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First Look at Hasbro 2010

Iron Man 2, Spider-Man and Star Wars

By Robert T. Trate     January 08, 2010

Hasbro’s Mighty Thor from the Marvel Universe line
© Bob Trate


Happy New Year to all my fellow Maniacs and a big thanks for checking out this week’s column. Now that the holidays are finally over we can set our sights on all the great things coming to us in 2010. Unfortunately Tron Legacy is still 12 months away but that doesn’t mean an onslaught of video games and toys won’t arrive before then. I have already received several invitations to this year’s International Toy Fair. I do hope to branch out this year and include some other companies in my coverage, one of them hopefully being LEGO. One of the big toy manufactures is already striking quick in the first quarter and it is Hasbro. They have already released several images of their next wave of Marvel Universe, Iron Man 2, Spider-Man and Star Wars figures. There were a few G.I. Joe toys included as well but nothing to really get excited about. I have a bad feeling we have seen the last of G.I. Joe for a while, just like Hasbro’s Indiana Jones line. 
Hasbro’s Star Wars line never ceases to stop growing and this year they added three new comic two packs. Encompassing characters from Star Wars Tales, Rogue Leader and Rogue Squadron comics are a new assortment of expanded universe figures. This isn’t the last of the Star Wars line and with the Clone Wars series moving into its second season the force will be with us for a long time.


Hasbro 2010 line-up

Hasbro 2010 line-up

From right to left: Plourr Ilo, Dllr Nep, Rom Mohc, Storm Commando, IG97 and General Weir. What I have always loved about the expanded universe figures is their ability to populate the Star Wars universe with those nameless faces in the crowd. It just adds a depth to the entire toy line and any Star Wars diorama/ play set you may have constructed.
The Spider-Man line in any incarnation will always be populated with a variety of figures. Unfortunately, despite Spider-Man’s rich rogue galley, they keep making Spider-Man with all these crazy gadget costumes. He isn’t Batman. He’s Spider-Man, a photographer that has to make do. Spidey isn’t going to have a Power Gilder (bottom left) or a Power Punch suit (bottom far right). These are better than Surf Spider-Man and Soccer Spider-Man. I swear to you I saw those once. At least the Rhino (center) is getting his due but there is still no Will-O'-The-Wisp or Rocket Racer? Come on Hasbro!


Hasbro 2010 line-up

I gotta admit I really do love this line. It has the potential to rival Star Wars’ vast action figure line as there will never be an end to the Marvel Universe. Hasbro does cater to the big name characters but every once in a while an Electro sneaks in (see review). The Black Widow and Thor are spot on but the WW2 Captain America seems a bit off to me. The Bucky figure is cool but I would rather have a Winter Soldier. Enough with the different Captain Americas already. When will we see a solo Red Skull?


Hasbro 2010 line-up

Hasbro 2010 line-up

Iron Man 2
Unlike the Spider-Man line, Iron Man warrants a variety of different Iron Man figures. Hasbro is really making a big push with these figures and their quality seems to have improved as well. Sadly no Iron Man 2 Black Widow or Whip Lash yet but fear not, the Iron Monger is back (big whup).


Hasbro 2010 line-up

Hasbro 2010 line-up

Hasbro 2010 line-up

Hasbro 2010 line-up

Iron Man 2 Figures: Top row 1 (left to right): IM2 Power Assault Armor, IM2 Packaging, IM2 War Machine. Row 2: IM2 Iron Monger, IM2 Iron Man and IM2 Mark II. Row 3: IM2 Mark III, IM2 Crimson Dynamo and IM2 Classic Iron Man. Row 4: IM2 Deep Dive Armor, IM2 Iron Man Mark I and IM2 Stealth Operations.
Remember to check out the Toy Maniac’s column every Friday here on Mania. Be sure to check out my Top Ten Toys for 2010, a prediction for some and a sure thing for others.
Robert Trate is currently working on his 100th Toy Maniac column where he plans to list the one hundred best Star Wars figures of all time. In the mean time he writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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DarthDuck 1/8/2010 8:03:01 PM

I heard somewhere that the comic 2 packs for Star Wars were coming to an end, glad to see that they're still here, for now at least.

On the Marvel side of things I like the Thor and WWII Cap, I'm not normally a fan of 3 3/4in figures but those are very cool.

So many Iron Mans, or Iron Men?  At least this makes sense since Stark has multiple suits of armor.  Unlike all the Batman toys, or even the Spider-Man ones featured above, that just get released in multiple stupid costumes.

DaForce1 1/10/2010 12:01:58 PM

You haven't lived until you've seen the 12 inch Farmer Spider-Man. I kid you not.

So from the looks of the Iron Man figures, does this mean that Crimson Dynamo is actually in IM2 along with Whiplash? I thought they had merged both characters into just Whiplash?

DarthDuck 1/10/2010 1:56:09 PM

I think the Crimson Dynamo is there because they are doing what they did for Wolverine Origins and there will be the comic version and the movie version.

Just a guess.



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