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The "final" CROW novel rises from HarperEntertainment

Publisher promises a departure from previous CROW adventures

By Arnold T. Blumberg     July 12, 2001
Source: HarperEntertainment

© 2001 HarperEntertainment
THE CROW a franchise first made popular with the original film starring the late Brandon Lee and derived from a comic book series created by James O'Barr has always lurked somewhere on the periphery of genre entertainment, enjoying cult status but often suffering from a recycling of plots and themes in the sequel films and tie-in novels. Even HarperEntertainment Editor Josh Behar admits in a press release that during the last four years, the CROW books "mostly stayed within the traditional CROW realm; a main character is killed and must come back to avenge their own death and the death of their loved ones." Despite hiring authors charged with continually breathing new life into the same premise, all of the stories "had a familiar ring." Additionally, Behar suggests that "our marketing and cover concepts never truly captured the very dark and edgy nature of this entire line."

Now, however, all that is about to change, or so HarperEntertainment hopes. Arriving in stores on July 26 is the "final" CROW book from HarperEntertainment, THE CROW: HELLBOUND. Departing from the storyline of previous books, the new novel by fantasy author A.A. Attanasio kicks off in the depths of Hell. A rogue demon named Dren escapes the flames and gets one last chance to redeem himself in the dirt and grime of the Chicago underworld. There's just one catch the soul he intends to save isn't all that interested in salvation, and in the end, only the Crow can save everyone when Satan's minions come looking for Dren.

"The story for HELLBOUND is dark, inspired, and action-packed," says Behar. He also promises that the dark, Hellish cover art more accurately reflects the novel's contents and tone.

"[HELLBOUND] has the look and feel of a series CROW fans have been waiting for all along."

THE CROW: HELLBOUND is being published in trade paperback format and will retail for $15.


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