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First RED Trailer Hits


By Rob M. Worley     June 24, 2010
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Comics2Film: RED
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First Red trailer hits. Plus: More photos from Walking Dead. More casting for Cowboys & Aliens. More footage from Batman: Under the Red Hood. More of what you love the way you love it in your Comics2Film 10.6.24!




Examining the JONAH HEX Hex

DC's Jonah Hex movie was d.o.a. at the box office last weekend. It was a big budget movie with some A-list stars riding the trend of comic-based fare, so naturally folks are interested how Warner Bros produced the biggest western bomb since, well, Warner Bros produced Wild Wild West. Were lessons not learned?

Interesting analysis is found at Heat Vision and Speakeasy.

C2F's view? 

Designing a movie by committee is always a problem and accounts for the films schizophrenic tone.

Further, we can never understand why anyone wants to adapt something and then throw away the source material. There are many fine stories to be pulled from the Hex comics. Pick one and adapt it. The reason the good comic movies work is that the filmmakers recognized the core, important elements of the comics and brought them to the screen, rather than trying to fix things for the mainstream.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Cast, Horses, Bombs and Scorpions for COWBOYS & ALIENS

Actor Walton Goggins seems to be on a roll. After seven stellar seasons on FX Channel's The Shield, he transitioned over to a fascinating character on the same network's Justified. He'll be seen in the upcoming Predators movie.

Now, reports that he's also joined the cast of Cowboys & Aliens in an unspecified role.

Also in the film is Mexican hottie Ana De La Reguera, who you might have seen in last year's Cop Out. Apparently Ms. De La Reguera is facing some adversity on the set of the film. Last night she tweeted, "There where [two] scorpions in my trailer! In my t-shirt! Plus the mouse I saw on set hehe!"

Also having a good time is Irish/American hottie Olivia Wilde.

"Another fun night on Cowboys & Aliens," Wilde told her followers. "All I can tell you is that Keith Carradine is a bad ass and I love explosions."

The guy running the show is Jon Favreau who is learning some new tricks as a director.

"Another first for me. Stampeding horses," was the tweet before last night's shoot.

Cowboys & Aliens arrives in theaters July 2011.




We're loving what we've seen so far from Frank Darabont's TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic The Walking Dead.

Yesterday AMC released two new images from the set of the show. The first shot depicts Officer Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln) aiming his revolver; the second features a fresh look at the undead.

The Walking Dead is currently being filmed on location in Atlanta, GA, and will premiere on AMC this October.



Wright and Cera Interview Each Other About SCOTT PILGRIM

Wired has a funny feature from Scott Pilgrim vs The World in which leading man Michael Cera and director Edgar Wright attempt to interview one another about the year's most anticipated comic-based movie. It's a fun read as the pair have a hard time staying on topic but here's some stuff that actually relates to the movie:

Cera: So has Bryan Lee O’Malley seen the movie yet?

Wright: He saw it a while ago, and he loves it—which was such a relief. Before I signed up to direct the movie, I had to make sure he was happy about the idea. If I hadn’t had access to Bryan, I wouldn’t have done the film.

Cera: Why did you want me for the part?

Wright: Most of the time in both the book and the film, Scott Pilgrim is having a major meltdown because of the women in his life. His world is falling apart, and there are times when he’s not a nice guy, so we needed an actor audiences will still follow even when the character is being a bit of an ass. Also, you’re Canadian.

Cera: What’s that supposed to mean?

Wright: It’s about the sense of humor. A question I find interesting is when people ask me about British humor versus American humor. Simon Pegg and I were talking about how it’s not a matter of cultural references, it’s a point of view. You know, my sense of humor is British. But, Michael, can you pinpoint something that’s Canadian humor? Tone? State of mind? If I had to pinpoint something, and what typifies moments in the film, it’s that you’re seeing insane things happen and yet the humor is very laid-back. Your reaction undercuts what’s going on.

Cera: Stupid Canadian docility. You know, something that people might find interesting is all of the videogame effects you used as visuals—and music, too.

Wright: I haven’t told you this yet, but Shigeru Miyamoto—the Mario creator from Nintendo—has seen part of the film. We had to get his permission to use this piece of music from The Legend of Zelda for that dream sequence. So when I was writing to Nintendo to get permission, I was saying, “This music is like nursery rhymes to a generation.” I remember seeing you get all misty-eyed any time Super Mario Bros. 3 was mentioned.

