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dalgoda 5/3/2012 5:41:10 PM

Holy crap, the latest trailer for this has got me totally stoked for this.  A whole lot of awesome in that trailer!

GothicStorm 5/3/2012 7:39:31 PM

What's the deal with Mr. Green-face in the back? I really liked the guy playing Connors in the original films. Plus, he and Peter had this special bond as teacher/mentor and student. The Dr. Connors in this one will be new to Peter and so that friendship and trust won't be there. Nice job, Sony.

OmegaDean 5/4/2012 2:33:18 AM

Its Differnet Movie Cothic Storm

Darth of the Dead I love it.  I tuly excited for this movie and i can go see the Avengers a few more times before it comes out. Can't wait.

Mysterion Rises... I love it. Not as excited for this film the more I see. I'll see it opening week, but whatever.

tallman 5/4/2012 9:38:57 AM

 This will be top notch. Heed my words. Just seen new trailer and it really blew my mind. Reckon the 3D will screw with your head!

thezillaman 5/4/2012 1:02:27 PM

@larkcall. that heaping pile of crap has made over $300. mil. and that's just over seas. come sat. i will be there with my fam and friends to watch what you call a heaping pile of crap. and why is it that you can't stay on the topic? the post here is about First Look : The Lizard, not the i hate the AVENGERS post, you nincompoop hater..

domino2008 5/5/2012 1:15:27 AM

I think this movie is going to surpise many even myself . I wasnt sure about this reboot , but when I heard an saw a few pixs an theses photos, The Lizard looks very creepy . Looking forward to adding this movie to my list of movies  to see this summer.

DarthoftheDead 5/5/2012 11:23:16 PM

 @ OmegaDean - Thank's!

Yes,the Spiderman trailer looked good and finally peaked my intrest.

I agree with you about TDKR, I dont why, but I just get the feeling that it's just not going to be as good as the Avengers IS........entertainment wise.....I liked Batman Begins, and I loved TDK, but from the reaction from both of the audience's I was in while seeing the Avengers to the TDKR trailer(total silence), it's just not gonna be the #1 money maker of the Summer.

No doubt TDKR will make serious money and I'll more then likely go see it, but it being MORE entertaining/ making MORE money then Avengers..........I'd be shocked......


jsmulligan 5/7/2012 4:19:12 PM

 The latest trailer finally has me interested in this somewhat.  Even though I'm a big Spidey fan I hadn't been looking forward to it due to general reboot distate and the new costume.


As for Lizard figuring out Spidey is Pete... doesn't he supposedly have enhances senses?  Smell would give it away to anyone like that (same way Wolverine figured it out in the comics).

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