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First Look: IRON MAN 2


By Rob M. Worley     May 01, 2009
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The first image from 'Iron Man 2' is online. PLUS: Branagh talks 'Thor'. American 'Death Note' coming. Japanese 'Death Note' online. 'Dick Tracy' rights dispute heats up and more. Who dat ninja? It's your Comics2Film 9.5.1!



Branagh on THOR

IGN chatted up 'Thor' director Kenneth Branagh about his plans to bring Marvel's thunder god to the big screen. Branaghis out promoting his Masterpiece Mystery TV movie 'Wallander' which features Tom Hiddleston, who is apparently a contender for the lead role in the comic film.

"Tom Hiddleston is a great actor and he, amongst a number of others, has been part of the group we've spoken to and all that's still a work in progress," Branagh said.

The clock is ticking on casting the film, although Branagh said he's actively in pre-production on the feature, part of Marvel's 4-piece tentpole strategy.

"We're having a great time at the moment. We're in intense pre-production," Branagh said. "I shoot Thor in January of next year and because the time of release has been moved, it's allowed me to have a moment in the summer where I can shoot the Wallanders."

'Thor' is targeted for a May 20, 2011 release.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



An American DEATH NOTE

Warner Bros. aims to tap into the phenomenon of the Manga/anime/film series 'Death Note' by developing its own live-action feature for U.S. audiences, according to Variety.

Charley and Vlas Parlapanides have been hired to write the script, about a college student who finds a notebook which gives him the power to kill simply by writing down a person's name while picturing thier face. The student becomes a vigilante of mythical proportions, striking down the unjust with his mystical book, but drawing the attention of the world's greatest detective, the enigmatic "L".

Vertigo's Roy Lee and Doug Davison will produce with Dan Lin's Lin Pictures and Brian Witten.

What do you think, Maniacs? With three Japanese-language DEATH NOTE movies, do we really need an American remake?



Original DEATH NOTE Film Clips Online

You say you're not familiar with the original 'Death Note' movies? MTV Iggy is set to bring you up to speed. They've got an article recapping the popularity of the series and this clip reel of the top five moments from the first two movies:



McFarlane talks SPAWN 2 and TORSO chatted up Todd McFarlane at the recent Tempe, AZ premiere of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine''. The Toddster commented on the status of the 'Torso' movie, as well as the long-stalled 'Spawn 2' film and the proposed 'Spawn' animated series.

McFarlane says that the 'Torso' movie, which has David Fincher directing and Matt Damon starring, will likely find a new home with a studio very shortly. The movie was set to go into production in January, but Paramount Pictures refused to green light it, and let their rights to make the film lapse.

Click through and watch the video for more from McFarlane...

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



PERSIA director helming LONE RANGER?

Via Twitter: Production Weekly says that Mike Newell is in talks to direct Terry Rossio & Ted Elliott's big screen adaptation of 'The Lone Ranger' at Disney.

Disney introduced the franchise to the press last year as the new hotness to offset the aging 'Pirates' franchise. Johnny Depp came bundled with the new skein as the title character's native sidekick Tonto. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing.

Newell is presently putting the finishing touches on 'Prince of Persia' starring Jake Gyllenhaal.



HITMAN Director lobbying for DAREDEVIL

Mark it up to the power of the interwebs but these days when an actor or director wants a project they sometimes go lobbying the fan community first, in hopes of whipping up thier cred with the studios.

The latest instance sees director Xavier Gans, late of 'Hitman' fame, reaching out to fans at the Marvel Movies group on Facebook to talk about the rumored 'Daredevil' reboot.

Gans says he's keen to get his hands on some Marvel superheroes. "I really love the Marvel universe, one of my favorite is Daredevil. I really love also the Punisher and I don't understand why they made so many bad movies on that character."

The director said he favors Sam Worthington for the lead role and shared his vision for a redo on the Man Without Fear, saying he'd make it more dramatic and gritty.

