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Go, Guillermo! 'Hellboy' director speaks! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 19, 2003)
Horror.com caught up with 'Hellboy' director Guillermo del Toro for an interesting Q & A session about Cronos, Hellboy and DVDs:

"With 'Hellboy,' we have been preparing the DVD content for as many months as we've been shooting. We are going to com

A Look at the 'Hellboy' Trailer & Comments from del Toro
(November 19, 2003)
The trailer for Hellboy is chock-full of effects and action, but del Toro promises us we've only seen a peek.

Arad's Marvel movie, TV update
(November 19, 2003)
Great in-depth coverage on over a dozen Marvel projects!

Marvel Enterprises held their inaugural Analyst Day Webcast Tuesday during which Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad delivered his previously promised updates on Marvel's upcoming slate of movie and

Dougherty livens 'Dead' screenplay by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
Creature Corner had it first but Hollywood Reporter adds:

Michael Dougherty has been tapped to write 'Wake the Dead,' a feature adaptation of the horror comic set up at Dimension Films. The deal is worth mid-six against high-six figures, sources

Rifkin enrolled in 'Zoom's Academy' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
Revolution Studios has tapped 'Small Soldiers' and 'Mouse Hunt' scribe Adam Rifkin to pen 'Zoom's Academy for the Super Gifted,' based on the popular graphic novel by animator Jason Lethcoe.

'Harry Potter'-like project revolves around an unpopul

'Batman: Dead End' director digs 'Shazam' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
Director Sandy Collora, whose 'Batman: Dead End' short made a big splash at Comic-Con and all over the internet this year, muses over the 'Shazam!' movie. Collora says he's enamored with William Goldman's script and would love to get a shot at directing it

Should 'AiT' be a movie? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
Movie Poop Shoot analyses the viability of a big screen version of Larry Young's 'Astronauts in Trouble.'

"[AiT:] Live from the Moon has been in development for quite some time now, so I don’t think anyone needs me to say so, but really, this is o

DC announces Smallville comic collection
(November 18, 2003)
DC Comics have announced that the Smallville comic book one-shot and first four issues of the ongoing series will be collected in a trade paperback in April.

Review: 'Hellboy' Teaser Trailer by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
Counting Down gets an early look at the 'Hellboy' teaser trailer: "Now that I've seen it, what can I say but...wow. It's a doozy..."

Fantastic Four Moved to 2005, Hulk 2 Gets Writer
(November 18, 2003)
At Tuesday's Marvel conference call, Marvel Studios' Avi Arad announced that the 'Fantastic Four' movie at 20th Century Fox has been moved to the summer of 2005, a new writer is on board 'The Hulk 2,' and 'X-Men 3' is now targeted for a 2006 release.

Lindy Hemming Designing Batman Costumes
(November 18, 2003)
It's been rumored before, but it's official. Academy Award winner Lindy Hemming is the costume designer for 'Batman: Intimidation' (or 'Intimidation Game'). So sayeth Latino Review...

DC TV Episode Schedule for November 18 - December 1
(November 18, 2003)
DC have released the official episode schedule for Smallville and the animated Teen Titans on the WB, and the animated Justice League and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network for November 18 - December 1.

Preview from Hell: 'Hellboy' trailer shown to LA Press by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
A press junket for the upcoming 'Hellboy' film was held in Los Angeles today and CBR News was there. The event included a look at the soon-to-be-released trailer for the movie and comments from Director Guillermo del Toro.

Trailer will air on Acce

Net Link Established: 'Alien Legion' Animated by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 18, 2003)
Mainframe Entertainment, the makers of the new CGI 'Spider-Man' animated show, have opened a zippy new website promoting the currently-in-development 'Alien Legion' show. Check out the series overview, character bios and designs, weapons and vehicle design

'Namor' comic sinks, movie still in development
(November 17, 2003)
Marvel's Namor comic series is set to end with issue #12 in February, suggesting that the upcoming big screen adaptation from Universal will not be based on the hero's younger days.

Simeon Wilkins talks Storyboarding for 'Hellboy'
(November 17, 2003)
From Ostrich Ink's interview with 'Hellboy' storyboard artist Simeon Wilkins:

"Yeah, I told him that I really liked 'Blade 2' - again, genuine - and I told him that I'd heard he was doing 'Hellboy' next. He shook my hand again and said they were j

Halle Berry talks 'Catwoman'
(November 17, 2003)
While doing press for 'Gothika' Halle Berry talked to Comingsoon.net about 'Catwoman.'

"I do wear a mask in this one and what I like a lot about this script is that it harkens back to the Catwomen of the past. Like we're not presenting that I'm t

'Blueberry' Trailer Online
(November 17, 2003)
A teaser trailer for the big screen version of Mobius' comic book adaptation 'Blueberry' is now online. The film stars Vincent Cassel, Juliette Lewis and Michael Madsen. Check out the official website.

Marvel increases 2004 guidance, excludes FF & Man-Thing revenue
(November 17, 2003)
Marvel Enterprises has announced it is raising its financial guidance for net sales, operating income, net income and EPS for the full year 2004. Given the late 2004 timing of the Fantastic Four and Man-Thing movies, Marvel's guidance doesn't include any

Besson film featuring French comic-book auto hero released by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 17, 2003)
Luc Besson, the director behind box-office features such as "The Fifth Element" and "The Big Blue", this week releases a movie based on popular French comic-book hero "Michel Vaillant", a test-driver famed for his adventures on the Le Mans 24 Hour Race cir

X-Men: Evolution 'trades' up for manga-sized digest collection
(November 17, 2003)
Marvel Comics' upcoming line of digest-sized trade paperback collections has expanded once more to include a compilation of the X-Men: Evolution comic book series, based on the hit Kids' WB! animated series.

New Smallville Screensaver Available
(November 17, 2003)

Smallville's Welling, Kreuk and Rosenbaum all deemed 'Sexy' by SFX
(November 17, 2003)
SFX magazine (now on sale in the UK; should be available in the US next month) recently did a "SFX Appeal Collector's Edition" that ranked the sexiest men and women in sci-fi. Of course, 'Smaillville's' Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum all

Natalie Portman being considered for Lois Lane?
(November 17, 2003)
Superman-V.com have heard news that Natalie Portman is one of a group of young actresses being looked at for the role. Portman's people neither confirmed nor denied to the story. More...

New X2: X-Men United DVD Contest
(November 16, 2003)
Amazon.com is hosting a new 'X2: X-Men United' sweepstakes. One grand-prize winner will receive a prop from the 'X2' movie in the form of a clear storage container that includes the personal effects of the character Magneto as seen in several prison scenes

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