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First 3 Mins of Walking Dead Midseason Premiere

Check out the first 3 minutes from The Walking Dead Season 2 Second Half.

By Jarrod Sarafin     January 30, 2012
Source: AMC

Just a few days after showing off a new trailer for the midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead," AMC has given fans a chance to check out the first three minutes of the episode. Check it out below and sound off with your opinions. Starting off with "Nebraska," this next batch of episodes will launch on AMC on February 12, 2012 at 9:00 PM EST.




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Bryzarro 1/30/2012 9:58:59 AM

 Well it was 2 mins 50 seconds.  But I'm not complaining.  Looking forward to this.  Looks to start off pretty good.  And all the gun fire should draw out more attention to the farm.  Can't wait.

ddiaz28 1/30/2012 11:40:50 AM

Minor comic spoiler ahead

I was thinking the same thing Bryzarro.  A load of trouble is going to come their way since something has to make Hershel and Co. leave with Rick and Co. 

I gotta say that Sophia being in the barn was the most emotional moment on television I've ever seen.  A lot of people said they saw it coming, but as a reader of the comics, that is the last thing I expected since she's still alive in the books.  I have a 5 year old son as well so I guess seeing a little kid having to be slaughtered touched a daddy nerve.

I'm glad this show had the guts to do that though cuz it makes for great television.  Can't wait for the rest of the season.  Hope we get to meet Michone!

BatDan 1/30/2012 11:50:26 AM

Seconded, ddiaz28. That mid-season finale was the best episode of a television show I have seen since Lost's "Walkabout". Very emotional, very well written...Walking Dead has been a god send to TV. It is one of the few dramatic shows I care to even watch anymore. I haven't read the comics and dont intend to...just gonna enjoy the ride.

acappellaman 1/30/2012 12:18:51 PM

This is by far one of the best shows I've ever watched. It's a shame that Darabont is no longer with the show, because he had some amazing stuff planned, but the people in charge are still doing a good job. I hope they can keep up the surprises for us, because half of that last episode I watched on the edge of my seat and with my mouth gaping open. Fantastic!

hanso 1/30/2012 1:25:32 PM

Sophia in the barn the most emotional thing in TV?  What!?  Are you serious?  Come on D.  No one cared about Sophia, she had gotten lost for most of the season and was meaningless the episodes she was there.  It was impossible to create an emotional attachment to the character strong enough to make her being in the barn "the most emotional thing on TV".

rogue188 1/30/2012 1:52:49 PM

It was not emotional for attachment to the character, hanso. It was emotional because they spent all of this time and effort searching, almost to the point where several members of the group dies, to only find her as a walker. All that build-up for Rick to finally have to blow her brains out. The emotion was right there in that scene by having to off a little girl, even if she was a poop character.

*spoiler* I have been reading the Walking Dead comics, and Sophia does not add much to the equation other than for an innocent girl to keep Carl company. I see why they got rid of her.

Wiseguy 1/30/2012 3:48:21 PM

I agree with hanso. I haven't read the books and pretty much presumed her turned, it was hardly a relevation and like hanso said there really wasn't much of an emotional connection. Plus the fact that she appeared to have grown an extra foot while missing sort of took away some of the pity you may have for a smaller child

SpideyBD 1/31/2012 6:02:22 AM

I agree the emotion was not for the little girl it was for the efforts the whole season of looking for her and Rick being to weak to lead. Shane has started to say rick was weak still holding on to the old ways. Being to heartfelt to be able to lead. Then he is the only one to walk up without hesitation and kill her while the others CAN'T do it. They were stunned but Rick was the only one thus far to be able to shoot a kid that we have seen. He knows what needs to be done. Here is the guy everyone is losing faith in because he is trying to hold on to what humanity they have left and he is the only one that needs to do what needs to be done. I think the whole thing was set up to show why he needs to be in charge. He got the attention of everyone. My two cents at least.

redvector 1/31/2012 7:12:22 AM

I have to agree that Shane for all his badass "look at me only I can do what needs to be done" attitude he didn't have the balls to step up and blow Walker Sophia's brains out. 

And Hershel's going to come to realize that eventally his farm is going to be overrun by a wandering band of walkers just like all the others. They've just been lucky so far. It's only a matter of time before that happens.

millean 1/31/2012 8:24:07 AM

I'm going to wait until the episode airs and not going to watch the clip.  I fall into the Never-Cared-for-Sophia camp, so the only reason I liked ending scene was that now we don't have to watch them look for her anymore.  It does set up some possible tension between Rick and Carol, though.  That might be good.

I'm also looking forward to the inevitible Rick and Shane confrontation.  Will be interesting to see how that play that out (though I do have an idea about that).  :)

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