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SONYMANswallows 6/16/2010 12:18:45 PM

GHOST RIDER alone was fine. The cycle on the water was good. The problem was it was not cleaned up enough after added into the scene. The voicr needs a little work and Blaze is blonde and does not have hair like Keanustantine.


I think Michael Biehn would be perfect as Blaze. I would rather have Danny Ketch and hope he is not written in to this as a side plot.

If Deathwatch and Blackout are done right the movie has to be a hard R. Problem with a spirit of Vengence filmis that Lilith has been a big part of SUPERNATURAL. I fear the teeny bopper american idol lovers would consider it a rip off of that show.

wessmith1966 6/16/2010 12:53:04 PM

The Phantom...Looks like a steaming pile. Smurfs...I hated those things back in the 80s when they were popular. I really hope this movie tanks because I don't want to see Smurfs everywhere. Jonah Hex...Nothing I've seen makes me want to see the movie. Wonder Woman...I'd like to see a WW movie set in WWII. All the women I really want to see as WW are too old now, but I think Sarah Lancaster (Chuck) would make a good WW; she even looks a little like Lynda Carter.

It's a shame that the Marvel's can't get the rights back to licensed characters as long as movies are being made because this means studios will pump out movies just to retain the rights.

jfdavis 6/16/2010 1:05:56 PM

A director wants to do Wonder Woman? Somebody from DC better call him then!

The first Ghost Rider was prefectly fine except for the Roxanne character. Giving him a love interest makes no sense.  Producers will just have to find another way to attract women to it.  Going to Europe seems a no brainer to me.

I'm still liking Young Justice. It looks much less silly than the Teen Titans cartoon. Probably not Justice League caliber but what can you do?

Those pics of Blue Beetle make me a bit more interested.

That Smallville title does not refer to Ra's Al-Ghul and his Lazarus Pits.  I doubt it refers to Lex coming back from the dead either.  I imagine it refers to Clark hitting the pavement and then coming back from the dead later in the episode.

hanso 6/16/2010 1:24:36 PM

 The people that made Crank suck major balls.  That is all.

lracors 6/16/2010 2:35:02 PM

Ghost Rider 2... i was so disappointed in the 1st film... if and that a huge IF they do what is proposed and go back to the dark edge of the character it might be cool... would even be cooler if it had an "R" rating.

Walking Dead... I'm sooo stoked for this!

Green Lantern... keeps sounding better like they got it right.

Blue Beetle - Hum... could be pretty cool since he's IN COSTUME!!!!

krathwardroid 6/16/2010 3:33:11 PM

So the studio loses the rights to Ghost Rider and it reverts to Marvel/Disney if they don't make a new movie? Well, don't make a new movie and let the character go back where he belongs!!!!!!! This way they can incorporate Ghost Rider into their film universe with The Avengers and all! I wonder how long the studio has to make a sequel before they lose the rights. Anybody else here agree that this would be a good idea? I'd like to see the same thing happen with Blade. This way he can go to Marvel/Disney and maybe do a crossover film with Ghost Rider. No, Punisher goes to Marvel/Disney too and all three of them star in a film together. R rated madness there! Vampires, demons, and mafia!! Perfect combo!! LOL! But then again, since Disney is partnered with Marvel now, what are the odds they'd even do any R rated films? Likely none. So no, Ghost Rider couldn't get an R rated treatment if he went back to Marvel/Disney. It's be the lame-o PG-13 shit again. Alright, bad idea. Nix Blade, Punisher, and Ghost Rider from going to Marvel/Disney. :P

Green Lantern news is exactly what I figured; Mark Strong was perfectly cast as Sinestro from the start. No surprise here. :D

SONYMANswallows 6/16/2010 5:39:06 PM

Krathworld it would probably be dished out by Touchstone. Remember when Disney made good violent kids movies with thought like BLACK HOLE and the original TRON. Hopefully TRON LEGACY will be PG13.


Ghost Rider can be done without Roxanne. I don't think there needs to be a love interest. Disney would not have the balls to do Blackout killing Danny's sister or using Zodiak, Madcap or Mister Hyde or any of Lilith's kin.

They would probably use Ghost Rider like the 1994-95 FF series where he has a brief cameo and does the Penence stare on Galactus and rides off. Or Punisher and Blade like Spiderman on Fox Kids.


or go the Superhero squad route-which is fun and dumb but not movie worthy.


Jesse E. from Zombieland and Adventureland could pull off Danny Ketch if he can do drama well. Adventureland was fun but it did some darkness to it.

SONYMANswallows 6/16/2010 5:41:39 PM

Iracors--Goyer did say it would be R a few months back so hopefully that will stand.

silversurfer 6/17/2010 6:47:44 AM

Cage needs the money, so that would be the reason why he's on Ghost Rider, my guess would be that he was okay with the amount that they're paying him...

Blue Beetle looks okay,and while Kord would be a better story, think they're smart for doing it this way. Blue Bettle was supposed to be Batman Lite so doing something like this will not hurt.

Young should be good, but I'm tired of looking at Robin, that makes you think of The Teen Titans, but I'll still look at it....

Green Lantern will be exactly what it's supposed to be, and then some, Mark Strong will be David Niven's Sinestro...I think that's going to be's hoping that he got that long tooth filed down from Sherlock Holmes....that thing looks creepy...

Walking Dead needs some momentum, because by the time it comes out, it's not going to matter which would be a shame.

lracors 6/17/2010 7:01:22 AM

Let's hope they stick with that Sonyman!

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