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Smack Down in Smallville: Lana vs. Chloe
(January 09, 2004)
Devoted to Smallville website has screen caps and a video clip of Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) physically fighting each other in a smack down! Very exciting clip from a future episode of Smallville, "Delete," airing later thi

DC TV Episode Schedule for January 6-20
(January 08, 2004)
DC have released the official episode schedule for Smallville, Static Shock, and the animated Teen Titans on the WB plus the animated Justice League and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network for January 6-20.

'Batman' Spoilers...
(January 08, 2004)
Dark Horizons chief Garth Franklin recieves a full and in-depth synopsis of the shooting script of the upcoming "Batman" movie. He's verified that it is legit and offers his insights and some spoilers for fans...

Los Angeles Film Critics Bask in 'Splendor'
(January 08, 2004)
"American Splendor," the acclaimed film about an idiosyncratic comic book artist, was voted best picture of 2003 by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association on Wednesday, while "Lord of the Rings" wizard Peter Jackson was named best director.

'Immortel' trailers and videos by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(January 08, 2004)
The Comic Reel @ CBR points us to the trailers for "Immortel", a film directed by Enki Bilal based on his Humanoids Publishing graphic albums, "The Carnival of the Immortals." Click and watch!

Del Toro will not be at Fango Con
(January 08, 2004)
Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro, recovering from major surgery, will not be able to attend FANGORIA’S Weekend of Horrors this Saturday.

Justice League, Static Shock & Hellboy news
(January 08, 2004)
Nine-year-old Dakota Fanning will be providing a voice for the third season of Cartoon Network's Justice League animated series, The Continuum has learned.

Look for the episode of Static Shock guest-starring NBA players to air on Kids' WB! duri

Comicscape - January 7, 2004 by Tony Whitt, Columnist
(January 07, 2004)

'Batman' name game and all about the Scarecrow by Joe Hendren, Editor
(January 07, 2004)
An anonymous scooper reveals possible spoilers for the new 'Batman' movie and claims the title of the film is still up in the air. Contenders are said to include 'Batman Begins,' 'Batman: Intimidation Game' and 'Batman: Genesis.'


Alex Borstein Talks Catwoman
(January 07, 2004)
"It was great fun to work on a film of this magnitude. Big stars, big budget, big stunts," says Alex Borstein ("Mad TV," "Bad Santa,") about her role in Warner Bros.' upcoming "Catwoman" movie, starring Halle Berry.

Lots more Q & A...

Viggo Rumors Persist for 'Batman: Intimidation' by Joe Hendren, Editor
(January 07, 2004)
The Beat!'s spies swear that the rumor that Viggo Mortensen will appear in the next 'Batman' movie is 100% true.

Official New Catwoman & Constantine Pictures
(January 07, 2004)
Click & View!

Punisher, Catwoman, Constantine News by Joe Hendren, Editor
(January 07, 2004)
Producers of The Punisher movie told The Continuum that while Frank Castle's primary motivation is the murder of his family, it's not the sole reason for what he does.

As part of its 2004 preview, Warner Bros. has announced release dates of Jul

Manga-based 'Ramblers' reviewed
(January 07, 2004)
Described as "a deadpan adaptation of a Yoshiharu Tsuge comic strip about two forlorn characters stranded in the frozen Japanese countryside," the inevitable 'American Splendor' comparison follows in this favorable review.

'Smallville' episode: 'Whisper'
(January 06, 2004)
The WB has released their official description for "Whisper," the January 21 episode of Smallville! Click to read it!

TV Guide says 'Smallville' is 'a Show You Can Watch Together'
(January 06, 2004)
Parents and their children can watch "Smallville" together according to the latest issue of TV Guide (with Mark Harmon on the cover). More...

Len Wein on 'Gene Pool', 'Swamp Thing'
(January 06, 2004)
UGO chats up comics vet Len Wein about his upcoming comic and film projects include 'Gene Pool' and 'Swamp Thing'.

Of the muck monster movie Wein says, "It's a horror movie. The new 'Man-Thing' movie sounds just like what the old Swamp Thing was.

UGO's 'Things that didn't suck in 2003'
(January 06, 2004)
From UGO's year-end wrap up: "It takes a special something to bring the rich X-Men universe and spin it into a powerful and captivating tale, but that's just what director Bryan Singer did with the first X-Men flick. With X2: X-Men United, Singer and gang

Halle becoming real 'Catwoman' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(January 06, 2004)
Halle Berry wants to adopt the rare Bengal cat she shares the screen with in new superhero caper Catwoman.

According to on-set sources, Berry enjoys a closer relationship with the feline film star than any of her human cast-mates - who include S

Spider-Man Animated Series competes for Annie
(January 06, 2004)
Competing for the top prize in the animated television race are Renegade Animation's Captain Sturdy, Nickelodeon's The Fairly OddParents, Cartoon Network Studios' Samurai Jack, Gracie Films' The Simpsons and Adelaide Productions Inc.'s Spider-Man Animated

Man, not Superman
(January 06, 2004)
Tom Welling's career is taking off like a rocket but he's adamant he won't be flying anytime soon.

Welling, who plays the young Clark Kent on TV's Smallville (Wednesdays at 6 p.m. on f), insists he's happy the character is grounded.

'Smallville,' 'Justice League' Update - 'Grendel' Tidbit by Joe Hendren, Editor
(January 06, 2004)
The WB has released three images from "Asylum," the Wednesday, Jan. 14 episode of Smallville.

Veteran actor Edward Asner will provide the voice of Hephestus in the third season of Cartoon Network's Justice League, The Continuum has learned.

More 'Batman' on Ice Rumors by Joe Hendren, Editor
(January 06, 2004)
An anonymous source - who shall be called 'Enigma' - has confirmed that filming will indeed take place in Iceland. What was not revealed was what will be filmed. Read on for an alleged SPOILER...

More on 'Batman' Iceland shoot... by Joe Hendren, Editor
(January 06, 2004)
A nameless scooper sent in the following information on the location where they will be filming. Here is what he tells us...

Mutts script worked on by McDonnell
(January 06, 2004)
The Orlando Sentinel (1/6/04) reports that Patrick McDonnell is considering a 'Mutts' movie, and quotes him saying, "I'm pretty protective of Earl and Mooch. I'm just now starting to work on a script that could be animated or even live action, given the co

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