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goatartist 8/20/2014 11:35:54 AM

 Interesting...a gimmick?

Flyincloud 8/20/2014 11:37:37 AM

 He'll be back, Superman killed death in comics.

VioLatorr 8/20/2014 11:46:16 AM

But what kills him? Lung Cancer from all those cigars........ But ya he'll be back for sure. But damn, i miss reading/seeing Wolverine in comic books. Maybe Ill go back into my garage and dust off some of my xmen comic books this weekend. 

CalamityJohnson 8/20/2014 11:54:51 AM

Galactus. Wolverine is to Galactus what a neverending gobstopper is to a 6 year old.

Woodye 8/20/2014 3:30:41 PM

This reeks of a cash grab by Marvel.  I wish they would just write good storylines instead of this event comic dreck.  They killed off Mr. Fantastic in the 90's and Cap int he 2000's....Wolverine is their top cash cow.  There is no way he won't be back inside a year.  This story is for the 6 year olds who haven't figured out that this is not a permanent thing.  The ones who haven't seen it over and over again and are jaded as a result.

The whole reason I stopped collecting was because at the time I stopped, every other cover was a special die cut scratch and sniff foil cover, and all women had thong outfits and jello mold boobs.

Also, Mr. Fantastic was dead, Spidey lost his mind (from his parents returning), Batman had a broken back, Green Lantern was insane, and Superman was dead.  Even Aquaman had lost a hand!  This...barely registers with me.

bluefox629 8/20/2014 7:48:39 PM

I think almost every x-man has been killed at one time or another

bluefox629 8/20/2014 7:48:43 PM

I think almost every x-man has been killed at one time or another

Roqueja 8/25/2014 2:32:32 PM

 I dunno.......trying to keep the pull list at a minimum, but this one has a few things going for it.  Enough for me to pick up a trade anyway.  Madripoor has been the setting for a few of the best Logan stories, and Steve McNiven's art is up to the task.  He is still at the top of his game right now.  Nothing looks rushed or glossed over, and his blacks are an excellent eye catching tool.  The covers are okay, but not enough to jump off of the spinner rack into my hands.  It may simply be a sly story that needs to be told, with the powers that be at Marvel putting their gimmicky spin on the finished product to promote it.  



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