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krathwardroid 3/3/2010 11:48:53 PM

Make Optimus Prime look more heroic... It's good that they can admit their robots were pansies in the previous films. I don't really care what they do with Transformers 3, though. It's just going to be another cheap installment showing off Megan Fox.

As for The Avengers, now this I do care about. Cannot wait for this one.

gauleyboy420 3/4/2010 12:16:15 AM

WELL I just saw Kick Ass and it KICKED ASS!!!! Seriously if you liked the comic, you should like it. It doesn't follow the comic panel for panel, but it keeps the story the same. A lot of you don't like vulgarity, well don't go see it then. Hit girl has a mouth on her. I'm a fan of Nic Cage, but my buddy that I went with isn't and we both loved his performance. The channeling of Adam West was PERFECT. This might be the finest Batman and Robin movie ever. The pacing was fantastic, and I really cared about the characters. The violence is over the top, and not realistic, and VERY COOL.

I know Millar gets chewed up by fan boys, but I love his work, and I admire his hustle. He knows what it takes to get his stuff out there even if it means stepping on fanboys toes. Face it your not gonna get rich making comics, and he is a natural born pimp of his work.

Romita was given much props in the film as co-creator and nods throughout the film. It's a testament to Millar that although he's a loudmouth shiller, he gives credit where credit is due. And I smile ind=side knowing Romita (A living comics legend) will make bank from this.

The audience clapped several times throughout the film, and laughter was almost a constant, well between beat downs.

I give it a Strong A and will be seeing it again when it is released.

That said I have a broad range of movies that I like.

I like Singer on the X-Men, the first two were AWESOME! Anyone who says he doesn't respect the sourse material, obviously hasn't been reading X-men very long. He has a HUGE amount of respect for X-men, he just doesn't follow the comics to the letter. Nothing wrong with originality and adding something of your own to it.

I realize I'll take a lot of flac for this but F it, I'm an Xmen fan and I love the first two movies.

ninjaBam 3/4/2010 12:36:25 AM

 There goes Bay effing up stuff even more with TF3.... how bout adding a voice to Bee while your at it & not stupid sounds off the radio.  And most important, how about a mature script, or/and plot. instead of that WTF is this BS that Revenge was.

I wish Singer would re do X-3 and pretend that douche bag Ratners version never existed instead of a reboot

Bring on IM season 2, I enjoyed it at least.

evilbeagle 3/4/2010 3:15:17 AM

Singer on First Class is a bad idea-hands down.  Whoever posted it earlier was spot on about the first movie.  I liked it at the time because I was starved to see the X-men on screen, but it has not aged well, and it is not really watchable now.  Singer is not a bad director.  He just cannot direct action and he has no vision.  (See, cannot make an original Superman movie, so I will just ride Donner's coattails) 

Singer's best films were Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil.  After those, I cannot name another really good film of his.  X2 was better than the first, but it still had the same "deep down this is a crap movie" kind of feel.

I expect Avengers to be AMAZING!  Go Marvel!

TayDor 3/4/2010 4:25:01 AM

Gauley:  I had a chance in college to read a friends X-men collection, from the original team (marvel girl, cyke, beast, angel, iceman) up to about '92.   Singer got some of it right, but not enough to make it a good movie.  Compare it to Iron Man or the first Spiderman.  Those two hit it out of the park.  Good story, good adaptation.  X-Men 1 just blew.  Cyclops was one-note.  They completely ignored the back history between Wolvie and was like they'd never met at all.  Yes, wolvie had his amnesia, but they would have bumped into eachother before the movie started.  If I didn't know anything about the X-men, I might have enjoyed it more.

Dazzler 3/4/2010 4:46:57 AM

Transformers 3-As of right now I am swearing off going to see it in theaters, I have never avoided a major release like this ever but I am going to try.  Fool me once....but 3x no way.  

Flash Gordon-I don't know why they are sweating this movie so much.  I can't imagine it making much money no matter how long it takes them.  Keep it simple stupid (KISS)

Kick Ass-I get a great vibe from this movie.  The martial arts little girl looks like a force of nature when she is fighting in previews so far, I hope it holds for the entire movie.  Usually girls like that are too unrealistic to me but she seems to pull it off so far.  

Iron kid toon-Glad to hear.  I hope they do multiple ep story archs for next season. 

SgtTechCom 3/4/2010 5:40:11 AM

Avengers to destroy Avatar lol yup thats right.

Lets go already.


TheStormrider 3/4/2010 7:32:35 AM

My biggest gripe in all of the transformers movies is that you cant see what the F@ck is going on.

Personally id like to see the transformers details scaled down.  Theres just too much going on.  Id like to see the faces, especially optimus have less gadgets and spinners in them.  And maybe put back that shredder ninja mask look he had.  I dont need to see their mouths moving,  but most of all i cant stand the noses.

As for bumblebee,  i actually liked that his vocator was broken.  That was actually a cool addition to the movie.  One of the few liberties that was taken that I enjoyed.

I guess im old fashioned,  but I dont care for all the added crazy details for the sake of adding them.  I say put the details where they matter.  Instead of bragging that your 'transformer models have over 2 million individual parts',  perhaps add a little personality.

I cant wait for kick ass.  Id say of all the movies ive waited for so far,  it seems to be a perfect fit for my personality.

fft5305 3/4/2010 9:20:21 AM

It's funny how many people love Singer for his work on the first 2 X-movies when they came out. Many said X2 got it right and was one of the best superhero movies made. When Ratner did X3, people talked about how he killed what had been a great franchise. Then, after Singer left to make SR, suddenly he was a traitor. Then, when SR didn't live up to expectations, Singer was suddenly labeled a hack.

HudsonTaco 3/4/2010 7:33:06 PM

fft5305 I know exactly right, Singer was a pioneer of the modern superhero movie, mainly Marvel, but you can't tell me that the Batman reboot was done because of the runaway success of Spiderman. Which in turn was fast tracked because X-Men was a hit. Blade deserves some credit as well but Singer made an entertaining movie under Fox's meddeling supervision.

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