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Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Bound Next Winter (Updated w/trailer!)

With new "evolved" battle system

By Chris Beveridge     January 18, 2011

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The Official PlayStation Blog has made the very brief announcement this morning that come Winter 2012, fans can expect to see Final Fantasy XIII-2 arrive.:

We at Square Enix are delighted to let you know that the sequel to FINAL FANTASY XIII, FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, is coming next winter. We have a new story in store that stems from the previous title, a battle system that is evolved from “XIII” – and more…

The post provided absolutely no details all beyond that though they did provide the new logo and promotional piece for the moment as well as a single screenshot from the game. With many fans have mixed feelings to say the least over recent Square Enix moves in regards to the Final Fantasy games, do you have hopes for this incarnation or has the company burned all its bridges with you after their last release?

UPDATE: A supposed "leaked" trailer is now available on YouTube, which you can find below, but it may get pulled at any time.



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Betenoire 1/18/2011 6:22:18 AM

Until Microsoft throws a mountain of cash at them, then SE will cripple the release so that the X-Box 360 can handel it on CD-Rom as well.

The battle system may improve but SE execs don't process experience all that well.

formerroadie 1/18/2011 9:48:43 AM


heberts811 1/29/2011 4:01:01 PM

According to the SE website, it is already planned for both systems.




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