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Feige scoops Marvel Movies

    May 22, 2008
Source: www.scifi.com

SCI FI Wire attended a preview of 'Incredible Hulk' at the Universal Studios lot this week. Marvel chief Kevin Feige presented footage from the film to journalists and then answered questions about 'Captain America', 'Thor' and 'Iron Man 2'.

According to Feige, the 'Captain America' movie is going to be a period film, set in World War II. The lead role has not yet been cast and rumors that Matthew McConaughey would star in it are untrue.

Speaking of Cap, Feige did confirm that fans who thought they saw his shield in the background of the 'Iron Man' movie are correct. The shield prop was included as an easter egg. The Marvel honcho also said they are negotiating with director Jon Favreau for the sequel and expect to have him fully on board soon.

With regards to 'Thor', Feige told journalists that a long stretch of the movie is set in Asgard, but not the entire movie. He also confirmed that director Matthew Vaughn is, indeed, gone from the project and a new director will be announced this summer. Mark Protosevich is working on a new draft of the script.


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