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First Look: GREEN LANTERN's Hector Hammond

Plus: CONAN, X-MEN, JUDGE DREDD and more!

By Rob M. Worley     May 11, 2010
Source: Various

Comics2Film: Sarsgaard is GREEN LANTERN Villain
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First Look: Peter Sarsgaard in makeup as 'Green Lantern''s mutated freak Hector Hammond! Plus: Photos of Jason Momoa as 'Conan'. Goldman rewriting 'X-Men: First Class'. 'Judge Dredd' sells 3D at Cannes and more! The daily column that's only happy when it rains, it's your Comics2Film 10.5.11!



CAPTAIN AMERICA and Beyond - Marvel going 3D?

Marvel President Kevin Feige told the Hero Complex blog that he hopes to see Marvel embracing 3D technology with its upcoming features.

"The team has been doing a lot of research into 3-D processes, and we're looking at it on future films when we have the time," he said. "We will be doing it at some point."

'Thor' is currently filming without 3D, so the only way to release would be via the dubious conversion process that yielded something dreadful with 'Clash of the Titans'. However, it's still possible to for the studio to film the soon-to-lens 'Captain America: The First Avenger' and the upcoming 'Avengers' with 3D cameras.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Ever since their work on 'Stardust', Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman have enjoyed a close collaborative screenwriting process. So when Vaughn got the job directing 'X-Men: First Class', we had to wonder if he would just run with the highly-touted script by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz or would he and Goldman rewrite it to bring the 'Kick-Ass' vibe into the picture.

Well Goldman's husband, UK TV personalty (and, now, comics writer) Jonathan Ross has answered that question via his Twitter feed.

Last night Ross posted, "[G'night] all. The wife is away writing 'X-Men 4' so I am off to bed."

Then, presumably rested, Ross offered up a clarification this morning. "For those who need to know, my wife IS currently writing 'X-Men First Class'. It's just referred to as 'X-Men 4' around the house."

When pressed for details, Ross posted, "I am afraid I better not answer any more queries [regarding] 'X-Men: First Class' for fear of spoilers and also possible divorce. Thank you," said before continuing, "by which I mean my lovely wife would be cross, not that we are actually getting one!!"

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Travis to direct 3D JUDGE DREDD

That 'Judge Dredd' movie project that's been percolating for a few years got some traction at the Cannes this week according to The producers at DNA Films scored deals with India-based Reliance Big Entertainment and IM Global to finance the picture.

Peter Travis ('Vantage Point') is set to direct the film from the script by Alex Garland ('28 Days Later'). Comics great Jock, whose stunning illustration work was recently seen on screen during 'The Losers', has been developing the look of the film through his pre-production artwork.

Dredd takes place in a future world that is covered in Megalopolises where order is kept by lawmen called Judges, who act as police, judge, jury and executioner to dispense rapid justice on the streets. The character is hugely popular in the UK especially, and it's that popularity, along with a budget of a mere $50 million, that allowed DNA to make such a quick deal.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



IRON MAN 2 - Behind the scenes with Legacy Studios takes you behind the scenes of the armor 'Iron Man 2' with a tour of F/X house Legacy Studios.

In this MakingOf exclusive, we had the pleasure of talking to three of the artists behind the "Iron Man 2" suits: Legacy Effects' Shane Mahan, Dave Merrit, and Ian Joyner. They spoke with us in detail about the process of building the suits, the rewards of seeing their work come to life, and specified the differences hard-core fans will notice in the new Iron Man suit.

Mahan, who helped start Legacy Effects in 2008 as a way to continue the character design, animatronics, and makeup effects of iconic artist Stan Winston, discusses translating the visions of a lot of wonderful minds and living up to what director Jon Favreau, the actors and other artists imagined. He also describes how they made one version of the upper portion of each suit, two of Mickey Rourke's Whiplash suits, a Drone and the autopsy body for the film.

Similarly, Character Designer Joyner tells us that the best part of his job is seeing the work come to life. He also warns fans to not assume that the Iron Man suit is the same as the first one, because although it may look similar, "everything is different except the helmet on this character." He also calls the Suitcase Suit the most involved and the most rewarding. The creation of it was so secret that he had to keep the artwork hidden during production.

