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'The Crow' stays in America by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 30, 2003)
The net's a buzz – ok, a couple of horror sites – that the fourth "Crow" film, "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" is losing "The Crow" from its title. Not so it seems – in the states anyway. A rep for the film checked in to let us know that the film will still be b

'American Splendor' makes Harry Knowles' top ten list
(December 30, 2003)
"American Splendor" ranked #6 on Harry Knowles "Top Ten in 2003" list. Knowles writes, "I love 'American Splendor,' the work by Paul Giamatti is inspired. The editing is the very best work in film this year. Absolutely beautiful and elegant and innovative.

'Hellboy', 'Justice League' and 'Tutenstein' updates
(December 30, 2003)
Guillermo del Toro, director of the 'Hellboy' movie, said that there will be a Super Bowl commercial for the film to follow the first trailer release earlier this month.

George Eads will be providing the voice of Captain Atom for the third seaso

'Catwoman' pic is embiggened
(December 30, 2003)
Here's a better quality copy of yesterday's new 'Catwoman' picture...

Reeve appearance named 'Great Moment' of 2003
(December 30, 2003)
Christopher Reeve's appearance as Dr. Virgil Swann in the "Rosetta" episode of "Smallville" was named #6 among TV Guide's Greatest Moments of 2003. More...

New Line 'Planet' draws Paul, Daurio
(December 30, 2003)
New Line Cinema has tapped the writing team of Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio to adapt the comic book "Planet Terry" for the big screen. The project, which New Line pre-emptively acquired from comic book creator Rob Liefeld in July, is based on what was to be a

Spider-Man Deluxe DVD Coming
(December 29, 2003)
Because movie fans are chumps:

Columbia TriStar is preparing a 'Spider-Man' deluxe edition for release before 'Spider-Man 2' lands July 2.

'Spider-Man 2' reshoots this week? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 29, 2003)
Anonymous scooper tells Cinescape, "the Sony and 'Spider-Man 2' production crew are working hard to RE-ASSEMBLE [emphasis theirs] the humongous dock/bridge that they took down nearly a month ago. Instead of re-building the whole set, it seems that only a p

Hot new 'Catwoman' pic online by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 29, 2003)
A look ahead to 2004 glossess over the upcoming slate of comic book movies (as well as other Hollywood high-points) and provides a nice new pic of Halle Berry in the cat suit.

'Batman' Casting Report by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 29, 2003)
An anonymous scooper claims to have some new info on the upcoming Cape Crusader film 'Batman: Intimidation.' More...

'Justice League' and 'Catwoman' News by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 29, 2003)
Fred Savage and Jason Hervey, who played brothers on The Wonder Years television series, are having an animated reunion. They'll be providing the voices of Hawk and Dove on Cartoon Network's 'Justice League' animated series next season.

Halle Berr

Platinum picks comicbooks from the edge
(December 29, 2003)
Scott Rosenberg, who ushered "Men in Black" from the comicbook pages to the bigscreen, has optioned two independent comics for his producing company, Platinum Studios.

Platinum will create live-action versions of graphic novel "The Dark Fringe," c

Good Evening, Warren. You're on 'Global Frequency' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(December 29, 2003)
Warren Ellis chatted up Variety's Bags and Boards blog about the "Global Frequency" TV show and his other media works:

"I believe John Rogers ('The Core') is turning in the pilot script for 'Global Frequency' any day now. We've been in fairly clos

Two New Garfield Promo Shots
(December 29, 2003)
Check out two new promo pictures of the furry fat one, 'Garfield' and his co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt!

WIZARD: Romijn-Stamos on Punisher & a New Image
(December 28, 2003)
"Joan's this down and out recovering drug addict just trying to get her life back together. She lives in this shabby tenement building that Frank Castle [portrayed by Thomas Jane] moves into as he is just getting over the death of his family and turning in

WIZARD: Spider-Man 2 Set Visit & Arad on the Characters
(December 28, 2003)
Wizard magazine visited the Spider-Man 2 set in New York and the scenes filmed involved Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker), Rosemary Harris (Aunt May) and a bank. More...

WIZARD: Four New Hellboy Images Online
(December 28, 2003)
The new issue of Wizard magazine included four new shots from writer/director Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy

WIZARD: Silver Surfer Movie Heating Up
(December 28, 2003)
Marvel Studios Vice President Kevin Feige talked to Wizard magazine about the Silver Surfer movie.

"You're going to start hearing a lot about Silver Surfer," he promises. "It'll be our next big project with Fox after 'Fantastic Four.' We're exci

WIZARD: Fantastic Four Movie Update
(December 28, 2003)
A brief update on the Fantastic Four movie comes from the latest issue of Wizard magazine. Marvel Studios Vice President Kevin Feige told the magazine that "we should have a director attached early in the year." The film is currently scheduled for a July 1

'Hulk 2' Getting Frustrated? by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 26, 2003)
An anonymous informant gives an unverified report about alleged problems besetting the 'Hulk' sequel.

"Producer Gale Anne Hurd wants a sequel to 'The Hulk.' [Universal Studios] doesn't. Eric Bana doesn't. [And you can count Jennifer Connelly out t

Welling in talks for 'Superman'? Lois Lane cast? by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 26, 2003)
Tom Welling, the young hunk-a-spunk whose served as the teen Clark Kent for three years on "Smallville" has been doing the promo rounds in NYC for his comedy flick "Cheaper by the Dozen". With the "Superman" movie in development and no-one cast as yet, he

'The Crow' gone from 'Wicked Prayer'? by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 26, 2003)
New poster indicates latest "Crow" film doesn't want to be known as a "Crow" film.


'Hellboy,' 'Teen Titans,' and 'X-Men: Evolution' Update by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 26, 2003)
Dark Horse will release Hellboy: The Art of the Movie, a 200-page book, on March 3, a month before the film's April 2 release.

Wil Wheaton is returning to voice Aqualad in the second season of Cartoon Network's Teen Titans animated series.

New 'Batman' Cast & Crew Rumors by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 26, 2003)
An anonymous scooper reports some updates on Chris Nolan’s upcoming Batman Intimidation Game for you regarding Cast and the Crew. He did some investigating on the project that's been kept tightly under wraps and found out Christopher Eccleston is not attac

Is the caped crusader on his way to Cardington? by Joe Hendren, Editor
(December 26, 2003)
Holy movie rumours, Batman! A Bedfordshire village may be getting a visit from Gotham City!

A hive of activity has been glimpsed in one of the giant former airship hangars at Cardington, and it is believed the massive shed is being transformed i

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