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TV Wasteland: The Coolest Superhero You've Never Heard Of by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(January 11, 2010)
The big TV news item this past week has nothing to do with sci-fi: Jay Leno is moving back to late night, signaling a miserable end to NBC's "Five Nights of Prime Time Jay a Week" experiment.

12 Hottest Women of Genre TV by Tim Janson, Writer
(January 04, 2010)
People love to talk about the good old days. Well if you are a fan of genre TV then these ARE the good old days! Between broadcast and cable networks, there are an incredible variety of Sci-Fi, horror, action, and fantasy shows. Still, producers aren’

TV Wasteland: Cylons and Superspies by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(January 03, 2010)
It's fitting that Chuck has come to resemble its plucky title character so much. The show has hovered on the edge of the NBC renewal bubble almost since it premiered: dogged by the threat of cancellation, yet somehow emerging intact when even its most arde

5 Best TV Series of 2009 by Rob Vaux
(December 28, 2009)
As we count down the last few days of 2009, we thought we should take a look at the year's best moments in genre programming. While many people felt that things have been fairly weak of late, their memories are exceedingly short.

TV Wasteland: Christmas time is Here, By Golly! by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(December 21, 2009)
The week of Christmas offers a dearth of genre programming--marked mainly by some fine adaptations of A Christmas Carol and a continuation of David Tennant's Dr. Who victory lap. Enjoy them--or whatever entertainment you choose to fill your holidays with--

Mania Interview: David Tennant on Doctor Who by Robert T. Trate, Columnist
(December 17, 2009)
The Doctor’s time is almost up. David Tennant’s term as the tenth Doctor Who is about to regenerate into the next Doctor played by Matt Smith. The show will change, as it always has when the Doctor takes on his next body.

TV Wasteland: Who's Better, Who's Best by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(December 14, 2009)
I was never a huge Dr. Who fan, but I tuned in avidly when they announced that Christopher Eccleston would be reprising the title role. And he didn't disappoint, capturing the character's wit, enthusiasm and secret pain with unforgettable grace.

6 Rules for Rebooting a Star Trek TV Show by Chris Beveridge, Editor
(December 07, 2009)
With the success J.J. Abrams has had in rebooting the Star Trek movie franchise in 2009, you just know that there are execs at Paramount that are kicking around the idea of getting the series back on the small screen as well. Star Trek has been mostly off

TV Wasteland: Standing on the Fringes by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(December 06, 2009)
The second week of December holds a pair of finales--Dexter's Season 4 curtain call and Fringe's midseason bow-out--both of which seem to be heading in different directions. Dexter currently serves as Showtime's flagship, with four hugely successful season

TV Wasteland: Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(November 29, 2009)
December begins with the much-hyped Alice miniseries on Syfy, promising an "all new" take on the Alice in Wonderland tale. Lewis Carroll's surreal masterpiece has already undergone enough permutations to render any claims of originality irrelevant, and wit

TV Wasteland: Thanksgiving Leftovers by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(November 23, 2009)
Thanksgiving Day means a truncated week for genre programming, as movies and holiday specials serve as filler in the place of regular programming. The pause gives us an opportunity to evaluate the various sci-fi, fantasy and horror shows out there, and to

Mania Exclusive: The Farscape Interview by Robert T. Trate, Contributor
(November 16, 2009)
Farscape was one of the first original series to air on the Sci-Fi Channel (now known as SyFy) in 1999. The adventures of John Crichton lasted four seasons and tantalized the imagination. Combining the finer aspects of Star Trek, Star Wars and Buck Rogers,

TV Wasteland: Death and the Hynerian by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(November 16, 2009)
I don't usually endorse DVDs here, but there's a special one hitting shelves this Tuesday that merits mention. Farscape the wonderful, glorious, gone-before-its-time series from the Jim Henson Company finally gets a box set worthy of its genius.

TV Wasteland: The Prisoner Arrives by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(November 09, 2009)
Before we begin, I want to mention that Sesame Street turns 40 on November 10th. Massive props to Big Bird and the gang for teaching us all about letters and numbers.

TV Wasteland: Vivacious Visitors Eviscerate Very Viciously by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(November 01, 2009)
The original V occupies a strange place in pop culture, a sort of camp-but-not-really 1980s standout fondly remembered by those who first saw it and all but forgotten by everyone else. It remains a product of its time (right down to the haircuts and jerky

TV Wasteland: This Is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(October 25, 2009)
Halloween is here and there's a huge plate of genre programming to cover, so let's get right to it!

TV Wasteland: Halloween's A Little Early by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(October 18, 2009)
Everyone jumps on the horror movie bandwagon this time of year and 2009 is no exception. Click to any given channel and you'll find creature features of all varieties, from immortal classics to third-rate turds. The Independent Film Channel, however, goes

TV Wasteland: Cthulhurendous by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(October 11, 2009)
Every time another H.P. Lovecraft adaptation is released, the collective fanbase suppresses a groan. The renowned horror author may have changed the face of the genre, but his work always struggled to assert itself onscreen.

TV Wasteland: Sanctuary Returns by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(October 05, 2009)
A show like Sanctuary isn't supposed to linger. It started out on the web--part of an effort to make Internet content commercially viable, which the established networks tend to ignore as a matter of course. Granted, it had the backing of the Stargate crew

SMALLVILLE - 9.2 - "Metallo" - Video by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 29, 2009)
After being struck by a truck, John Corben (guest star Brian Austin Green) wakes up alone in an abandoned apartment as a man-machine with a Kryptonite heart on the "Metallo" episode of SMALLVILLE

TV Wasteland: The Gate Keeps Going by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(September 28, 2009)
Who could have guessed that a throwaway little science fiction film from Roland Emmerich--the Irwin Allen of our era--would produce such a legacy. Stargate: SG-1 became one of sci-fi television's monumental success stories… and has now officially spawned

SMALLVILLE - 9.1 - "Savior" - Video by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 22, 2009)
Season 9 of 'Smallville' debuts next week in its new time slot at 8pm on Friday, September 25 on the CW. The CW has released six new images from the premiere episode, entitled "Savior".

TV Wasteland: Forward Thinking by Rob Vaux, Columnist
(September 21, 2009)
It is upon us with the suddenness of the dawn: the 2009 fall TV season has officially arrived. Dozens of new shows are premiering this week, including seven with a genre focus.

5 Ways to Make Heroes, Heroes Again by Chris Smits, Writer
(September 21, 2009)
With all of the back and forth of fickle fan opinions in regards to Heroes, we have come up with (what we think) is needed to get more people back on board;

6 New MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD images by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(September 18, 2009)
On Saturday, September 19th, tune into Cartoon Network at 8:30 AM to catch your favorite Marvel characters like never before in The Super Hero Squad Show!

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