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cerelok 8/5/2011 2:16:02 PM

 Way too much cape. what is that a curtain he's wearing? geez.

Moz72 8/5/2011 11:13:40 PM

Hey's Tony "Super"-Manero! Seriously..what's with the Pompadour hair and the rubber dimpled suit??

CaptAmerica04 8/6/2011 9:11:53 AM

 I don't like it.

joe4306 8/7/2011 7:23:33 PM

it's about time they got the "s" symbol right.......YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

hfc7036 8/7/2011 11:26:36 PM

 I don't think this is mama's Superman.  I think we're going to see some serious sh*t.  I trust Christopher Nolan's judgement.


Arnor83 8/8/2011 11:11:45 AM

 Looks great. 

axia777 8/11/2011 12:41:03 PM

 I predict Supes pounding Zod's head into the side of buildings and the ground.  The battle will be more ultra epic than when Nero fought Smith in the third Martix movie.  Which BTW looked like a HUGE rip off of a fight from DBZ.

Then they need Supes to fight Braniac and then Darkseid.  That would be swesome.

angryman1 8/12/2011 12:37:11 PM

straight out of the comics books!!

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