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'Transformers 2' Casting Call
(May 15, 2008)

Heery Casting are looking for actors for 'Transformers 2'.

Here's the posting from their website:

We are looking for Asian talent for the new Dreamworks feature film, “Transformers 2”, directed by

Officially released, higher-quality 'Incredible Hulk' images by Jim Harvey, Editor
(May 15, 2008)

We just posted new images in our 'Incredible Hulk gallery, higher-quality versions of the images that were leaked earlier this week.

David Ellis: What happened with Dylan Dog?
(May 15, 2008)

On the set of David R. Ellis' new movie Final Destination 4, ShockTillYouDrop.com had a chance to ask Ellis about Dead of Night, a movie based on the Italian comic book by Tiziano Sclavi Dylan Dog, that he was supposed to direct and now is instead in th

Go to the 'Dark Knight' premiere & after party!
(May 15, 2008)

Want to help out a good cause and hob-knob with the 'Dark Knight' at the same time? Check this out...

'The Fantastic Four' - 1994 series - coming to DVD
(May 15, 2008)

Liberation Entertainment has released details of their planned 'Fantastic Four' DVD, collecting the 1990s animated series:

It’s here – the classic first series of The Fantastic Four arrives on DVD. This spectacular 2 di

'The Incredible Hulk' - 1960s cartoons - coming to DVD
(May 15, 2008)

Liberation Entertainment has released details about their planned DVD release of the original 'Incredible Hulk' cartoons from the 1960s.

Do you remember the first time you set eyes on the green skinned monster who has

'Incredible Hulk' - 1990s toon - coming to DVD
(May 15, 2008)

Liberation Entertainment is also bringing the 1990s animated 'Incredible Hulk' to DVD:

A fans’ favourite from the last decade, the complete 1996 series of The Incredible Hulk is scheduled for release on DVD by L

'Spider-Man' - 1960s toon - coming to DVD
(May 15, 2008)

Liberation Entertainment has officially announced plans to bring the original 'Spider-Man' animated series to DVD

Spider-Man (1967) The Complete Season One (20 Episodes) Here they are – the first 20 episodes o

'X-Men' season one volume one coming to DVD
(May 15, 2008)

Liberation Entertianment has released details of its DVD release of the X-Men animated show:

Born into a world that hates and fears them the X-Men are mutants, genetically gifted human beings with superpowers – The next link

Comicscape: Sucking Life with Gabe Soria by Kurt Amacker
(May 14, 2008)

The Beast to be in 'Magneto' film?
(May 14, 2008)

While on location at a special effects house, Latino Review spied design illustrations for a younger version of X-Men's Beast. When they asked what it was, they were told that it was a design for the 'Magneto' movie.

Adam Brody talks about 'Justice League'
(May 14, 2008)

Although the 'Justice League' movie is now in limbo, actor Adam Brody told IGN that he and the other actors did go through preparation to become earth's mightiest heroes.

Will Chloe Sullivan survive 'Smallville''s finale? by Jim Harvey, Editor
(May 14, 2008)

TV Guide's Michal Ausiello tells fans what's up with Alison Mack's possible exit from 'Smallville' and what it means for her character Chloe.

New 'Incredible Hulk' trailer
(May 14, 2008)

There's a new 'Incredible Hulk' trailer being shown in theaters with 'Speed Racer'...and being shown online right here!

Bay confirms Isabel Lucas in 'Transformers 2'
(May 14, 2008)

On his message boards director Michael Bay confirms the casting of Isabel Lucas in 'Transformers 2'.

Dave Gibbons on the Watchmen movie
(May 13, 2008)

At the Bristol Expo, Watchmen co-creator expressed his opinions on the upcoming movie. Gibbons claimed that the film, if anything, "exceeds the level of detail in the comics" and said that he'll be "very surprised" if the film is any

'Tintin', 'Transformers 2' getting 3D release
(May 13, 2008)

The ShoWest newsletter for Dolby spotlights the proliferation of 3D movies and lists 'Tintin' and 'Transformers 2' among 2009 releases fitted for 3D.

'The Spirit': Sam Jackson as Octopus on Comic-Con Cover
(May 13, 2008)

Comic Con magazine has a new pic of Samuel L.Jackson as The Octopus in 'The Spirit'.

Millar's 'Kick-Ass' in preproduction?
(May 13, 2008)

CBR's Rich Johnston confirms that Mark Millar's 'Kick-Ass' movie is in preproduction and an actor is set for the lead.

Winner: 'The Spirit' poster by Frank Miller by Rob M. Worley, News Editor
(May 13, 2008)

We just gave away another copy of Frank Miller's teaser poster for 'The Spirit'. Did you win? Click to find out!

UPDATED 'Witchblade' to roll cameras in September
(May 12, 2008)

The 'Witchblade' feature film is on the fast track with cameras set to start rolling this September in Australia.

Taylor doesn't want to do 'Transformers 2'
(May 12, 2008)

Actress Rachel Taylor told Moviehole.net that she hasn't been asked to return for 'Transformers 2' and she wouldn't do the movie even if they did ask.

Winner: 'Speed Racer: The Next Generation' on DVD by Rob M. Worley, News Editor
(May 12, 2008)

We just gave away a copy of the all new DVD movie 'Speed Racer: The Next Generation'. Did you win? Click to find out!

'Iron Man' rockets past competition, leaves 'Speed' on the blocks
(May 11, 2008)

Variety reports that 'Iron Man' enjoyed another supehero friday, blowing past newcomprs 'What Happens in Vegas' and 'Speed Racer' to collect another $15.3 million.

Preview: 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'
(May 11, 2008)

Latino Review caught an early screening of an unfinished version of 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army': 

I'm not going to review the film, because it is unfair to the filmmaker and the studio to review an unfin

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