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xenomorph 5/8/2009 8:32:01 AM

I do not want Green in the Green Lantern movie! Don't ever compare him to Heath Ledger, that is a crime against nature to do so! I would rather have an unknown playing Hal Jordan. I was actually glad when Green's character was killed off on TTSCC. 

Side Note- Im going to the first showing of Star Trek today. I will be back with a full report.  

violator14 5/8/2009 9:20:27 AM

Like seriously  why do u guys like B.A.G anyway?? Have u not seen him act?? He is like a total Douche B.A.G. and fairy. He acts and sounds like a lil kid and  like he's whining all the time. Cant believe u guys are rooting for this nobody actor from the 90's...... idk... i think it's just ludacris.

gauleyboy420 5/8/2009 10:51:56 AM

I hope they don't cast Brian Austin Green Lantern.

I like green Lantern and I don't think BAG is a strong enough actor to carry a film of that magnitude. And I can't help but associate him with 90210, which no matter how many films/ TV he does he will always be associated with...


I loved him in Domino. It was sweet with Ian Zering...funny bit, but stilll not good enough to fit into Hal Jordans shoes.

I think a relative unknown would be best. Sorta like Bale when he did Batman Begins. He had done solid work in his past (Newsies ;) but wasn't a houshold name.

Darkknight2280 5/8/2009 11:32:00 AM

Ok lets talk about a movie that w eknow is going to be good...IRON MAN 2. I really like this shot. Makes me wonder if the shot is an off camera shot or if he really is wearing sunglasses and no helmet in the movie in this scene. I can tell the new armor is a bit different, looks good. Cannot wait for this Robert Downey owns Iron Man!!!

thecheckeredman 5/8/2009 12:03:36 PM

Brian Austin Green would be a horrible choice to play Hal.  Oh god....

True BAG doesn't have a lick of talent but crawl out of Ledger's b*tt already. 


fft5305 5/8/2009 1:04:27 PM

IM pic is cool. When do we get ScarJo in Widow costume?

5 years ago, I would have agreed that BAG is a total douche and should stay as far as possible from GL. But that was before T:SCC. He was actually pretty good. He surprised me. I'd give him a chance as Hal. I'd be happy with Bradley Cooper, too.  Whether they go with one of these two, or some other 3rd option, I'd say they have a huge potential to screw the pooch.  The idea of costumed guys flying through space, a corps of different alien races wielding rings that create green solid energy constructs just sounds like it's got too high a cheese factor possible if it's not done right.  And if there's one thing WB has shown, it's that they know how to mess up superheroes.

xenomorph 5/8/2009 1:12:31 PM

Im back. Star Trek is the shit! The movie was awesome! A great blend of action, comedy, and drama. Chris Pine and Zack Quinto are excelant as Kirk and Spock. Simon Pegg steals the show as Scotty. They even had all of the classic lines from the original series. Everyone needs to see this movie pronto! You'll be glad you did!

fuckyoumania 5/8/2009 1:30:15 PM

"That's a dealbreaker, ladies!"





jfdavis 5/8/2009 2:08:19 PM

I always love when producers pick an unknown. I'm sure there are exceptions but I can't think of any....As for DoucheBAG, I would rather have Jennie Garth...Um. What was I talking about?  Anyway, I also, again, agree that he can't be too young...   

GL2814_home 5/8/2009 4:31:41 PM

i think pine and roberts would probably have a really good chance for the role of the lantern.  im leanin more towards these two more than anyone else



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