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First Look: Star Trek D-A-C

Joe's Star Trek game thoughts.

By Joe Oesterle     May 05, 2009

Mania's First Look of the new game STAR TREK(2009).
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Star Trek® D-A-C is described by its creators as a fast-paced, top-down space shooter pick up and play game inspired by the upcoming motion picture.
   I recently had the good fortune to meet with the designers of this game on the world-famous Paramount lot in Hollywood, and after a stereotypical (but delicious) gamers lunch of pizza, Coke and Twizzlers, I watched some intense 3-on-3 game play by the experts. As you might expect, there was a fair percentage of trash talking between the Starfleet squadron and the bloodthirsty Romulan crew, but when the space dust settled it was the dastardly Romulans who raised their brutal fists in victory.
   Tarik Soliman the lead designer at Naked Sky, with a suspiciously Romulan sounding name, describes the look of the game as, “Classic arcade play where you see all the ships from a birds eye view in 3D, although to be fair, some people call it 2 and a half D. Everything is rendered and built as a 3D model, but you’re looking at it from one angle. There’s a lot we do with depth and parallax to make it interesting.”
   Soliman added, “The movie is very action-packed and we wanted to capture that flavor. The colors are beautiful, it’s a very cool looking pick up and play and most of all, it’s a lot of fun.”
   It certainly looked like a lot of fun from where I was sitting, so when I asked Soliman if I could sit in the captain’s chair during the battle, he looked at me with more than a hint of trepidation, but he relinquished control of his ship for a brief time. To be honest, it was much briefer than I expected, but Captain Soliman comforted me with ten words that brought me a modicum of solace. “You might not be ready for expert play yet.”
   He was right of course. He’s flown more intergalactic missions and demolished more enemy combatants than I had Twizzlers (no easy feat) so he set the level down a notch or two, and in no time I was flying, shooting and gathering weapons like a young James Tiberius Kirk.
   Although the game allows you to participate as a single player, most gamers will find it’s more fun to max out your online multiplayer mode, twelve players, six per team.
    As I was getting ready to head out, I had to admit to myself, I was now more interested in seeing a movie I was very excited about seeing in the first place, and I needed to grab this game the moment it hits the shelves.
   I can’t say that I raised my hand in the gesture of the Vulcan salute as I left the gaming room, but I did grab the last handful of Twizzlers. Sometimes the needs of one outweighs the needs of the many.
·         Arcade-Style Space Combat: Lead your team to victory as you command a starship in epic multiplayer space battles
  • Enlist in Starfleet or join the Romulan Empire: Play as one of the two factions from the upcoming “Star Trek” motion picture
·         Three Different Game Play Modes:
    • Single-Player: Practice against AI bots to become an expert captain
    • Online Multiplayer: Twelve players (six per team) compete in intense online battles
    • Online Co-Op: Team up with friends to combat in space
·         Three Different Game Types:
o   Team Deathmatch: Teams go head-to-head in a winner-takes-all fight to the finish
o   Conquest: Teams must protect and conquer Control Points in space
o   Assault: Teams take turns trying to dominate or defend a sector of space
  • Superior Graphics: With visuals inspired by the film, players of Star Trek: D-A-C fight in a diverse array of outer space settings
  • Three Ship Classes for Each Faction: The powerful Flagship, the nimble Fighter and the devastating Bomber each provide unique capabilities in combat
·         Original Content Inspired by Upcoming “Star Trek” Film: Take down enemies while flying the new U.S.S. Enterprise
  • Change the Course of Battle With a Variety of Power-Ups & Special Pick-Ups: Upgrade your ship’s weapons mid-fight and discover powerful pickups to dominate your enemies
·         “Star Trek” Soundtrack: Star Trek: D-A-C features music and sound effects taken from the new “Star Trek”movie
Publisher: Paramount Digital Entertainment                        Developer: Naked Sky Entertainment
Platforms: Xbox LIVE® Arcade, Windows PC and              ESRB Rating: E
Release Date: May 2009(XBLA),                                        
                         TBD (PlayStation Network, Windows PC)


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zaldar 5/5/2009 2:50:49 PM

beh...much like the movie to much action not enough thought and story...



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