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First Look: Ryan Reynolds as GREEN LANTERN


By Rob M. Worley     July 15, 2010
Source: Various

Mark Ruffalo leads new Hulk contenders. Plus: More about the Superman rumors. Green Lantern gets winged. New voice actors Hero Up for the Super Hero Squad Show and more! The daily column with the pre-Comic-Con nervous breakdown, it's your Comics2Film 10.7.15!




SUPER HERO SQUAD Goes Cosmic With Expanded Cast

TV Guide reports that a fleet of seasoned actors will guest star on the next season of Marvel's Super Hero Squad Show. The new Cosmic story arc will feature George Takei returning as Galactus, Ty Burrell (Modern Family) as Captain Marvel, Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) as Nightmare, Jane Lynch (Glee) as Nebula, Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) as She-Hulk and Adam West (Batman) as Nighthawk.

That last bit is particularly fun. Fans know that Nighthawk was largely introduced to the Marvel universe as a Batman knock-off, part of the Squadron Sinister which was a Justice League knock-off that battled the Avengers.

Also guest-starring in the show in unspecified roles are Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn (Star Trek: The Next Generation), John Barrowman (Torchwood), James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries).



C2F Quick Hits

  • If you want the opening for Transformers 3 spoiled for ya, click over to CHUD. They've got the blow-by-blow of the cool pre-credit squence that launches Michael Bay's third go-round with the Autobots.
  • Actor Liev Schreiber told IGN that he has no idea if he's coming back for X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2. "It's not in my hands," says the actor. "It's a studio thing. People liked the character, it seemed like people liked the character. And I'd love to do it again, but I think the storyline that they're going to go with is in Japan. I think part of it, I don't know -- I try not to second-guess the studios, but I feel like sometimes when they make a sequel they have to have a new villain. I haven't even seen the script."
  • Summit Entertainment have released two more posters from the movie version of Red. The latest ones feature John Malkovich and Helen Mirren as government agents who are "Retired, Extremely Dangerous."



More on the SUPERMAN Rumors did some checking on the recent rumors that Jonathan Nolan was being groomed to direct the new Superman movie, while Chuck star Zach Levi is under consideration for the lead role.

Their inside sources, who sound fairly credible, confirm that Christopher Nolan is pushing for little bro to get the directing job on the movie and Warner Bros. is eager to please the wunderkind as he's made Batman into a bankable franchise again, and is about to deliver another hit with Inception.

On the other hand, the source did not confirm the Levi part of the story. Instead they say "it is a TV star that they're looking at for the lead," but also adds that they've heard nothing of the Chuck star being associated with the film and nobody has tested for the part.

Our regular contributor Antonello Blueberry speculates that Mad Men hunk Jon Hamm would be a good fit. That's a casting choice that would make Mania EIC Richard Kuras happy as well, I'm sure. However at 39 Hamm is a bit old to be launching a superhero franchise.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Mark Ruffalo Leads Rumored Hulk Candidates for AVENGERS 

The latest buzz on the Avengers/Hulk/Norton's-out-who-is-in question comes from the scooptastic

Nikki Finke ran a story that 42-year-old actor Mark Ruffalo's people at UTA are in "late-stage discussions" with Marvel about bringing the actor aboard the super-team movie as Bruce Banner.

Now "late-stage" makes it sound like he's close to signing on, but follow up reports from and Heat Vision claim that Marvel is merely interested in the actor and no actual negotiations have taken place.

Heat Vision further elaborates saying that the actor has yet to meet with director apparent Joss Whedon about the role, and hasn't personally decided if he wants it. Plans are for Whedon and Ruffalo to meet this weekend.

A far less likely rumors are emanating from the Hero Complex blog. While their story precedes the Ruffalo rumor, they reiterate Monday's chatter that Joaquin Phoenix may be a contender for the part. They also drop in names like Adrien Brody, Nathan Fillion and David Tennant, the latter two of which seem extremely unlikely to C2F.

There's a presumption among the fan press that Marvel is keen to trot the new Hulk actor out during their big Saturday evening panel at Comic-Con on the 24th. However, there's no way that Marvel is going to rush an important deal that impacts both The Avengers and prospective Incredible Hulk sequels just for the dog and pony bonus. They may get a deal in place before then or they may not, but no deal is going to be done just to serve that deadline.

What do you think, Maniacs? Is Ruffalo a good choice for Bruce Banner? Post your comments below...

Thanks to Chopsaki, Muenster, aegrant, ZayersJ, cartersvillevol and AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Entertainment Weekly has unveiled the cover to this week's Comic-Con themed issue featuring Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern!


Ryan Reynolds appears as GREEN LANTERN on the cover of Entertainment Weekly


In related news: US Magazine reports that Ryan Reynolds suffered a separated shoulder on the set of Green Lantern on Monday.

Insiders say Reynolds "is in lots of pain," and keeping his injury on ice. Reynolds is slated to appear at Comic-Con next week where many fans will get their first glimpse at some footage from the film. Hopefully the injury isn't so severe that the actor can't meet his peeps in a week!

