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Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Witchblade and More Anime Blu-ray Bound

By Chris Beveridge     January 21, 2009

Final Fantasy: Advent Children
© Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has finally gotten a Blu-ray release date, but only for Japan at this point. The release, planned for 04/16/2009, is set to have multiple language tracks but no subtitle track for English language fans who want to listen to the release in its original language of Japanese. Sony is releasing it with a special PS3 bundle version as well:

5,900 yen for the "Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set" and 49,980 for the "Cloud Black" PS3 + Trial Version bundle which has a black PS3 with the symbol on it.

Sony has not yet announced a US release date for this release, though one is certainly coming as it was the best selling anime DVD when it was originally released and it ranked quite high upon its re-release as well.

FUNimation also has some Blu-ray news as their latest release, One Piece Movie 8, has a new pamphlet in it that talks about upcoming releases. Their announced releases through march are here but they also mention some other series which haven't been talked about yet. Due out in 2009 from FUNimation is the Blue Gender TV series and movie, the first season of Gunslinger Girl (which paints a hopeful eye for the sequel which the company has also licensed), the compete Witchblade anime TV series and the twelfth and thirteenth Dragon Ball Z movies. For live action fans, FUNimation is also looking to put out the Genghis Khan movie.

All of this is in addition to their currently planned slate of Afro Samurai :Resurrection, Shigurui: Death Frenzy, Tsubasa Season 1 and a pair of Dragon Ball Z features which have a total of five of the movies within them.


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michaelxaviermaelstrom 1/22/2009 7:57:12 AM


I dig Advent Children, but it wasn't well received here as a film.

The majority of North American critics didn't enjoy it ( 40% critic rating at RottenTomatoes )

and wiki sales charts included NA PSP umd-video sales in their "FF:AC DVD sales" report which 'natch artificially inflates the North American "DVD" sales numbers.

Ostensibly, they put the umd with the DVD sales so they could announce a slightly more respectable but still not impressive 1.3 million for FF:AC "DVD" (total units sold U.S, Canada & Australia)

Hmmmmmmmmmm(n) parsing their wiki number to find out how the DVD did in the U.S is lookin increasingly difficult.

hang on. oh here we go, over at the numbers, FF:AC U.S DVD sales are reported as bit short of a million units sold.

For comparison purposes in 2007, the box office tanker "the number 23" sold 1.3 million units in the U.S on DVD, placing it at the very bottom of the 2007 Top100 DVD's sold chart .

So Advent Children with less than a million units sold, would either miss the 2006 top 100 U.S DVD sales list entirely or just make it in, in the 90-100 range, at the bottom end of U.S DVD sales chart, after which it never makes the top 100 again.

It really didn't do very well here.  No doubt due to the lack of a theatrical release and that it was (Criminally imo) dismissed as little more than an FMV game segment.

My point isn't that it sucks, my point is it's better than it was received here by critics and the gen-pop, imo.

With those numbers, I'd classify it more as a "cult" hit.

Which is good enough for me.

Really lookin forward to Advent Children in HD, the images are already sparkling on my 2 disc DVD set, can't wait to see what it looks like on Blu Ray.



StarlightGuard 1/22/2009 12:00:43 PM

Just another reason for me to buy myself a Blu-Ray player.

Well, that and "Island Fever" on Blu-Ray as well.

Damn, Maelstrom, you did the research on this.

The general idea of DIRECT TO VIDEO movies is, obviously, that they suck. (Disney anyone?)

That's always going to be the stigma of direct to video movies, no matter what they are.

but Advent Children is is one of the biggest releases this year i'm looking forward to

that, and Star Trek on blu-ray




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