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Constantine Pictures
(October 10, 2003)
Thanks to Warner Brothers for setting us up with these pictures of Keanu Reeves as John Constantine...

Jeremiah brief
(October 09, 2003)
A new image from the second-season premiere of Showtime's Jeremiah, which airs Friday night. Look for more Jeremiah news on Friday here in The Continuum

Jeremiah comes to DVD by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 09, 2003)
The first season of MGM's cable series JEREMIAH is arriving on DVD on January 20. The six-disc set collects all 18 one-hour episodes from the first season as well as the 90-minute pilot...

Punisher set report by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 09, 2003)
MoviePoopShoot's Derek Miner infiltrates the Florida set of 'The Punisher' movie and snaps some spy photos of Thomas Jane, John Travolta and more...

Still More 'Catwoman' Pics
(October 09, 2003)
SEXY Halle Berry looks a real hotshot yesterday ó as she shows off her basketball skills during a break in filming. (Seen enough yet?)

Comicscape - October 8, 2003 by TONY WHITT, Columnist
(October 08, 2003)

Ronny Yu talks about 'Blood: The Last Vampire' (and more) by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 08, 2003)
'Freddy vs. Jason' director Ronnie Yu talked to Moviehole.net about his upcoming slate of projects. Next up, says the director, is a feature film version of anime/manga classic 'Blood: The Last Vampire.'

"It's about this highschool girl who carrie

'Batman: Intimidation' casting rumors by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 08, 2003)
Anonymous scooper says, "Friend of mine works at Shepperton Studios...John Malkovich and Dennis Quaid are in 'Batman: Intimidation Game' - Ra's Al Ghul and Gordon respectively I thought."

The source of this rumor allegedly had the inside word on C

Comic Reel: A good look at that 'Punisher' pic by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 08, 2003)
Comic Reel presents a nice, clean copy of that Punisher picture, along with lots of other comic book movie news!

New Catwoman Set Pictures From Vancouver
(October 08, 2003)
HNR Caught up with Catwoman again today for Sharon Stone's first day of filming. Be prepared these pictures will make your jaw drop! The pics show Patience Price (Halle) playing Basketball at a Community Fair.

10 Pictures!

X-Men: Evolution
(October 08, 2003)
Kids' WB! on Wednesday revealed details of the two-part season finale of X-Men: Evolution. The episodes, "Ascension -- Part 1" and Ascension -- Part 2" will air on Saturday, Oct. 18 and Saturday, Oct. 25, respectively.

Catwoman Costume and Sequel Rumors
(October 08, 2003)
From a scooper for Dark Horizons:

"You've probably seen the Catwoman costume. I'm told that the first pic released was a shot from the near end of the film, and throughout most of the film Halle will look more like the Michelle Pfieffer version.

'League' extraordinary o'seas by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 07, 2003)
The Victorian superheroes of 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' ended the seven-week foreign box office reign of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl' with a solid $14.6 million at 3,327 playdates in 34 territories.

Fox's S

And men called it....Comic Reel! by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 07, 2003)
Comic Book Resources launches their new comic-to-film coverage with Hannibal Tabu's 'Comic Reel!'

In the first installment, Tabu scoops you on Jill Thompson's 'Scary Godmother' and Jay Stephens' 'Tutenstein'.

'Mutant X' & 'Smallville'
(October 07, 2003)
'Wages of Sin,' a new episode of 'Mutant X,' will air in syndication this week. The episode is written by Bob Carney and directed by Jorge Montesi.

'Slumber,' a new episode of Smallville, is scheduled to air on The WB on Wednesday, Oct. 22.

DC TV Episode Schedule for October 8-19
(October 07, 2003)
DC Comics have released their official episode schedule for Smallville on the WB and the animated Justice League and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network for October 8-19.

Spider-Man, Dr. Connors, Dr. Octopus,... and Dr. Pepper!
(October 07, 2003)
In the summer, Dr Pepper renews its 2002 Spider-Man tie-in with a Spider-Man 2 tie-in. The tie-in features product placement in the movie, which opens July 2, 2004, and a multi-million dollar ad effort.

Arnold not available for 'Conan' or 'Savage' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 07, 2003)
Based on exit polls, TV news networks announced soon after polls closed at 8 p.m. (PDT) that voters had ousted Gov. Gray Davis, approving a recall of the Democrat and selecting Schwarzenegger as his replacement.

Should the final count support th

Biel on 'Blade' Costume and Weapon
(October 06, 2003)
From LatinoReview's interview with actress Jessica Biel regarding her work in 'Blade: Trinity'.

"...this is like back to old school fighting techniques. I mean Iím just kicking people in the head all the time," Biel says.

'LXG' edges 'Pirates' at International B.O. by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 06, 2003)
After seven consecutive victories by 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' the international weekend box office became a horse race with 'Pirates,' 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' and 'Bad Boys II' all vying for the top slot.

Fox's 'League of Extraordin

'Spider-Man 2' Coming To IMAX?
(October 06, 2003)
An article detailing Hollywood's migration to IMAX indicates that 'Spider-Man 2' is on the giant-screen vendor's wish list.

Mercy Man: First Hispanic Action Hero Film Series
(October 06, 2003)
Champawat Pictures has launched a nationwide casting quest for an unknown actor to play the lead role in its film project, The Mercy Man, the first ever film series to feature a Hispanic character in the lead role. Scheduled to begin filming in May, The Me

Teen Titans preview
(October 06, 2003)
Description and pics of "Apprentice, Pt. 2" the new episode of Teen Titans scheduled to air on Saturday on Cartoon Network

Cool New Official Image From The Punisher
(October 06, 2003)
Scan of the new official image from The Punisher that appears in the latest issue of TIME magazine. You can check out the picture here the article.

Fangs and feds join 'Blade: Trinity' by Rob M. Worley, Editor
(October 06, 2003)
The Vancouver Sun newspaper has published the names of more actors who have been hired to star in 'Blade: Trinity'. Joining the cast are James Remar ('2 Fast 2 Furious'), Callum Keith Rennie ('Memento'), Natasha Lyonne ('American Pie 1 and 2'), John Michae

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