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Daybreak0100 7/10/2013 2:22:56 PM

I'm with theZillaman

fenngibbon 7/10/2013 5:12:49 PM

 Is there a law saying John Hurt has to be in any fantasy/sci fi film made?

Also, I'm just going to predict that Rufus Sewell will probably be a total d-bag.  Why do I predict this?  Because pretty much everything I've seen him in post-Dark City, he's played a total d-bag.  Seriously; you see him play Hamilton in the John Adams miniseries and you end up wanting to give Burr an awardl for good marksmanship.

fallensbane 7/10/2013 6:55:20 PM

This is based on a comic series I read a few years back by Radical Publishing. I enjoyed it myself, whether its any good on screen, well we shall see.

Dazzler 7/11/2013 5:55:56 AM

Rock has been posting his work out pics for this, he is going all out for it.  He really looks to be made out of Rock!

DarthBob 7/11/2013 9:08:55 AM

@dazzler, did you see the pic he posted when he was doing what he called the mother fu@*ers?  His quads looked larger than beer kegs.

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