"There will be a 1st part in the child hood of matt Murdock and the universe of Hell kitchen. Something in the univers of the first Rocky Balboa. Is the story of a poor family of hell kitchen, the father is a loser who made some boxing match, the mother is sick and she died. The father have to make the education of is son alone. He became a outlaw, he made fight to win money and one day he is killed by the mobs," Gans wrote in the unedited online chat. "Alone Matt murdock go to an orphanage and is there were he got is accident. And there is a long reducation because he became blind and he have to learn a new sens. With a very realistic point of view. And he became better and better and he made lawyer study.

"For me it's important to get the origin of the character like in the Richard Donner superman. We saw him became slowly a super hero but i think it's important to take time and stay realistic."

Click through for more from Gans and the fans at Marvel Movies on Facebook!

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Michael Bay at TRANSFORMERS Trailer Premiere and Screening



Warren Ellis on RED

At his official website comics scribe Warren Ellis reacted to yesterday's news that Bruce Willis and Richard Donner are circling the film adaptation of 'Red', the comic he created with artist Cully Hamner at DC/Wildstorm.

"I have no further knowledge of this. But I’m all right with Bruce Willis, actually. Funny thing is that people are talking about this being part of a 'second act' for him at age 54, but I always imagined the protagonist of RED as being in his early sixties," was Ellis' observation.



First IRON MAN 2 Pic

The first official image from IRON MAN 2 with Robert Downey Jr.

USA Today scores the first look at Robert Downey Jr. in character as Tony Stark on the set of 'Iron Man 2'. Note the various armors in the background as Downey turns on his heart-light, and lets it shine wherever he goes, and lets it make a happy glow, for all the world to see.

"How many superheroes are open about their true identities?" director Jon Favreau asks in his Q & A with the national newspaper. "We wanted to play with that idea. But it obviously has consequences — in his relationships, on the team. There are a lot of areas we can explore."

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Beatty vs Tribune Co. over DICK TRACY

Yellow-coated detective 'Dick Tracy' is at the center of a dispute between Tribune Co. and filmmaker Warren Beatty, that hearkens back to the legal tangle that prevented a 'Spider-Man' movie for so many years, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

As Marvel was back in the late 1990s, Tribune finds themselves in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and fighting for the right to make movies ant TV shows based on one of their flagship characters. Subsidiary Tribune Media Service controls the rights to the comic-strip version of Chester Gould's classic character, but the film and TV rights are tied up in a prior deal with Beatty, who made a 1990 movie about him.

Similar to the 'Spider-Man' situation, the judge presiding over the bankruptcy proceedings will seek a resolution to the dispute, considering that film exploitation of the character is potentially a huge asset for Tribune.

Tribune is claiming all rights to the character and wants the Deleware judge to declare it sow. The Beatty camp is pushing for a jury trial in California courts and is seeking to dismiss Tribune's filing.

The judge agreed Thursday to have preliminary briefs submitted by both sides by early June.


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xenomorph 5/1/2009 7:44:54 AM

Love the pick. The new armor looks more faithful to the 1960's armor.

Im going to see Wolverine today at the first showing. Let the summer movie blockbuster season begin!

gauleyboy420 5/1/2009 10:18:28 AM

The Pic is AWESOME!!! Cant help but wonder what the story is gonna be!!!


Thor: Why do they keep trying to cast skinny guys as Thor. I don't read THor, but know of him, and he's A LOT bigger than any of the actors I've seen in contention for the role.


Daredevil: I must be the only person onthe planet that liked the first Daredevil.

Don't think this Director is right for it. I didn't like his vision for Daredevil as he explained it, and why is is bashing the latest Punisher flick, It was pretty damn good!! I think it got bad Marketing, and a bad release date.

Spawn: I'd go see another Spawn movie, hope it would be much better than the first, although at the time I liked the first one OK

Darkknight2280 5/1/2009 10:43:16 AM

xenomorph how can you tell what the new armor even looks like its way in the background and blurry. I found NOT ONE THING wrong with the armor in the 1st movie. Not against any long as they dont suck and look like the 60's spandex looking armor.  CANT WAIT for this movie!!!

violator14 5/1/2009 10:45:25 AM

YES!!! FINALLY!!! Some spawn news!!!!! And I hope the animation looks like the Greg Capullo drawings.....if that's even possible.

