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First Look: Sgt. Frog Season 2 Part 2

A look at more Keroro Platoon adventures

By Chris Beveridge     March 23, 2010

Sgt Frog
© FUNimation
Sgt. Frog slides through twelve more episodes which brings the second season to a close by getting us up to episode fifty one. Unsurprisingly, the series doesn't actually change much from what we've seen though we sort of get a new character formally introduced as the ghost that has floated around gets an episode where she's fully revealed and the gang takes a trip back in time to realize that she's been visited by Keropians before. By and large though, Sgt. Frog is at that point where they do lots of fun stuff but you wonder how long they can continue it while realizing that there's another couple hundred episodes out there.
What's interesting is that as this set ends, episode fifty-one can actually serve as a finale for the series in total depending on how FUNimation wants to approach it. The episode deals with the platoon being informed that they haven't achieved anything of significance and they're being withdrawn from the theater so the higher ups can figure out a new approach. It's a somber episode as the platoon deals with the loss as well as realizing that the people they've befriended will lose their memories of them. Watching them cope with it is well done and the actual removal of all things Keroro and the gang is a lot of fun. Of course, you know it won't end without a reboot of sorts since the show continues on for several years, but it's one of those expected episodes that plays well and does offer a jumping off point for people. I still want more though.
This set kicks off with a new year angle as it's now 2005 and we see the gang going through the motions of it and other holidays. Valentine's Day in particular is fun as Momoka is doing her best to give Fuyuki some chocolates but ends up frustrated when tons of girls give him things, though neither realize the true intent of it all. At the same time, Keroro has come up with a new master plan of making special dumplings to sell that can fund their next invasion plan, or more Gundam models, which hits a number of stumbling blocks along the way. The other fun part to watch is seeing Natsumi doing her best to get Saburo's attention as well as she has her girly moments in being shy and unsure of herself, a decided contrast from how she usually is in dealing with everyone else.
One of my favorite episodes is when Keroro challenges the humans to an athletic event as he's quite sure that his species is far more athletic. This episode does the standard first half and second half split with the first half showing the Olympic style competitions, including curling, where the human side keeps hitting losses where they shouldn't which gives rise to some cheating. It's a fun episode that's fairly predictable but it's the second half the seals the deal. It's here that Kalulu gets Hinata to help him testing out some giant robots which brings us to all kinds of classic mecha goodness as she completely gets into it at the same time that the competitions are going on. Hinata gets so into it that she overtaxes the the machine and causes a ton of trouble for the competition which we see from a different angle.
Sgt. Frog does run across a number of somewhat familiar stories, such as a sports episode revolving around soccer and some other plain silliness. The one involving the ghost that has been living in the household for awhile finally gets its due and it was actually fairly nice as Keroro finally realized who it was that was messing slightly with his models and other things. Keroro and Natsumi do a little trip back in time via her memories to see the past and as obvious as it is, it's nice to see another instance of Keroro's race visiting years ago. Another fun story involves a virtual game of Life, Keroro style, where everyone stands inside of it and they play to get their fondest wishes given to them. Getting to see what people want is often fun and even Natsumi gets into the game, at least until the fate of the world ends up at stake.
This is very simply a fun show that's exactly what you'd expect from a series that's all about the situational gags. I'm still somewhat surprised they haven't introduced more characters or expanded it but what they've done in these first fifty-one episodes is to introduce an amusing cast, a solid basic setup and plenty of gags and laughs that work well. This set builds on all that's come before, but there isn't much more to really do. The show is a pretty well oiled machine where it has memorable episodes and some less than memorable ones but it leaves a positive impression overall. The diversity of the characters and the situations they can run with, as well as the simple absurdity of situations created by Keroro, allows for almost everything and anything to happen. That promise, as well as the promise of mostly rebooting at the end of each episode, means we're just set for fun and it's simply a matter of what the angle is in each episode. Good stuff that's still making me smile after this many episodes and leaves me looking forward to many more.


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O-chan 3/23/2010 9:38:05 PM

A little fun information. This is actually the end of the FIRST season in the Japanese version. The "second season" is actually a Funi gimmick but after reading the manga there are some really nice plot arcs and characters coming  up in "Season Three". I've always said that this series is pretty much the spiritual successor to Urusei Yatsura in terms of story, slapstick, and more and more weird aliens coming into the picture.



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