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nemesis1_57 10/23/2012 7:23:03 AM

Nope dont like it.   Reminds me of Burt Lancaster playing an indian he does not look like he's of chinese origan. Yes it's freaking important his name is THE MANDRIAN FOR FUCKSAKE!

jonniej1017 10/23/2012 9:34:38 AM

Good point nemesis!!

thezillaman 10/23/2012 10:03:47 AM

 don't like the voice of mandarin it just feels off like you would expect a real mandarin voice a thicker accent.. other than that it looks infucking sane..

javaone 10/23/2012 11:14:07 AM

@lazarus - I couldn't tell from the trailer that it was mentally activated. It may be that he had on something around his wrist with an extremely powerful magnetic pull. Both sound far-fetched, but hey...this is the comics after all.....

ecrobinson 10/26/2012 3:28:02 PM

Chow Yun fat Hands down!

BarracudaVSFrankencastle 10/27/2012 7:06:59 PM

 Using the Extremis story line is coo but the whole Mandarin as a "Terrorist Monk" or some shit isnt vibing with me...

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