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Meet 'Man-Thing's' sexy pop-star by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 23, 2003)
Australia's Sunday Tasmanian profiles Imogen Bailey, star of Marvel's 'Man-Thing':

" Working with the director, Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man), was fantastic. I learnt a lot from him," Bailey told the Tasmanian. The paper provides this synopsis

'The Cardinal' flies to video by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 23, 2003)
The Comic Reel at CBR reports: "If you don't know 'The Cardinal', it's a long running (13 years) Christian comic book created by K.J. Kolka. It's also in production as a live action feature film made by Ohio based independent film maker John Martin." More.

'Turtles' invade Wal-Mart by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 23, 2003)
Invading a Wal-Mart near you -- on October 25th, the retail chain is sponsoring 'Ninja Turtle Training' where people can come and enjoy role playing toys made by Playmates Toys. More...

Wolverine ranks as top 25 movie Badass by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 23, 2003)
The latest issue of Maxim magazine presents thier list of the "25 Biggest Movie Badasses." Right there at #14 is 'X-Men's' Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). He's right between 'Pulp Fiction's' Jules Winnfield at #13 and 'Escape From New York's' Snake Plissken at #

Straczynski signing this weekend by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 23, 2003)
To celebrate the release of 'Amazing Spider-Man #500', J. Michael Straczynski will be appearing at Earth-2 Comics on Saturday October 25, from 2pm - 4pm. He'll be signing books and answering questions. Go there and ask him about his 'Jeremiah' show and the

Jeremeiah, Teen Titans & X-Men: Evolution
(October 23, 2003)
Description of "Strange Attractors," a new episode of Jeremeiah, premiering on Showtime, Friday at 10 p.m.

The Saturday, Nov. 1 episode of Teen Titans on Kids' WB! will be "Final Exam."

The episode of X-Men: Evolution that morning will

Yvonne Navarro Writing the Hellboy Movie Novelization
(October 23, 2003)
Bram Stoker Award winning novelist Yvonne Navarro has been asked to do the novelization for the Hellboy movie.

Lex Luthor to be Diesel Powered?
(October 23, 2003)
Anonymous scooper claims "Vin Diesel - as Luthor - has met with McG and Jon Peters about 'Superman.'"

'X2' & 'The League' Coming in D-VHS Format, Too
(October 23, 2003)
DVDFILE.COM reports Fox Home Entertainment continues efforts to push the fledging D-VHS format by announcing a quintet of new titles, including 'X2: X-MEN United' on November 25th and 'The League of Extraordinary Gentleman' on December 16th. More...

Smallville, Mutant X & Teen Titans updates
(October 23, 2003)
The WB has released nine images from the "Perry" episode of Smallville, shcheduled to air on Wednesday, Oct. along with 28 new cast promotional images from the show.

"Where Evil Dwells," a new episode of Mutant X, will air in syndication this we

Comicscape - October 22, 2003 by Tony Whitt, Columnist
(October 22, 2003)

'Catwoman' Pic: The Hedare Corp Logo
(October 22, 2003)
Things have been kind of slow with Catwoman over the last week or so...Things are now gearing back up and HNR has a great shot of location work being done outside a office tower in suburban Surrey. The plaza in front of the building has had a large logo bu

DC TV Episode Schedule for October 22 - November 2
(October 22, 2003)
DC have released the official episode schedule for Smallville on the WB and the animated Justice League and Teen Titans on the Cartoon Network for October 22 - November 2.

'Monster Club' Animated Feature by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 22, 2003)
The Comic Reel at CBR reports: "Richard Emms from AP Comics sent out an email noting that their comic 'Monster Club' will be made into a feature length animated movie. Their website has a number of preview pages, if you're not acquainted with the work. "

Nash talks 'Punisher's' Russian by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 22, 2003)
WWE.com did a profile on "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, who recently completed work on 'The Punisher.' According to the report, Nash plays a Russian assassin trying to kill the Punisher.

"Anybody who reads the comic book will know the Russian assassin,"

'Hellboy' Toys! Oh Boy! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 22, 2003)
Figures.com has a nice gallery of images previewing the 'Hellboy' movie toys.

'Spider-Man 2' budget spirals to 210 million
(October 22, 2003)
An L.A. Times article detailing Sony Pictures Entertainment Vice Chairwoman Amy Pascal's plans for the entertainment giant reveals the budget behind the 'Spider-Man' sequel. The article reads:

Last year's 'Spider-Man,' Pascal's biggest hit, cost

mOcean raises 'Hellboy' trailer
(October 22, 2003)
Splicing together the essential geek chic and mainstream-pleasing ingredients of 'Hellboy' - a superheroic task. mOcean also pulled off the fast-paced, razor-sharp editing in the 'Underworld' trailer, which stirred up enough chatter (and nabbed enough view

Hulk DVD sweepstakes
(October 22, 2003)
Enter to win the Hulk DVD and view DVD extras online now!

The Punisher Florida location report
(October 22, 2003)
It's 2 a.m. on a balmy Saturday morning, and a throng of several hundred huddles outside the exclusive Saints & Sinners nightclub in downtown Tampa, Fla. They fall strangely silent as an intense conversation takes place between vigilante G-man Frank Castle

Lion's Gate tops Artisan auction by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 21, 2003)
After a meandering auction that has stretched over six months, Lions Gate is ready to sign a deal for Gotham film company Artisan. The price: $165 million in cash and assumption of more than $50 million in debt.

A preliminary deal is expected to

Steve Niles' 'Hyde' coming to comics and film by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 21, 2003)
Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes (responsible for the 'Chainsaw' remake) is also at work to bring a fresh interpretation of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde to the screen with Steve Niles creatively connected to the project.

Creature Corner has an exclusive fi

Ellis' 'Global Frequency' to hit the WB by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 21, 2003)
A CNN article discussing an overall deal between the WB Network and 'Survivor' executive producer Mark Burnett contains this revelation:

"Burnettt has also teamed with writer-producer John Rogers (CBS' 'Cosby') for a drama based on the DC spy co

Smallville: 'Perry', REM and 'Slumber'
(October 21, 2003)
From KryptonSite: The WB has put out a press release about Wednesday night's "historic" pairing of the band R.E.M. and Smallville.

The WB has released nine images from the October 29 episode of Smallville.

Remember that 'Slumber' clip tha

Cage commitments to delay Ghost?
(October 20, 2003)
Producer Gary Foster has said that they were on track for an early 2004 start date, but – since that time – FilmJerk has heard from several sources that the earliest start for the film would be mid-May or June at this point, due to Cage’s other commitments

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