premiering new shows in the fall began as an advertising tie-in. Detroit released its new car models every autumn, and a brand new show would give them an ideal opportunity to show off their wares. A lot has chan

6 New Photos From The Walking Dead Season 3 by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 04, 2012)
The countdown to The Walking Dead's return has begun. Can't wait to see what Season 3 has in store for the survivors? Check out six new photos (originally revealed in Entertainment Weekly) featuring Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Andrea as well as newcomers Michon

The Walking Dead Season Two DVD Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(September 04, 2012)
I still have to pinch myself that there is actually a zombie show TV. And not some watered down, homogenized show but one that has more blood, more gore, and better makeup effects than most theatrical films. Thank you AMC! After a short debut test seas

Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks Review by Kimberly McCall, TV Critic
(September 03, 2012)
The number of “Doctor Who” fans is more than ever before. The 2005 revival of the ever reincarnating Time Lord planted a new seed which has now, seven years later, branched out and flourished all over the world. Indeed, the adventures of the timeless a

TV Wasteland: RIP Tony Scott by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(September 03, 2012)
The Democrats’ convention follows hot on the heels of the Republicans’, but those sneaky programmers found a way to slip a few notable genre shows in the midst of it all. As far as series go, Doctor Who returns to our screens for an all-new season of

Walking Dead Season 3 TV Spot by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(September 02, 2012)
Look for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 3 on Sun., Oct. 14 at 9/8c. As previously announced, the series’ third season will consist of 16 episodes. Season 3 will also air in two-parts with the first eight hours kicking off Oct. 14 and returning F

From the Vault: The Munsters by Tim Janson, Tim Janson
(September 02, 2012)
This week in from the Vault we take a fond look back at The Munsters TV series, perhaps the greatest TV series ever for “Monster Kids” including a look at the 2008 DVD release of the complete series from Universal.

Once Upon a Time TV Spot by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(August 31, 2012)
Brace yourself for a modern fable with thrilling twists and hints of darkness. Brimming with wonder, and filled with the magic of our most beloved fairytales, Once Upon A Time is a fitting follow up to Lost from two master storytellers.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Promo by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(August 29, 2012)
Here is another promo for Marvel’s/ ABC’s/ Disney’s Agents of S.H.IE.L.D. This promo features Melinda May played by Ming-Na- Wen. The new series airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET beginning on September 24th.

Clone Wars Season 5 Premiere Date by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(August 29, 2012)
Following an impressive fourth season* full of surprises, the spectacular action and riveting story of Star Wars: The Clone Wars intensifies in Season Five on Cartoon Network at a new day and time. Starting September 29, 2012 at 9:30 am, the classic heroes

Doctor Who Prequel: Pond Life Part 3 by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(August 29, 2012)
The Pond Life is the new 5 part mini-adventure, with a new part every day, featuring the Doctor, Amy, Rory and some surprise familiar faces! En route to visit the Ponds the TARDIS' Helmic Regulator malfunctions, leaving the Doctor popping up everywhere in

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