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Clone Wars: A Sunny Day in the Void Clip by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(December 05, 2012)
The mid season finale to Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs this weekend. Here is the official press release from Lucasfilm:

DVD Shopping Bag: Star Trek The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-ray by Robert T. Trate, Columnist and Critic
(December 04, 2012)
CBS and Paramount have released the second season of Star Trek the Next Generation on Blu-ray. The sophomore effort of the series does take its tumbles from time to time.

Dexter: The Dark Whatever Review by Jarrett Kruse, Critic
(December 04, 2012)
As much as I dug last week’s episode, this week’s episode just completely kicked ass. It was like I was watching DEXTER for the first time with wide-eyed amusement. It amazes me how a show like this can still pack such a wallop in an hour long drama th

The Walking Dead: Made to Suffer Review by Joel Rickenbach, Columnist and Critic
(December 04, 2012)
There was a lot of hype going into tonight's episode. Show runner Glen Mazzara promised a cliffhanger that would shock the fans. I have to be honest- I didn't believe him. It's not that I didn't think it wouldn't be great, which it was, I just figured he w

TV Wasteland: Here Comes December by Rob Vaux, Columnist and Critic
(December 03, 2012)
Another week, another Wasteland. What beckons from the boob tube? Read on for the answers.

11 Essential Holiday Genre Episodes by Robert T. Trate, Columnist and Critic
(December 03, 2012)
The holidays are a tricky time for television. More often than not, TV shows go on hiatus for the holidays. There was a time when this wasn’t so. There were also a few TV shows that broke with convention and had the holiday play a part of the episode. Ot

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Featurette by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(December 02, 2012)
Here is your first look at the third season of Game Of Thrones. Here we see cast and crew discuss production of the series. More importantly they reveal that Season 3 is what they have been building to all along.

The Walking Dead Season 3.5 Preview by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(December 02, 2012)
Here is the preview from the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. AMC plans to run a New Years Eve/ New Years Day Marathon to catch everyone up. The next NEW episode of The Walking Dead, airs in February 2013.

Coleman Talks about Doctor Who by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(December 01, 2012)
The next episode of Doctor Who airs on Christmas Day, titled the “The Snowmen”. The BBC has released this short interview with the Doctor’s newest companion Jenna-Louise Coleman. Here she talks about the audition process and teaming up with the Docto

Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(December 01, 2012)
One of the great strengths of Supernatural throughout its eight season run has been its ability to combine humor and horror. Episodes such as “Monster Movie”, “Wishful Thinking”, “Swap Meat”, and “The French Mistake” have all become series

Dan Vs. Exclusive Clip by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 30, 2012)
Mania obtained an exclusive clip of this week’s episode of Dan Vs. This week it’s “Dan Vs. The Boss” and Dan is forced to get a temp job to pay his rent, his aggressive behavior helps him climb the corporate ladder. The guest this week is Felicia D

Clone Wars: Secret Weapons Clip by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 29, 2012)
We’ve seen the return of Darth Maul, the liberation of Onderon, and now we prepare ourselves for a droid adventure.

Arrow: Muse of Fire Review by Tim Janson, Columnist and Critic
(November 29, 2012)

Tyreese Clip: The Walking Dead by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 29, 2012)
Last week we announced that Tyreese has been cast for Season 3 of The Walking Dead. The role of Tyreese will be played by Chad Coleman (The Wire). Fox Latinoamerica has the first clip of Coleman in character. Check it out below.

SPARTACUS: WAR OF THE DAMNED Poster by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 28, 2012)
Are you ready Maniacs for the conclusion of the Spartacus series? STARZ has supplied us with the final key art (they mean poster) for the beginning of the end. Check out the official press release below.

Dexter: Frustrated Clip by Robert T. Trate, News
(November 28, 2012)
Check out a clip from next Sunday’s episode of Dexter. The clip titled “Frustrated” is from next week’s episode called “The Dark... Whatever”. In this clip we see Dexter (Michael C. Hall)telling Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) about his Dark Passeng

Revolution: Nobody's Fault But Mine Review by Chuck Francisco, Columnist and Critic
(November 28, 2012)
Wow. If there's ever been a reason to despise midseason cliffhangers, this, ladies and gentlemen, exemplifies it. While it's true that we aren't facing unsatisfied questions for an entire year, as we languished over Battlestar Galactica during the prolonge

Dexter: Helter Skelter Review by Jarrett Kruse, TV Critic
(November 27, 2012)

SHERLOCK in 2014? by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 26, 2012)
The game is... on hold.

TV Wasteland: Too Early for Christmas... by Rob Vaux, Writer
(November 26, 2012)
Another busy week on the Wasteland, and Christmas arrives way too early as usual. Let’s see what the last week in November holds for us.

The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking Review by Joel Rickenbach, Columnist and Critic
(November 26, 2012)
There are many badasses on this show- Merle, Daryl, Michonne... and then there's Glenn. I have yet to see the Dixons, The Sherriff or the Katana-wielding nomad dispatch a walker while duct taped to a chair. His primal yell was the sound of adrenalin and po

Walking Dead: Made to Suffer Clip by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 25, 2012)
Here is a sneak peek of next week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Next week’s episode is titled “Made to Suffer”. Here we see Andrea and the Governor reflect on the town of Woodbury.

Hugh Laurie for Crossbones Pirate Series by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 22, 2012)
Hugh Laurie (House) is in talks with NBC for the lead of the new pirate series Crossbones. The series is being spearheaded by Neil Cross (Luther) and feature producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald. If Hugh Laurie would sign on for the series he would

Tyreese Cast for The Walking Dead by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 22, 2012)
We have a Tyreese for Season 3 of The Walking Dead. TV Line has confirmed that “Cutty” from The Wire, Chad Coleman will appear on the show. The rumor floating around is that Tyreese will appear in episode 8, the mid season finale. This is interesting b

Doctor Who: The Snowmen Christmas Special Trailer by Robert T. Trate, News Editor
(November 21, 2012)
Here is a new trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. The introduction of the trailer is by Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman. This year’s Christmas Special is titled The Snowmen. The movie-scale episode will introduce Jenna-Louise Coleman as new

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