Merrit, who showed us the Autopsy Suit, talks about how it's design was built upon the work Lucasfilm's ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) department did on the first film and then describes how they built a real-life version of the computer-generated model using the original boots from the first movie.



SMALLVILLE Season Finale Teaser

The end is near for season nine of 'Smallville'. Here's the teaser...



Jason Momoa as CONAN!

The folks at the Bulgarian movie site have struck again. Yesterday they rolled out photos of sets from the new 'Conan' movie. Today they have your first look at actor Jason Momoa in costume as the Barbarian King himself.

The movie is currently being filmed in Bulgaria with director Marcus Nispel ('Friday the 13th') behind the camera.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



JONAH HEX Motion Comics

In order to captitalize on the upcoming 'Jonah Hex' movie, DC Entertainment is releasing some of the gunslinger's tales as Motion Comics on iTunes.

Currently available on iTunes are chapters of "Two-Gun Mojo", the outstanding graphic novel by writer Joe R. Lansdale and artist Timothy Truman.

The comics have gone through several weird permutations over the decade, ranging from straight western fare (the original and current run), to outright science fiction (the character was transplanted into to the future in the mid 1980s) and even super-heroics (he was revived as a Black Lantern in "Blackest Night"). Lansdale and Truman's take on 'Hex', produced under the Vertigo banner, introduced supernatural elements to the comic, which probably makes it the closest in tone to the upcoming movie.

A trailer for the motion comics is currently running on YouTube:



Peter Sarsgaard in full Hector Hammond makeup on the set of GREEN LANTERN

GREEN LANTERN's Hector Hammond Revealed!

While there's been a trickle of leaked photos from the set of 'Green Lantern' we have the first cool makeup shot courtesy of Sky Showbiz. The paparazzi there snagged a photo of actor Peter Sarsgaard in full mushroom-head makeup as villain Hector Hammond.

In the comics, the character exposes himself to a strange meteor which cause his brain to grow to enormous proportions and vests him with an array of psionic abilities. In the film version, Hammond is the son of a former astronaut (played by Tim Robbins) who is exposed to alien technology carried to Earth by Abin Sur.

Click the thumbnail for a look at Sarsgaard's massively deformed melon.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.


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Matador 5/11/2010 8:14:44 AM

Conan! The beer guzzling surfer dude! Whoa!

cinemaman72 5/11/2010 8:43:11 AM

How come we can't get a picture of Ryan Reynolds in the GL costume?

lusiphur 5/11/2010 8:49:49 AM

I thought that was the kid from Mask.

jedibanner 5/11/2010 8:59:15 AM

Man...Conan looks so small it's will tank.....for sure.

redhairs99 5/11/2010 9:35:19 AM

Cinemaman, I don't think we'll get a pic of Ryan in costume until Post-Production starts.  It was reported here a while back that the GL costume would be created entirely using CG.  Ryan apparently will be shot using those motion capture tracking balls on his clothes.

Higgy 5/11/2010 10:13:33 AM

HAHA Matador.  That's the perfect description.  The first thoughts that came to my mind was that he looked like a dufus.  I don't have any hopes for this movie.

Higgy 5/11/2010 10:14:53 AM

Also...not feeling it for X-Men.  The way those two writers have talked about it, they're not even reading the comics.  I hate fox.

bryanferryfan 5/11/2010 10:15:46 AM

Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone get the Memo................. Frank Frazetta had died!  AM I THE ONLY  ONE ON THIS SITE THAT HAS THIS NEWS!  GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF  YOUR ASSES AND PRINT THE STORY>>>> THE MAN DESERVES A TRIBUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarthDuck 5/11/2010 11:03:56 AM

Very disappointed to hear Marvel talking about 3-D.  Terrible news.

Vaughn and X-Men in about a year?  Yeah, that'll work.

Matador 5/11/2010 11:30:03 AM

Tks Higgy!

Now all we need is for Conan to go back to do some redo's in 3-D and maybe some body spray paint like in 300. Trust me it will work! That or borrow Vinnie Jones' Juggernaut body suit.

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