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. It's been called "Sophisticated, playful and sweet" by the Comics Buyer's Guide and a melding of We3 and Avatar: The Last Airbender by AudioShocker! He would love for any Maniacs bound for Comic-Con in San Diego to stop by, shout "Litter Bricks" and check out the new comic! Click here for the Scratch9 Comic-Con Schedule.


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cellarboylives 7/15/2010 7:06:38 AM

Hey, I for one would have no problem with Ruffalo as Banner. He's a good actor and comes across as likable enough. However, Adrien Brody would be perfect for Banner! That's probably about as close to the comic version of banner they could get!

Ozymandas 7/15/2010 7:32:44 AM

It seems to me that you'd have to go out of your way to miscast Bruce Banner. Ruffino, Brody, whoever will do fine.

Green Lantern mask, eyes & painted area around eyes are really off. The rest of the costume looks lousy, too. Even his hair looks bad - it has an 80s look to it. Sure, I'll see this movie and hope for the best.

Tevii 7/15/2010 8:04:13 AM

Adrien Brody would be a perfect Banner

I am A HUGE Green Lantern fan... not sure I like what I see of the costume

Wiseguy 7/15/2010 8:21:42 AM

I'm impressed with the additions being made to Superhero Squad. Adam West alone is worth tuning in for. Big fan of this show, makes me feel like a kid again

Jon Hamm as Superman? Not unless it's the last days of Superman. The cat is and looks too old.

And that's why stars need not do their own stunts. A delay on a project like Green Lantern could cost millions, someone cite this to Vinny Chase. Btw, no white gloves for GL? What a bummer. I wish that  they'd stay true to the comics when it comes to costume

Ruffalo as Banner/Hulk could work. I think the cat is a damn good actor to boot

I'll wait to catch the real Transformers 3 intro on the big screen.




monkeyfoot 7/15/2010 8:22:51 AM

Adrien Brody was my choice for Banner back when Marvel started talking about the movie. Glad they are listening to my mental suggestions. Tennant would be fantastic too. But I'm not sure he would go for it.

Beware my Power! I think Reynolds as GL looks fine. They said it would be CG'ed.

Rheul_home 7/15/2010 8:48:30 AM

I agree. Brody would be fantastic. I quite like the David Tennant idea too as long as he can do an American accent. Any of the people mentioned would be fine in my book. I just wish the whole Norton thing didnt go down like it did. I thought he nailed the role.

I think that GL costume looks like ass... Not diggin it at all. That does look like a good issue of EW though. Is that on the stands now?

fft5305 7/15/2010 9:17:30 AM

Don't particularly care about Ruffalo as an actor one way or the other, so I wouldn't be too crazy about him for Banner. I think Brody or Tennant would be pretty good.

The GL costume is ok, but not great. Is that green hair?  The ring changes his hair color when he goes in costume? Or is that just reflection of the light? Hopefully, it will look better in motion etc...

Don't let Jonathan Nolan direct Superman. Nothing personal. Keep any first-time directer away. Let someone who knows how to direct handle the job.

Darkknight2280 7/15/2010 9:22:16 AM

GEEZ the haters are out CHUGGING their haterade! Its 1 lousy picture on the cover of a magazine, which i think looks good. You guys just dont get the fact that they arent going to make it a 100% translation from the comics! His eyes look cool! You cant take an actors pupils totally away you cant see their emotion or which direction they are looking in. its a great trade off to make his pupils a slightly different color then the rest of his eyes. The costume looks alien which they were going for that look. At this point i think it looks great! But maybe once you get some different lighting on it, it may look better or like crap. But so far it looks great! Haters choke on your haterade!

animefanjared 7/15/2010 9:30:18 AM

I'm not sold on the Green Latern suit.  I personally think the green and black suit from the comics is one of the most film friendly in superhero-dom (dark colors, no neon undies), and this new suit seems like a change just for the sake of change.  If Green Latern was all candy colored spandex like the X-Men or something, I would understand the change, but he's not.  I think this is a case where a more traditional take on the character would have been better.

And to reiterate my position on Superman, I am a big believer in Christopher Nolan, but the idea that he would have enough clout to get his inexperienced brother hired to direct a major tentpole is slightly mind-boggling.  I also think John Hamm is an interesting choice for Superman (he has the dashing good looks, that's for sure), although I do find it unlikely because of his age.  At the same time, I don't want some 22-year-old kid cast as Superman.  If we are building towards some kind of Justice League movie, I think Superman needs to be older (like 30s) to be a credible leader.

millean 7/15/2010 9:34:46 AM

I've liked everything I've seen on Green Lantern... until now.  I'm not crazy about the suit.  It's not terrible, but it ain't great, either.  Still need to wait on a trailer, I suppose.

I think is hair isn't green, it is just the reflection of green light.  The top of his hair looks like a normal color, but closer to his ring is where it goes green.


The more I think about Zack Levi as Supes, the more I like it.  He just needs to add a lot of muscle.

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