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michaelxaviermaelstrom 5/12/2007 7:17:03 AM
re: House of Rock "What happens when you hold Celebrity Dead Brother with the likes of John Lennon, John Denver, Freddie Mercury, Marc Bolan, Notorious BIG and Kurt Cobain? You get House of Rock, the cult animated series from Channel 4. Surreal and hilarious, the series poked fun at the volatile personalities and wider pop culture as a whole. DVD extras are a meagre two additional features but the low retail prices just about makes up for it." ^Raise-Eyebrow. Cool, danke for the heads-up Matt this sounds like something I must check out. Ran a search at TV.com and it ranked a paltry 4.7 (of 10 - Ed) but there were only 5 reviewers and I frankly don't trust TV.com patrons when it comes to uh items that might not appeal to the mainstream, so I hit up the BBC. Not far to go for moi since I'm on there regularly listening to Dead Ringers, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dr. Who, The Goon Show, Hancocks Half Hour, Yes Minister (and Prime Minister - Ed), Just a Minute, I'm Sorry I haven't a clue..well, you get the idea, I require my BBC radio comedy fix lest I go mad (too late - Ed). In any case, this was the BBC review: "House Of Rock was a venomous, salacious assault on good taste - and very funny with it. Although the practice of spoofing dead celebrities is suspect, under the deeply acerbic surface there was a scintilla of affection." Bloody right, I'm sold. Now I just 'ave to purloin me some eps. Thanx Post Script: Nice summary of Spider-Man 3. mXm
darkworlds30 5/12/2007 1:09:12 PM
I still haven't seen Spidey 3, but it's a fact that his spider-sense doesn't work with Venom. It's in the comics.
theCOLLECTOR 5/12/2007 4:00:32 PM
darkworlds30, throughout the whole movie, Spider-man did not have his spidey-sense. In one scene, when he is at school fellow students are spit-balling him and he doesn't even know it. throughout the whole movie he did not one time use his spider-sense. Of course he cannot sense Venom, that was not the point of his summary of Spider-man 3.
LAgrrl 5/12/2007 8:14:42 PM
How come this is the only manga review this weekend? oh well Elemental Gelade is ok but if you want to read something that does a little bit more than kill time give "The Time Guardian" a looksie. no pun intended heh. I love the premise of this book! First you have to discover The Time Shop, if you do you can then "borrow time" from the store. You trade your memories or future blocks of your time for some borrowed time. Miu (works there) is paid a few extra seconds of time, a day. There are fantasy elements obviously, including an assistant frog but the stories are not juvie fantasy, they're wonderful. As you can imagine they're about the reasons people need to borrow time and they range from the frivolous (running late) to the touching and thought provoking (people that don't really want to borrow time, they want to forget someone that hurt them or something that happened to them, so they sort of use the shop in the reverse way it was originally intended to be used) I LOVE this book! The Time Guardian written by Daimuro Kishi and illustrated by Tamao Ichinose. Hey mXm! I've heard of most of those but what's dead ringers?
michaelxaviermaelstrom 5/13/2007 6:48:59 PM
(- LAgrrl -) Dead Ringers is a BBC radio comedy series. They do voice impressions (ergo "Dead Ringers" -Ed) and skits with American and British politicians and celebrities. Doesn't always sparkle, the George W. Bush stuff was more biting in earlier eps, lately the Bush stuff is a bit like a caricature of their caricature of his caricature of himself. Their Tony Blair is a bit better; still love it when their Tom Baker/Doctor Who impressionist calls up real shops and orders stuff as "The Doctor" though. :D You can listen to it online 'ere: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/comedy_promo.shtml (scroll down in the right pane to Dead Ringers and click to load radio player in left pane) P.S. Time Guardian sounds good, ace concept, will check it out next time I'm at Chapters. Danke. mXm
darkworlds30 5/14/2007 11:27:10 AM
Collector, I saw Spidey 3...and you're right. There are numerous moments when Spidey's sense should've kicked it. When Harry first attacks him is one of them.


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