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SPOILERS: Surprising 'Dark Knight' villain rumors surface
(July 08, 2007)

The latest villain rumors for 'Dark Knight' come from the film ick blog. They say their info is "corroborated by a few voices, so I'm happy to report it all in good faith."

The rumors carry significant SPOILER warnings. Read on if you

Rumors of 'Superman' sequel delays called "total horsesh**"
(July 08, 2007)

A short time back the producers of 'Mayor of Castro Street', Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, claimed that their movie (to be directed by Bryan Singer) would take precedence over the 'Superman' sequel. Their contention was that Singer would go right from his

'Transformers' and 'Fantastic Four' box office update
(July 08, 2007)

According to Friday estimates published by Box Office Mojo 'Transformers has passed the $100 million mark in its fourth day of release.

The weekend chart shows the autobot actioner parked authoritatively at #1 with a $107.4 million take.

Jon Favreau on Iron Man Casting Rumors
(July 07, 2007)

Speaking from his mySpace page, 'Iron Man' director gives a state of the nation:

Now that the movie is finally wrapped, I can spend a little more time filling you all in. I have been reading as many of your posts as I can and here

Fans follow Rorschach's lead by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(July 07, 2007)

The guerilla campaign waged by Rorschach's Journal continues unabated. It seems some fans have taken up Rorschach's challenge to post handbills directing citizens to the website all over urban locations.

Video: 'Superman: Doomsday' Sizzle Reel by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(July 07, 2007)
The creators of 'Superman: Doomsday' talk about the movie.

Video: 'Superman: Doomsday' Trailer by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(July 07, 2007)
Here's the trailer for 'Superman: Doomsday'

More reports for the Dark Knight
(July 07, 2007)
Scooper reports on goings on on the set of 'The Dark Knight' "Friday, (Christian) Bale will film scenes as his Bruce Wayne character with Rachael and in the suit as Batman." "Some of these scenes are in the Wayne Penthouse bedroom and some on the adj

New Sector Seven Update
(July 07, 2007)
A source has let Seibertron.com know about a new update to the Sector Seven website. By inputting the password "DECEPTIBOT", you can gain access to global tracking data and a new music file in the e-mail section (which can be access by clicking on the word

First Week Ticket Sales Transformers Movie in Australia
(July 07, 2007)
Transformers gathered an amazing $11,466,168AUD ($9,815,483.48USD) for its first week which is one of the best openings for the Australian Boxoffice...

Review: Transformers Video Game Xbox360
(July 07, 2007)
"Transformers: The Game is very much the archetypal movie-licensed game. It's got all the hallmark problems of the genre, including short length, overly simplistic mechanics, a barely-there story, and a bit of a sloppy feel. It is simply an excuse for fans

Official "Superman/Doomsday" Site Updated by Jim Harvey, Editor
(July 07, 2007)
There's a huge update to the official Superman/Doomsday website. The site has basically been revamped and now includes a host of images, a video gallery, a "Bruce Timm Shout-Out," cast and crew info (with character designs and model sheets), and a "Guest A

Michael Cassidy is the new Daily Planet editor
(July 07, 2007)
Michael Cassidy has joined the cast of Smallville for several Season 7 episodes as a new editor at the Daily Planet.

Comic Movies Dominate Fox's Teen Choice 2007 Awards
(July 07, 2007)
Comic movies are dominating this year's Fox's Teen Choice 2007 Awards earning the most nominations; Transformers earned nine nominations, Spider-Man 3 seven, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, seven, 300, three and for the small screen Smallville g

Is 'Transformers' sequel Bay's next?
(July 06, 2007)

EW.com grill Michael Bay about a 'Transformers' sequel

Bay: Let's see how this one does. I've got a lot of ideas for the next one. There's a lot of really cool, big robot stuff that I had in my head that we didn't do. I just want t

Wanted comes to Chicago
(July 06, 2007)
According to the Chicago Film office, the movie Wanted will be shooting in Chicago late July/early August for 1 week.

'Superbad' Star Jonah Hill Nixes 'Watchmen' Rumors
(July 06, 2007)

MTV.com says that rumors placing Jonah Hill on the short list for a potential 'Watchmen' cast are false. How do then know? They checked with the actor himself.

In his first public comments on the casting rumors, the affable funnyma

'Transformers Diary': From The Mouth Of Bumblebee
(July 06, 2007)

From MTV.com:

Veteran actor Mark Ryan wasn’t sure what he was in for when he agreed to read lines on the set of “Transformers.” It wasn’t until the end that he realized that his voice would partially power the fan-favorite characte

Shia LaBeouf - The Kid Gets the Picture
(July 06, 2007)

From Time.com:

As the human star of this summer's warring-alien-robot event film, Transformers; the voice of the lead penguin in the animated Surf's Up; the vulnerable bad boy in this spring's surprise hit, the Hitchcockian teen th

More holiday heavy metal at boxoffice from 'Transformers'
(July 06, 2007)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this 'Transformers' movie is making some money.

'Transformers' triggered boxoffice fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday, 'Ratatouille' successfully competed against family barbecues and '

Winner: New Adventures of Batman on DVD by Rob M. Worley, News Editor
(July 06, 2007)
We've selected today's winner, who'll be the proud recipient of The New Adventure of Batman...featuring BATMITE!!!...on DVD!

Review: 'Hellboy 2' script
(July 05, 2007)

Filmick has read the script to 'Hellboy' two and combines a review of that with their impressions of the in-production movie. They're enthused:

I think Hellboy 2 stands every chance of being far, far better than the first film - wh

'Transformers' hauls in $27.45 mil Tuesday
(July 05, 2007)

From The Hollywood Reporter:

On its first full day of national release, Michael Bay's "Transformers" steamrolled into theaters Tuesday. Playing in 4,011 locations, the Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures coproduction grossed an estimated

This week on 'Painkiller Jane'
(July 05, 2007)
"Something Nasty in the Neighborhood" is this Friday's new episode of Painkiller Jane on Sci Fi Channel. Click for an episode summary.

Tyrese Gibson on the energy that fuels 'Transformers'
(July 05, 2007)

In a recent interview at WWE.com actor Tyrese Gibson talked about finding motivation on the set of 'Transformers'.

I've never experienced anything like this. It was a whole lot of energy. If you know anything about Michael Bay, he’

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