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shac2846 4/30/2010 8:06:30 AM

How about that Thor costume? Looks awsome, hope the movie lives up. I am definitely going to buy... borrow someone elses copy of Clash to see that Green Lantern sneak peak. I guess you have to sell Clash somehow why not put one of the most anticipated movies of next year on it to cram it down peoples throates. Damn you Warner.

monkeyfoot 4/30/2010 8:23:38 AM

Thor: Love the look. Yes, it does have a plastic look but that just might be the lighting. Good teaser photo, though. Just like they teased an IM photo during the filming of that.

IM2: I'm also avoiding any further press and all reviews. It's a movie I'm going to see regardless of what a critic feels.

Jonah Hex: I have next to no familiarity of the comic but I do know the supernatural was not an original part of it. The trailer reminds me of a combo of Wild Wild West and Ghost Rider which is not a vibe that is appealing to me. I was hoping for a more gritty feel similar to Unforgiven or the Lonesome Dove mini-series.But you never know how the public might feel. We'll see.

lister 4/30/2010 8:26:41 AM

I don't like the look of the arms of Thor's costume. It looks like a quilt made of silver cloth. It should be chain mail. And his goatee is too short.

Even so, it's kind of a cool pic!

DarthDuck 4/30/2010 8:31:06 AM


By the beard of Odin, that costume is phenomenal!  Sure, it looks a tad goofy, but how would it not?  And it's early.  I think it's a great indication of where this movie is headed! 

Calibur454 4/30/2010 8:38:15 AM

I have to agree with jmg134 the thor costume looks way to polished up- it does kinda look plastic like to me

Joan Hex- No thanks I pass on this now that I have seen this trailer

DKnight0212 4/30/2010 8:46:04 AM

Don't mean to be a killjoy, but why'd they use Thor's new costume ? I mean since their going the Ultimate route, why didn't they use the Ultimate outfit. Nothing against the suit they used but I just think the Ultimate suit looks better .

aegrant 4/30/2010 8:49:52 AM

I am so pumped for Iron Man 2 - I just hope it doesn't suck.

The Thor pic looks good, can't wait to see more

aegrant 4/30/2010 8:58:17 AM

Oh i forgot to mention... I will wait for Jonah Hex to be on syfy or USA network sometime next year.

Darkknight2280 4/30/2010 9:01:54 AM

WOW the Thor pic looks great!!! Pretty much how i would picture they should do it!..Yes it looks plasticey but they havent even finished filming. I say the COSTUME IS BADA$$!!! This mixed with the Destroyer armor pic has me PUMPED!! HAVE AT THEE HATERS!!!

Ozymandas 4/30/2010 9:03:17 AM

Thor: I was never a big fan of this costume. Would have preferred to see him in something closer to Thor's classic threads or even the Ultimate one.

Yea, the god of thunder doth appear to be clad in tire rubber. The torso should be looking leather & the arms, metallic. I wonder what helmet they're going with.

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