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Death in 3D Proves more powerful than Michael Myers.

By Jarrod Sarafin     August 30, 2009

New Line's 3D sequel, THE FINAL DESTINATION(2009).
© Warner Bros. Pictures


With two horror movies debuting in theaters across the nation this weekend, along with the return of Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, it wasn’t a weekend for the squeamish moviegoer. On one side, the audience could partake in gruesome 3D visuals with Warner Bros. unleashing their sequel, The Final Destination. On the other side of the box office ring stood the return of Michael Myers with Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2.
So with the estimates in, who is the last killer standing? Death, Michael Myers or some Basterd?
Death, naturally.
Warner Bros. debuted the fourth installment in The Final Destination series on 3,121 theaters and with 3D ticket sales giving it a box office boost, the film scored $28.3 million in cash for its first three days of release. The debut has it averaging a respectable $9,079 per theater for audiences. As the film was reportedly produced for a price tag of only $40 million, the film’s successful debut has it well on its way to being another profitable horror adventure for the studio. The film is the series’ best opening bow to date.
Following in 2nd place is last week’s champion, Inglourious Basterds, which grabbed another $20.0 million over the weekend. With the film still showing on 3,165 theaters the latest numbers has it averaging $6,332 per showing. The weekend result also has the studio crossing their $70 mil budget with a domestic tally of $73.7 million. Tarantino’s film also ruled the oversea race by grabbing another $19.4 million for the weekend at 2,891 sites in 31 territories and raising its foreign gross to $59.1 million. When combined the film has a worldwide cume of $132.8 million after ten days of release.
Taking up the 3rd place spot is Dimension Film’s Halloween 2, with an opening tally of $17.4 million. Zombie’s sequel may not have debuted as well as his 2007 remake ($27 million) but that’s not stopping the Weinstein Company from being happy. With Zombie keeping the budget down to only $15 million, studio executives have already told the trades they’re impressed enough to greenlight production of Halloween 3D for release next summer. So, despite Zombie likely exiting, the franchise will continue.
Sony’s District 9 takes down the 4th place spot by taking in another $10.7 million on 3,180 theaters. The weekend estimates has it nearing the $100 mil mark with a current domestic gross of $90.8 million. The Neill Blomkamp film also has another $14.3 million from early oversea markets. Not bad for a film that reportedly only cost $30 million to produce.
And landing in 5th place is Paramount’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The Hasbro toy line adaptation shot up another $8.0 million at the box office this weekend to increase its total to $132.4 million. And with the studio seeing another $123.4 million from foreign territories the Joes have a worldwide cume of $255.8 million.

The Final Destination
$28.3 mil
$28.3 mil
Inglourious Basterds
$20.0 mil
$73.7 mil
Halloween 2
$17.4 mil
$17.4 mil
District 9
$10.7 mil
$90.8 mil
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
$8.0 mil
$132.4 mil
Julie & Julia
$7.4 mil
$70.9 mil
The Time Traveler’s Wife
$6.7 mil
$48.1 mil
$4.8 mil
$13.5 mil
Taking Woodstock
$3.7 mil
$3.7 mil
$2.8 mil
$111.8 mil

Here’s the top 10 worldwide grossing films of the summer
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Numbers:
Budget: $250 mil
Opening: $77.8 mil

Domestic: $294.4 mil
Foreign: $601.7 mil
Worldwide: $896.1 mil 
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $108.9 mil

Domestic: $398.8 mil
Foreign: $428.2 mil
Worldwide: $827.1 mil
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Numbers:
Budget: $90 mil
Opening: $41.6 mil

Domestic: $192.7 mil
Foreign: $619.7 mil
Worldwide: $812.4 mil
Angels & Demons Numbers:
Budget: $150 mil
Opening: $46.2 mil

Domestic: $133.3 mil
Foreign: $347.5 mil
Worldwide: $480.9 mil
Up Numbers:
Budget: $175 mil
Opening: $68.1 mil

Domestic: $288.8 mil
Foreign: $147.8 mil
Worldwide: $436.6 mil
The Hangover Numbers:
Budget: $35 mil
Opening: $44.9 mil

Domestic: $270.3 mil
Foreign: $152.7 mil
Worldwide: $423.0 mil
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Numbers
Budget: $150 mil
Opening: $54.1 mil

