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hanso 4/2/2013 10:33:39 PM

 Finding Dory is not the last thing I want to read about.  Nemo was cool so hoping the sequel is more Toy Story 2 than Cars 2.

lazarus 4/2/2013 11:16:59 PM

OH MY GOD THAT IS AMAZING. Oh not this I was looking at Lady Jaye's jogging outfit in Gi Joe.

Seriously, when the FUCK are we getting Incredibles 2? Seriously? This is bullshit.

Wiseguy 4/3/2013 4:50:20 AM

Not a huge Nemo fan but may check it out

MrEt 4/3/2013 5:13:53 AM

Laz, I am so with you but hanso has a point at least its not Planes.

almostunbiased 4/3/2013 5:39:33 AM

Agree with all above, especially the Lady Jaye part.

Bryzarro 4/3/2013 5:50:39 AM

 I agree.  Would rather see Incredibles 2 over this.  And Nemo to me was a 1 trick pony.  This is bad.....Cars 2 bad.  

ddiaz28 4/3/2013 9:35:59 AM

Everyone including myself  is chomping at the bit for an Incredibles sequel but they won't do it until they have a great story to work from.  I'd rather them take their time and make sure it's fantastic.

Vocabulate 4/3/2013 7:41:20 PM

 With Finding Nemo on loop play for my three year old I am overjoyed that there will be new content to watch 30 times over.

gopherblaster 4/4/2013 6:15:16 AM

 The only thing Finding Nemo was good for, was for a drinking game.  The number of times Nemo's dad yells "Nemo", numbing.



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