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Chris Beveridge 10/20/2010 6:40:02 AM

 I wonder if CN was trying to nudge it through to a theatrical feature and wanted to avoid promoting it too much in case it did. Sorta like the Clone Wars CG movie originally being planned for just TV.

lusiphur 10/20/2010 6:49:41 AM

Marky Mark as the Crow?  If it isn't a remake of the orginal (or a retelling of the original story) it could be good.

Wolverine 2 - looking better?  Just hoping for a coherent, logical (in a comic book universe way) script.  Not worried about the director.

Walking Dead - Is it Halloween yet?  C'mon!

Ultimate Spider-Man - wasn't that what Spectacular Spider-Man was based on?  Do we need another webhead cartoon?  How are they going to "exploit the strengths of animation"?  Unless we're going to see more CGI, I'm not sure how the "technology has caught up with Spider-Man".

Transformers 3 - " more mature character development" = naked boobs?

LocoLobo73 10/20/2010 7:08:22 AM

Ok, listen i know this is suppose to be a reboot of the franchise, but some movies just should not be rebooted, THE CROW is one of those movies, and to even consider Marky Mark is just plain insane. The original was a great movie, and truly captured O'Barr's character.  Brandon Lee, was amazing in that movie and the movie isnt great because of Lee being killed during filming, Its great because it is a great story and film. Also it was at one time and still is in my book ONE OF THE BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIES EVER. Im sure alot of you would agree with that statement , its in my top 5 of comicbook movies.

WOLVERINE: again I hope they do right by the story, This could either be the best movie that Fox has done so far with the X franchise or the worst, cause again this is one of my favorite MINI series in comic books Claremont and Miller

T3 wow another movie in 3d who gives a ...... How about a good movie in 3d and not just a good movie how about a great Movie done in 3d , havent seen one of those yet.

Ultimate Spiderman if your a comic book fan you have to be excited about this Brian Michael Bendis and Paul Dini : doing a more action packed animated ULTIMATE SPIDER MAN, I really liked the short lived SPECTACULAR SPIDER MAN and was sorry it was cancelled right when it was getting good , just like WOLVERINE AND THE XMEN ,  which i really wanted to see the next season of with AGE OF APOCALYPSE, that sucked big time

FIREBREATHER: I have the first issue of that comic, which I really didnt caare to much for so its a whatever for me



jfdavis 10/20/2010 7:22:33 AM

If First Class and Wolverine 2 turn the franchise around I'll be very happy.  The last two X-men-related films each had a few things going for it, and I can't honestly say they had the exact same problems, but the potential for a truly great comic book film has never been fully realized; in any of the 4 for that matter.  Don't get me started on why. We'll be here all day...

gutsmgee 10/20/2010 7:31:39 AM

Yes, but let's keep this in perspective people...My band just released it's first CD today..Show some respect!

ddiaz28 10/20/2010 7:43:29 AM

I can't see Mark Wahlberg as the Crow either.

I'm not really liking the animation or rendering style of Firebreather.  The dragons looks cool though.

I'm very excited for Transformers in 3D.  Can't wait for that one in IMAX.

lracors 10/20/2010 7:48:25 AM

Crow: There hasn't been a good one since the outstanding 1st film which was sooo close to O'Barr's character some sequences were panel for panel or extremely close to it.

Wolverine: I'm going to be a broken record on this.  NO MORE MUTANTS!!!  Focus on Logan and Japan you don't need anything else.

Ultimate Spiderman: Finally!  Sounds like the Spiderman we all know and love (and i'm a huge Ultimate line fan).

Ditto on The Walking Dead... i'm excited!

Tevii 10/20/2010 7:54:33 AM

Mark Wahlberg offered THE CROW? I like Wahlberg, but I dont really see him as The Crow.  Happy its not a remake though, Brandon Lee was phenomenal in the original.

Transformers 3 -  "Di Bonaventura also said the movie will have more comedy, bigger action and more mature character development."  More comedy? Besides a horrible story, the comedy element is what made T2 suck.

Firebreather looks pretty cool.

SelectiveRealism 10/20/2010 8:18:17 AM

CGI TV shows are always a bad idea because with a TV show you have the neither the time nor the budget to impart enough detail so that the characters dont look like Play-Doh and the background not be so bland and lifeless.

SelectiveRealism 10/20/2010 8:21:40 AM

I don't see what Ultimate Spiderman is going to accomplish that Spectacular Spiderman didn't. 

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