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Mania Grade: A-

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  • Art Rating: A
  • Packaging Rating: A
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Released By: Be Beautiful
  • MSRP: 15.99
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 978-1-93344-017-0
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: Finder Series

Finder Series Vol. #03 - One Wing In The Finder

By Briana Lawrence     -

Finder in the Cage Vol. #3
© 2007 Be Beautiful

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist: Ayano Yamane
Translated by: Kaya Elle
Adapted by: Kaya Elle

What They Say
Ayano Yamane is renowned for her passionate stories and highly refined art style in both the United States and Japan. The Finder story began as a short work in a popular anthology magazine, and fan reaction was so great that Yamane soon began fleshing out the characters and settings into a fully realized universe. Yamane was recently the guest of honor at Yaoi-Con 2004, a fan festival celebrating the yaoi genre in anime and manga.

The Review




While the first two volumes sort of felt like a series of one-shots that could stand on their own, this volume starts “Naked Truth,” an on-going plot that builds up the story between Asami, Akihito, and Fei Long.  In this volume, Akihito’s friends are tossed in the war between Asami and Fei Long.  Akihito decides to turn to Asami for help, which results in them having lots of hot sex (praise be to Ayano Yamane).  Afterwards, Asami drugs Akihito’s drink so that he misses his 4 a.m. meeting with Fei Long, thinking that Akihito is overreacting and putting himself in unnecessary danger.  Akihito wakes up in a panic, and when Fei Long calls he ends up telling him where Asami is in exchange for the safety of his friends.  Asumi tries to protect Chou (someone he is doing business with) but it’s too late, Fei Long’s men get to the man first and kill him.  After reuniting with his friends, Akihito decides to go after Fei Long alone to end things once and for all.  This, of course, is a stupid idea and Akihito is captured by Fei Long, which leads to more uke torture and rape.  Asumi rushes in to save Akihito and is shot in the process.  Fei Long then kidnaps Akihito, leaving everything at a cliffhanger. 


There are three short stories after “Naked Truth.”  The first, “Love Surprise,” is a side story between Asami and Akihito that’s absolutely hilarious.  Akihito celebrates the new year with his friends, drinking heavily and repeatedly calling Asami in his drunken haze.  The last two stories are short stories that have nothing to do with “Naked Truth.”  “Baked Sweet Glasses,” is about a lingerie salesman (Fujiya) and his persistence towards one of the clients that he secretly has a crush on (Mikami), and “Baby Leaf in Love” is about two university students, one who always competes with the other when it comes to their grades.  These two stories move very fast and pretty much serve as a tool to get hot guys closer to each other.  “Baked Sweet Glasses,” had a tendency to throw random plot points from out of nowhere that kind of ruined the story.  The persistent salesman plot was fine with me, but then we got a plot of the two guys knowing each other before because Mikami was a loyal customer to Fujiya’s family’s bakery.  “Baby Leaf in Love” is pretty forgettable after you read it, the only part of the story that was remotely interesting was the ending where we see the two characters as older men, drinking together and talking about their sons.  These two stories, after being left with a cliffhanger in “Naked Truth,“ sort of feel like a waste.  I wanted more of the main story and could honestly care less about the two “erotic” bonuses.        



The art continues to be amazing.  Ayano Yamane knows how to draw her boys and knows how to draw them having sex.  I can never stop staring at Asami, he makes the boy’s love fangirl in me very happy and reduces me to describing him as, “Mmmm pretty.”  The sex scenes are always hot, the type of sex that will make you flip through the book a thousand times over just to look at all of them again.  The emotion in this manga can also be pretty powerful, the facial expressions and actions of the characters make each of the scenes stick with you even after closing the book.  




I feel extremely late to the party as I’m just now getting into this series.  Oh boy, where to start?  I feel that this is one of those “guilty pleasures” for a boy’s love fan, you know, that one series that manages to have many, many bad things in it like rape and torture, but it‘s drawn so well and the plot is so interesting that you find yourself devouring each and every page.  And you kind of don’t want to admit to yourself that you’re enjoying it.  You don’t want to admit that you’re enjoying the big, bad seme and an uke that’s always being taken advantage of and who gets kidnapped more that Princess Peach.  There’s a lot of moments in this series that are just wrong (the roll of film in volume one, dear god!),  but for some reason I am really enjoying everything in the story.  And despite the horrible start Akihito and Asami had I find myself rooting for them, wanting them to get together.  I’m not quite sure why I enjoy them as a pairing, it’s obviously unhealthy for Akihito to be anywhere near this man.  But the sweet moments they have are just that: sweet.  And you can tell that Asami cares for Akihito, especially in this volume.  “Naked Truth,” to me, is the point in the Finder Series that makes the manga really become worth the read.  The plot starts to get more interesting, and the struggle between the characters definitely starts to build up.  Unfortunately, Be Beautiful is long gone and I don‘t think the next volume to this story was ever released.   


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