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'Hulk', 'Punisher' & 'Smallville'...
(October 28, 2003)
With The Hulk being released on DVD on Tuesday, The Continuum presents a question-and-answer interview with Josh Lucas, who plays Major Glen Talbot.

Gale Anne Hurd, producer of The Punisher movie, told The Continuum that John Travolta was the firs

'Smallville's' Pa Kent gossips about 'Perry'
(October 28, 2003)
'Smallville' co-star John Schneider (Jonathan Kent) told SCI FI Wire that this week's episode, 'Perry,' guest stars Michael McKean as Perry White, a drunken and disgraced journalist who now seeks stories for a tabloid news show and thinks he's landed a win

DC TV Episode Schedule for October 28 - November 10
(October 28, 2003)
DC have released the official episode schedule for Smallville and the animated Teen Titans on the WB, and the animated Justice League and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network for October 28 - November 10.

'Hulk' DVD Smashes into stores today! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 28, 2003)
The 2-disc 'Hulk'DVD smashes into stores today, with the big grabby goliath giving fans a look behind the scenes of the high-tech F/X for the films. Any purchases made by clicking the link above will help C2F keep its purple pants on.

The WB's Official Description for 'Magnetic'
(October 28, 2003)
The seventh episode of the new season of 'Smallville' is 'Magnetic', airing November 12, 2003, 8:00 - 9:00 PM (ET). (see 10/24 update)

Mark Verheiden talks about this week's episode
(October 28, 2003)
KryptonSite presents an interview with writer Mark Verheiden about this week's episode of Smallville, which will bring an important part of the Superman mythos into Smallville continuity. (See 10/24 update).

Guillermo del Toro on 'Hellboy' Editing Progress and DVD
(October 28, 2003)
DVD Talk spoke with 'Hellboy' director Guillermo del Toro about the re-release of his film, Cronos, on DVD. Of course, 'Hellboy' came up -

Featured Filmmaker: Richard Donner
(October 28, 2003)
A look at the career of the filmmaker behind Superman and others

'X-Men' DVDs coming your way! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 27, 2003)
Check Comics2Film's X-Men DVD store. You'll find over a dozen mutant DVDs and videos. Pre-order your copy of 'X2' today!

Jeph Loeb talks about season 3 of 'Smallville'
(October 27, 2003)
Jeph Loeb talks to Smallvillefans about season three. "The stories for 3 are even better than 2 and I thought 2 was amazing. It's a challenge to top it, but hopefully, we're succeeding," Loeb says. More...

A new writer on board the new 'Phantom' movie
(October 27, 2003)
Crusader Entertainment and Hyde Park have tapped Olympic gold medalist-turned-feature film scribe Mel Stewart to pen a project based on the well-known comic 'The Phantom.'

"While I like the comic book franchises of the 1990s, I always wanted to be

Lions Gate set to buy Artisan by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 27, 2003)
It looks as if Marvel won't acquire the studio behind 'The Punisher' and 'Man-Thing' after all. Lions Gate and Artisan Entertainment are expected to announce as early as today the sale of Artisan to the Canadian-based entertainment company. More...

Cartoon's 'League' attracts all demos by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 27, 2003)
Beyond the boundaries of candy-coated Saturday ayem fare, stands the "Justice League" on Cartoon Network. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other superheroes join forces in the Warners-produced toon. Despite dark, multipart storylines and a series of sked

'X' producer honored by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 27, 2003)
Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of the 'X-Men' movies and the upcoming 'Constantine' will be honored with the Women's Image Network's lifetime achievement award on Nov. 2. More...

'Battle Angel' to roll in January? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 27, 2003)
The Comic Reel reports that a friend of a friend of James Cameron claims that the live-action 'Battle Angel Alita' movie will go into production early next year. No word on who is writing or starring.

Goldsman to adapt 'The Losers'? by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 27, 2003)
The amazing Rich Johnston writes, "From the man who brought you 'Batman And Robin' and 'A Beautiful Mind,' I hear Akiva Goldsman is involved in bringing an adaptation of DC Vertigo's 'The Losers' to the screen.

Halle Berry talks 'Catwoman'
(October 27, 2003)
"My Catwoman is fierce. She's not very nice. She's no pussycat. Hopefully people will love her and fear her," Halle Berry says of her role in 'Catwoman'. "She puts her own wardrobe together," Berry says. "She has leather pants. She has a mostly bare to

'Garfield' teaser poster pops up
(October 27, 2003)
The first look at the teaser one sheet for the upcoming CGI/Live action flick, 'Garfield!'

Berry: Catwoman Looks Back
(October 27, 2003)
Halle Berry, who stars in the upcoming comic-book movie Catwoman, told SCI FI Wire that the film develops its own mythology for the well-known character. "We're a month into [production], and it's really been a lot of fun," Berry said. More...

Mutant X, Global Frequency, Catwoman & Spider-Man
(October 27, 2003)
'Shadows of Darkness,' a new episode of 'Mutant X,' is scheduled to air in syndication the week of Nov. 10.

Warren Ellis said that he is a consultant and a producer for 'Global Frequency', a television series based on his comic book in developed a

Guillermo del Toro provides further 'Hellboy' updates
(October 27, 2003)
'Hellboy' director Guillermo del Toro has logged onto the Hellsite message boards for another round of answers for the fans' questions.

Has casting begun for 'Watchmen'?
(October 26, 2003)
Moriarty at AICN reports, "Iíve been hearing vague mumblings about Revolution Studios picking up 'Watchmen' in turnaround from Universal, and everything seems to indicate itís still going to be David Hayter directing his amazing adaptation."


Cranberries' Dolores O'Riordan on 'Spidey 2' soundtrack?
(October 26, 2003)
An inside source tells Zombieguide.com that Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan is working to get her new single "Black Widow" on the 'Spider-Man 2' soundtrack.

Also, anonymous scooper claims to have had a look at a sound stage on which the

Fan site interviews captured 'X2' kid
(October 26, 2003)
X3M interviews Sideah Alladice, who had a bit part in 'X2: X-Men United' as one of the mutants captured from Xavier's school.

'Hellboy' Official Site Relaunch Coming on Halloween!
(October 25, 2003)
Sony sent along word to expect a full relaunch of Hellsite, a week from today on Halloween! Among the updates will be a batch of new pictures, and a bunch of other groovy new special features for you to poke at!

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