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CaptAmerica04 12/15/2009 8:10:29 PM

P.S. 3 days til Avatar takes control of Christmas and beats hell out of those stupid, bitchy teenagers and their f-ing Twilight nonsense!!  I want to see Avatar drive them right off the weekend charts, followed by Sherlock Holmes the following week.

WarCry 12/15/2009 8:34:26 PM

I really need to learn to put caveats on my posts...

Wiseguy, I really, honestly wasn't just talking about you, but I WAS using your post as my example. Sorry, I wasn't trying to call you out.

I've been seeing crap like this on a lot of different forums. It's becoming like a like the NY Yankees. Might be the best team in the world, but the fans make me despise them. I'm getting the same vibe off of a lot of the Avatar fans.

So, again, to wrap up, wasn't attacking Wiseguy, wanna see Avatar but will probably wait until DVD, and (in my opinion only) I'm wagering that it will make just close to the budget. I just don't think the cross-over appeal is there.

Wiseguy 12/15/2009 10:25:58 PM

I didn't feel like you were calling me out WarCry. Everything's good.

The thing is that hating something just to be a contrarian is sort of silly IMO, especially when you dig in so hard before even seeing the film and not even giving it or willing to give it a chance. Being positive to overconfident is ok, cause at least you're giving it a chance even if your expectations are too high. This is a sci/fi-fantasy-adventure film that I'd think would appeal or at least pique everyone's interest here from the guy that gave us....well you know the resume

I understand what you're trying to say with the Yankee comparison, but in baseball there are other teams. Here, we're all movie fans, genre fans, sci/fi, fantasy, adventure, horror fans, we're all in the same team. So I don't see how rooting against a film that clearly advances the genre is good for any of us or the future of such films

Btw, according to a lot of what I have read, this is a film that you have to see in the big screen in 3D to get the most out of it. Just imagine if the movie is as great as some say and then to have missed the chance to see it properly and have to settle for your tv screen.

And as far as money, I'll be satisfied if it makes enough to warrant a sequel. I'm thinking that's gotta be about 5 to 600mil worldwide

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