Domestic: $176.2 mil
Foreign: $230.7 mil
Worldwide: $406.9 mil
Star Trek Numbers:
Budget: $150 mil
Opening: $75.2 mil

Domestic: $256.4 mil
Foreign: $125.9 mil
Worldwide: $382.4 mil
Terminator Salvation Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $42.5 mil

Domestic: $125.2 mil
Foreign: $244.2 mil
Worldwide: $369.4 mil    
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Numbers:
Budget: $150 mil
Opening: $85.0 mil

Domestic: $179.8 mil
Foreign: $185.2 mil
Worldwide: $365.0 mil
Friday September 4, 2009 Releases:
Gamer (2,300+)
All About Steve (2,000)
Extract (1,600)


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Wiseguy 8/30/2009 5:12:24 PM

Talk about a weekend of bad movies. First we have a hippie tribute with the Woodstock film. Luckily most hippies have too many dead brain cells from all that marijuana to remember hence the low turnout.

Then we have not one but two terrible horror films. I've said enough about H2 (Zombie's worse film in a list of terrible films) but FD4 wasn't far behind but at least I had FUN with that one and I always enjoy the 3D aspect. Plus FD doesn't take itself too serious to analyze, it's all about the kills

I may see Gamer next week but nothing really calls to me.

YO JOE, it'll be at 300mil in a couple of weeks

rocker0486 8/30/2009 5:14:46 PM

I saw Halloween 2 over the weekend and I loved it!!! I actually expecting a lot of swearing, nudity, and even more gore but surprisely it wasn't as much as his other films. Not saying if its a good or bad thing but I was surprised. Of course not everybody is going to love it and is going to bitch about it, but I praise the film.

I think the main reason why The Final Destination was number 1 was simply because of the 3D. 3D films cost more so its going to get a few extra dollars in their gross total. I'm going to wait for it on DVD 'cause after the 3rd film I lost all hope in the series.

I think I might check out Gamer next weekend. It reminds me of Death Race and I did enjoy Death Race a lot.

trollman 8/30/2009 5:20:04 PM

I'll never forgive Hollywood for letting Rob Zombie call those "remakes".  Rob, If you want to do your own horror movie then be a man, make your own movie, make it original, don't try to sponge off the brand loyalty of an establishe franchise, and then bastardize it till it bares little resembelance to it's namesake.

HollyWIERD, Hey!  Stop releasing HORROR movies before OCTOBER.  BTW stop insulting my intellegence by calling crap like SAW horror.  It's not horrific, except that you continue to make that exploitative Gore-nography and try to market it as horror.  The last time Hollywood "sacred" me was Alien.

Wiseguy 8/30/2009 5:40:56 PM

rocker, you're right about 3D tickets costing more, that's one reason why studios are putting more 3D stuff out plus you cannot pirate the 3D experience you have to pay to see it at the theater

That's also why the Weinstiens have already announced Halloween 3 in 3D for next summers, sans Zombie, so this one may be good. This according to LA Times


trollman, didn't you think Event Horizon was scary. That's such a good and underrated horror sci/fi film

wessmith1966 8/30/2009 5:59:18 PM

 Both FD4 and H2 were just awful films. I was looking forward to a weekend of horror films, but was extremely disappointed.

I love the first two FD movies. The first one was a great, original horror film. Part 2 was a good follow-up and had a terrific beginning death sequence. FD3 was weak in my book, but the death scenes were still fun to watch. FD4's death scenes weren't even all that much fun. The effects were not very weak and unconvincing, and it was easy to see when they were CG. The 3D made the CG effects even worse. I don't expect great acting in horror films, but the actors in this film were awful. Maybe it was just the script, because there were no interesting characters and no development of the characters. This movie was made just to take advantage of franchise name and the 3D technology. I love how 3D technology has advanced, and I like that movies are getting released in 3D, but I still want to be told a story. When the 3D craze hit in the early 80s, it seemed all the directors wanted to do was use the technology to make the audience weave and bob in their seats going "wow!" They forgot about giving us a good story at the same time. I hope today's filmmakers don't make the same mistake.

