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First Look: Bourne Legacy Photo

First Look at Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy

By Jarrod Sarafin     January 06, 2012
Source: USA Today

Universal Pictures has provided fans with a first look image of The Bourne Legacy, the upcoming spin-off expansion to their Bourne series which will star Jeremy Renner in a new role. Check it out below courtesy of USA Today. The fourth installment in the popular franchise stars Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, Albert Finney, Scott Glenn and Stacy Keach. Helmer Tony Gilroy was placed in charge of the writing and directing duties. Here's what the director had to say on the project last year.

"This is not a reboot or a recast or a prequel. No one's replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter...this is a stand-alone project," said director Tony Gilroy. "The easiest way to think of it is an expansion or a reveal," Gilroy added. "Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive. What happened in the first three films is the trigger for what happens. I'm building a legend and an environment and a wider conspiracy... the world we're making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne's return [down the road]."

The Bourne Legacy will arrive in theaters August 3, 2012.


First Look Photo at Jeremy Renner in Bourne Legacy





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Wiseguy 1/6/2012 8:48:27 AM

Where's his bow and arrows?

I've never been a huge fan of this franchise but have to admit that I'm curious and interested to see how this film expands the whole story and conspiracy.

Guess they're aiming for Damon/Renner team-up down the road

lusiphur 1/6/2012 9:17:52 AM

 Or maybe a Damon/Renner face-off.  Have both of them manipulated by opposing forces into fighting each other.

VTGamehendge 1/6/2012 9:32:19 AM

Maybe a Damon/Renner bromance.  You know, a bit of a new-age spy love story.

monkeyfoot 1/6/2012 10:14:32 AM

I'm still up in the air on whether this will work, but I guess we'll find out.

I saw on TMZ yesterday he got in a nasty brawl in a Thai bar. He only got some bruises but a friend got hacked a little by an axe. Yes, I said axe! Maybe he should keep his Hawkeye bow & arrows handy! 

Wiseguy 1/6/2012 11:25:42 AM

I think maybe some of these guys think they can do in real life what movie magic lets them do on film. A couple of fists to the face isn't as glamorous as some of these guys think.

VTG would that be Brokeback Bourne Mountain or something of that ilk?

shac2846 1/6/2012 11:50:41 AM

I think this movie is going to surprise. The architect of the Bourne series was Tony Gilroy as writer and producer the directors IMO was one of the worst things especially with the last two but now he's finally getting the chance to do it his way without interference. Really looking forward to this.

violator14 1/6/2012 12:40:53 PM

lol@ Wise, VTG & Monkey


VTGamehendge 1/6/2012 1:49:22 PM

Wise, Jason Bourne broke his back while mountin' Aaron Cross.  Things in their tent just got a little too real.

Hansjoi 1/6/2012 3:02:54 PM

It'll be interesting to see what they come up with in light of the fact that the "Damon" Bourne was totally unlike the "Ludlum" Bourne of the Ludlum trilogy, a spy novel series that continues to be a great read but whose Bourne character is similar in name only.

The Damon films were no less enjoyable as far as this genre goes but I do wish that writers would not take so much liscense in developing characters. I suppose they could have called the Damon films "The Jones Identity", etc., but no on would have gone to see them... Bourne was the ticket to ticket sales. :-)

InnerSanctum 1/7/2012 6:16:42 AM

 Bourne to Milk a Franchise.  

Welcome back shakey cam.  

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