Wiseguy 5/1/2009 10:56:39 AM

Ditto on the IM pic. That's really wetting my appetite for this film

Hiddleston for Thor? No effing way. Gauley most actors aren't going to fit Thor's dimensions, they can always bulk up some I guess. My biggest thing is the look and height.

I liked Daredevil too, didn't love it and hated Affleck and his douche grin. Affleck just isn't Matt Murdock. This guy that made Hitman got some balls criticizing the Punisher films while Hitman was pure trash, fuck him.

I'd love more Spawn, loved the film and the HBO toon. Ambivalent about Tracy and Lone Ranger even though I used to love LR as a kid and was probably the first comics I read.

I like Deathnote some. Better than most manga IMO. Although I only read the first 2 books. Anyway I'd see an American adaptation before the Jap. version.

Saw Wolverine, much better than I expected. The cameos seem pretty natural to me and fit the story.  Not a masterpiece but very good and a nice additrion to the genre IMO. I will be seeing it again. Of course there are a lot of changes from the book so if that bothers you you may not like it. I expected that and had already come to terms with it and found all the changes palatable

DarthDuck 5/1/2009 11:19:14 AM

just to add onto wiseguy...don't go see it just for Deadpool.  You will leave unhappy.  That being said, I enjoyed the movie flaws and all.  Came out actually liking Gambit.

Spawn, Spawn, Spawn!!!  With reboots being the thing in Hollywood these days I have been saying all along that Spawn is most deserving.  A new better movie with better special effects. Hurry up Hollywood!

I liked daredevil too.  This is turning into Daredevil annonymus...

jmg134 5/1/2009 12:12:01 PM

Yeah I liked DD too...didn't love it but liked it.  Certain elements and changes to the characters I definitely didn't like.  Affleck was all wrong for should have been Matt Damon instead.  And as much as I LOVE Jennifer Garner, I didn't think she was right for Elektra either.  They should have used the girl from the Mummy Returns who was the mummy's girlfriend.  Remember the scene where she was fighting Rachel Wiez's character with the sais?  She should have been Elektra!  And don't get me started on Bullseye and Kingpin...what major miscasting for those characters.

And yeah what was this director's deal about bashing the latest Punisher movie?  I loved the over-the-top violence in that movie cuz its the PUNISHER!  There is nothing subtle or smooth about the Punisher.  Just grim and gritty the way he is supposed to be portrayed.

gauleyboy420 5/1/2009 12:52:15 PM

Sweet I'm not alone in Liking DD!

They can re-cast it, thats fine, but I see no reason for a "re-boot" Bullseye and Kingpin were AWESOME in DD, and I don't hate Afflec so he didn't bother me, but I don't love him so to re-cast is no big deal.

This "director" critisizing Punisher and DD can go F himself. I never saw Hitman, and don't plan on it.


On a side note, I can't get the Directors Cut of DD on Netflix DAMMIT!!!!!

xenomorph 5/1/2009 1:06:46 PM

Ok Im back. First and foremost, Wolverine is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, and nothing will change that. As for the film, it was a letdown. Though the stunts, action, and fx were cool, the rest of the story sucked. I mean, when Wolverine was crying out in pain and anguish, the audience broke into laughter. Liev Shrieber actually did a really great job as SabertoothSPOILER ALERT!!!!(Victor Creed is never called Sabertooth in the movie.) The characters of DeadPool and Gambit were also great, but unfourtunetly their screen time was short. And the movie had a lot of long boring dialog sequences. No joke, one scene was so long that I got up to go take a piss, and when I came back the scene still wasn't over. This film is a pass, but I would still love to see a DeadPool movie, just as long as it isn't made by the same writers and director of Wolverine.

gauleyboy420 5/1/2009 1:56:35 PM

Hate to hear that Xenomorph...BUT hopefully since I only like Wolverine as acharacter, not love him, I'll be happy with this installment.

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