Halloween 2...I love Zombie's music, but as a filmmaker I think he's a lame one-trick pony. I can honestly say that after seeing H2 I will never spend another dollar on one of Zombie's films. Every one of his films looks the same. In fact, you could probably cut scenes together from every one of his movies and not be able to tell which movie you're watching. Grainy...check. Gore...check. Strange-looking cast (many with either bad teeth or bad skin)...check. Trailer trash white people throughout the film...check. More cursing than a shipload of sailors on liberty in the Philippines...check. lots of shaky cam action...check. He doesn't know how to do anything else and his movies have become tiresome in their similarity. When he remade Halloween, I cut him a break, because it seemed that he didn't know if he wanted to move completely in his own direction, or simply make an homage to the classic original. Mucking around with a classic is a tough cross to bear for a filmmaker. In this movie he went completely in his own direction. If this was an original horror movie, I'd still think it was pretty awful, but I might have given it a pass and just chalk it up to another Zombie crapfest. However, Zombie invoked the Halloween name once again to ensure a larger audience for opening weekend, and in the process created an absolutely horrible movie

...SOME SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW...The recasting of young Michael. The kid in the first movie looked demented. The kid in this movie looked like a normal kid with long, greasy hair. And the first scene, when he's in the hospital talking with his mom he smiled! That went against everything Zombie set up in the first movie with young Michael's character. I know Zombie like to put Shari in his movies, but this time it was just dumb. I know he was trying to give a reason for why Michael was driven, but he failed miserably. The scenes with ghostly Shari, especially when she was leading the horse around, looked like a bad 80s video. He changed Loomis from a scarred man haunted and obsessed with Michael into a money-grubbing joke which really weakened the character. Half the time I couldn't tell if the movie was set in the 70s or current day. I've been to Illinois and the state isn't backwards; they know it's 2009. The only thing I like was how messed up Annie and Laurie were, because let's face it if you survived a serial killer you'd probably be scarred and batshit crazy or heavily medicated the rest of your life.

The movie was a crap sandwich.

AlpineWoods 8/30/2009 7:15:17 PM

I saw FD 4 in 3-D, but it was just okay and not the best entry in the FD movies. My favorite of the four would have to be FD 2 & 3, and in that order.

almostunbiased 8/30/2009 7:46:52 PM

Man, I still haven't seen Basterds.  I seriously need to get to the movies.

goirish83 8/30/2009 7:54:26 PM

Just returned from watching Halloween 2.  I liked it.  I'm sorry, but I liked it.  There were parts I could have done without, like the "dream sequences", but overall I liked it.  Michael was brutal.

Thorn 8/30/2009 10:14:42 PM

 I also just returned from seeing Halloween II. I... don't really know what to say... yet.

RZ stated repeatedly this was not going to be a remake of Carpenter/Rosenthal's Halloween II, but rather his take on the universe he re-set up in the first Halloween, from 2007.

I do however agree that some of the dream sequences seemed out of place - I don't know if RZ want to infuse a bit of David Lynch-like weirdness into the mix (other than the blatant Clockwork Orange jokes or the so-obvious homage to Hitchcock's Psycho at the end), sadly it didn't mix so well. They would work better in one of his music videos. 

I also whole-heartedly agree with the comment about Daeg Faerch's replacement in Halloween II. Simply awful, forgettable. I found Faerch to be one of the first film's strong points. His odd, angelic face, his empty stare, so iconic and attached to what we remember from the first film that it was hard to believe it at all in this one. I wanted Daeg back, even older, who cares.

In comparison to the first film, also, I found a lack of colorful characters. At least in the first film, we had Ronnie, the Sanitarium janitors... Sheri Moon was also pretty good in the first one, displaying acting chops only hinted at in Devil's Rejects... in Halloween II, I'd say the prize goes to Brad Dourif and... Michael Myers. Dourif made the character pretty human, real, and Michael - well, Michael - so brutal! I also found the "homeless guy" make-over pretty successful at times, realistic portrayal, scary. I could almost smell the stench of old urine emanating off him... yuck.

So in the end, I didn't hate it, I didn't love it either. I think I might need to watch it again. Some interesting ideas and bold experiments, but not always successful... I'd compare it to say, Halloween 5.

RZ's best movie is still The Devil's Rejects, nothing beats JC's original Halloween, and after re-watching Jackie Earl Haley in Watchmen this weekend, I must say - what a perfect casting choice for Freddy Krueger - I have high hopes for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake so far.

Dazzler 8/31/2009 4:11:40 AM

How is 3D on plasma's and LCD's? 

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