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DC TV Episode Schedule for November 25 - December 8
(November 27, 2003)
DC have released the official episode schedule for Smallville and the animated Teen Titans on the WB, and the animated Justice League and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network for November 25 - December 8.

Comicscape - November 26, 2003 by Tony Whitt, Columnist
(November 26, 2003)

'Spidey 2' Trailer online in December by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 26, 2003)
Cinescape reports that the first trailer for 'Spider-Man 2' will be available for download on the Web on December 15, two days before it's shown in theaters in with 'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'.

They also confirmed that the 'Hel

Breathed says new 'Opus' strip is not merely a promo for the movie by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 26, 2003)
In a chat with Washington Post readers, comic creator Berkeley Breathed was asked if the new, weekly 'Opus' comic strip was just a way of hyping the 'Opus' animated film.

"An 'Opus' movie is years away," Breathed said. "If I was out to promote t

'Hellboy' Unfurls His Banners!
(November 26, 2003)
Grab that mouse with your stone-gauntleted fist and click over to the official 'Hellboy' movie site. There you'll find two stunning works or art that'll be making their ways to theaters this week: the "Good" (Here to Protect) and "Evil" (Sent To Destroy) p

'Spawn 2' on Track? by Joe Hendren, Editor
(November 26, 2003)
Anonymous scooper claims Michael Jai White told fans at a Boston convention that he'll be starring in 'Spawn 2' which has a script and will shoot next year. Featuring Sylvestor Stallone as the villain... Brimstone.

C2F has heard in the past tha

'Justice League' & 'Teen Titans' news
(November 26, 2003)
The seven current members of the Justice League will have plenty of company next year. The Continuum has learned there will be many guest-stars in the new season. Among the heroes appearing next season will be Red Tornado, Green Arrow and Black Canary.

'X-Men' behind the scenes - Part 2
(November 26, 2003)
Part two includes comments from Singer on the Danger Room!

'Teen Titans' To Adapt the Judas Contract
(November 26, 2003)
With the new season debuting January 10, sources confirm that season two will be a season long adaption of the "Judas Contract."

Jimmy Olsen gone Savage? by Joe Hendren, Editor
(November 26, 2003)
An anonymous scooper claims to have had a run-in with Ben Savage ('Boy Meets World' and little brother of Fred Savage), wherein the actor claims to be up for the role of Jimmy Olsen in the new 'Superman' movie.

Reeves Talks More 'Constantine' by Joe Hendren, Editor
(November 26, 2003)
Keanu Reeves, who stars in the upcoming comic-to-film Constantine, told SCI FI Wire that first-time director Francis Lawrence is giving the movie the right sensibility. "He's bringing a real film noir sense to it, which I think is really suitable for the c

Producer Michael Uslan talks Shazam
(November 25, 2003)
Producer Michael Uslan chatted up The Marvel Family Web about plans for New Line Cinema's upcoming "Shazam" movie.

Uslan told the big red site to expect announcements as the development effort warrants them and to look for the movie itself some

Next 'Batman' raising Caine
(November 25, 2003)
Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine seems headed to the bat cave.
Deal terms are being finalized, but the veteran British actor has agreed to play the role of Bruce Wayne's trusted butler Alfred in the new installment of Warner Bros.' "Batman" series. C

'Spider-Man 2 'Teaser Description
(November 25, 2003)
Harry Knowles of AICN says, "In all likelihood, 'Spider-Man 2' will have its teaser ready for '[Lord of the Rings:] Return of the King'." An anonymous scooper also provides a description of the clip.

Comic oater gets Teutonic funding by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 25, 2003)
French comedy Western "The Daltons" has secured E1 million ($1.18 million) from North Rhine-Westphalia's state film subsidy Filmstiftung NRW.

The grant makes it possible for the $25 million film to shoot at the MMC Coloneum studios in Cologne.

'Garfield' Trailer Description by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(November 25, 2003)
Spider-Man? Forget about it. Hellboy? Who cares? This fan's got the description of the 'Garfield' trailer, and boy does he hate it.

Director Bryan Singer on X2 DVD & X3
(November 25, 2003)
TV Guide talked to X-Men movies director Bryan Singer.

"I feel proud to have initiated the resurgence in the genre. I think comic books make magnificent science fiction and fantasy. And it's odd, because when I made my first student film, I wanted

Hellboy Trailer Up in QuickTime
(November 25, 2003)
Fans can now view and DOWNLOAD the trailer for 'Hellboy' in Apple QuickTime format! Look for it in theaters this week with 'The Missing'

Lauren Shuler Donner on Constantine & X-Men 3
(November 25, 2003)
Check out this extensive interview with "X-Men" and "Constantine" producer Lauren Shuler Donner.

Reeves Offers 'Constantine' Hints
(November 25, 2003)
Keanu Reeves, who stars in Constantine (based on the DC/Vertigo comic series Hellblazer) told SCI FI Wire that his character is conflicted about his God-given mission on Earth.

Reeves' character, supernatural detective John Constantine, is "a gu

X-Men Movie Franchise: Behind the Scenes
(November 25, 2003)
With the release of X2 on DVD, the Continuum presents excerpts from a recent convention panel attended by writers David Hayter and Michael Dougherty and director Bryan Singer. Find out the original movie plans for Beast, Angel and the Sentinels, and why

Spider-Man 2, Justice League & Teen Titans info
(November 25, 2003)
NECA again will be providing licensed products from the Spider-Man franchise. Randy Falk, director of product development, told The Continuum the company has secured Spider-Man 2 rights...

At a panel devoted to him at Wizard World Texas last wee

Batman vs Superman script review
(November 25, 2003)
Superman-V.com posted a script review of the 'Batman vs. Superman' script.

Concerned 'Punisher' fans appeased
(November 25, 2003)
In part three of a three part Showbuzz Spotlight on The Punisher, Broken Frontier's Rhonda Hearon adresses fan concerns regarding artistic license changes on the upcoming Punisher movie.

"Will the movie remain true to its comic book origins? This

Joel Silver's Comic Book Projects
(November 25, 2003)
Joel Silver always has a lot on his slate, so when he did the press rounds for "Gothika," About Action-Adventure Movies spent a little bit of time discussing some upcoming comic book properties he’s working on.

Silver said the movie version of "Lo

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