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Muenster 12/15/2012 1:19:54 PM

The attention to retail in drawing the ethnic/folk clothing is quite nice. Premise sounds a bit routine, but hey... It's an animation aimed at youngsters, so it's always new to them.

HarryTuttle 12/15/2012 6:03:02 PM

 Disney have always had a prominent attention to retail...

Wyldstaar 12/15/2012 8:14:22 PM

Wreck-It Ralph was a positive step forward for Disney, when it comes to making an animated feature that can appeal to boys as well as girls.  Frozen looks like it's back to primarily little girl appeal. 

Hookedonavengers2012 12/15/2012 9:19:41 PM

 retail has always been Disneys goal! lol

BunyonSnipe 12/16/2012 4:53:43 AM

I thought Frozen came out a few years back...

But that was a horror movie with hungry wolves!

Come on Disney, can't you think of your own titles, anymore?

Wiseguy 12/16/2012 7:11:44 AM

I like the sounds of it. Almost always down for some Disney magic

InnerSanctum 12/16/2012 11:23:35 AM

 I really didn't like Tangled.  WIR provided entertainment for both adults and children.  So, it really depends on what vein this film is sounds like another round of the first.  

Muenster 12/16/2012 11:34:55 AM


Thanks for catching that Harry.

Ya'll know what I really meant, but yeah... When dealing with Disney, retail is a detail.



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