And then, there's this video clip of a failed interview attempts for the modern age:

Scott Pilgrim vs The World arrives in theaters August 13th.





In case you missed it, yesterday we posted an interview with Bruce Timm in which he discussed the upcoming DC Universe original animated movie Batman: Under the Red Hood.

Today, Warner Bros have released a new video clip from the film, in which Batman confronts the Red Hood and learns his master plan.

Batman: Under the Red Hood arrives on the home entertainment market on July 27th.



First RED Trailer Hits

Yahoo! movies have posted the first trailer for Red based on the Wildstorm comic by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner.

We have to admit, it wasn't quite what we were expecting. The book plays a bit more as a thriller whereas this starts off looking like "Grumpy Old Assassins". Of course, we'd direct skeptics to that December blog post from Warren Ellis in which he talks about the inherent difficulties in adapting the sparsely-written three issue series into a feature length film.

On the upside, Bruce Willis does kick some ass in the latter half of the trailer and Helen Mirren blows the shit out of a great many things.

The trailer also points fans to the official website for the film at, although there's nothing there but the trailer at the moment.

Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren are retired CIA agents who have to get back in the game to stay alive. The movie opens October 15th.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.


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jfdavis 6/24/2010 5:57:27 AM

RED HOOD looks great. 

RED looks awesome as well. So Bruce and Helen are a couple? Interesting, I wouldn't think she'd be his type...

ddiaz28 6/24/2010 6:10:36 AM

Red looks great.  You think Bruce and Helen were a couple?  I got a sorta mother son vibe off them.  She is significantly older than he is.

That interview view was mildly amusing.  Personally I never get tired of Cera's passive comedy act.

Chris Beveridge 6/24/2010 6:21:30 AM

 There's only a nine year real-world difference between the two; he's 55 and she's 64. I dunno that I'd say that she was significantly older. When you get 15 year differences then yeah. Under 10, not so much.

Wiseguy 6/24/2010 6:31:00 AM

Helen Mirren was doing Cuba Gooding Jr. in Shadowboxer so her doing Willis isn't that far fetched

Red looks like pretty damn good. Always loved Willis.

Let's just blame Megan Fox for Jonah Hex

Oh yeah, Red Hood looks pretty good too

Darkknight2280 6/24/2010 6:45:57 AM

Pretty star studded cast for this RED movie. Never read the comics but the movie looks pretty damn good. Is it just me or is John Malcovich now type cast as playing the "crazy/wacked out guy" in every movie now? Which isnt a bad thing, he plays whacked out VERY GOOD...But man has that guy aged! Was watching Con Air over the weekend last week and he looked soo young..but its like he aged soo fast after that movie.

Wiseguy 6/24/2010 7:08:37 AM

Well, Malkovich is a deadringer for James Carville and that guy really is a nut.

aegrant 6/24/2010 7:18:27 AM

Look, who on here honestly thought Jonah Hex was going to be any good after seeing the first trailer? Like I stated months ago... I will wait for it to play on the USA network or something (not even DVD/BD).

I hope they make the Red Hood as hardcore as the comic. anybody know if it will be pg-13?

I will go see RED, mainly cause I like those actors, but I never read the comic.

@Darkknight... funny avatar

Ozymandas 6/24/2010 7:19:22 AM

I like Jonah Hex (the character) but there's no Jonah Hex story you can't tell without Jonah Hex. He's not unique. Same goes for the Punisher. Same goes for the House of Mystery. If I wanted to make a Sgt Rock movie, I'd make a war movie and not bother with using the character. The general public doesn't know these characters and the added box office draw is going to be slight. Hollywood has to use exceptional care if they're going to bother making these types of movies.

aegrant 6/24/2010 7:24:49 AM

Helen Mirren is 64 and still looks like this: I would take some of that gp action if I was bruce

lracors 6/24/2010 7:30:29 AM

I saw Jonah Hex and the beginning was pretty cool then it completely and totally derailed and after 30 minutes i quit watching.

Cowboys & Aliens / Walking Dead... Both are sounding awesome.

Scott Pilgram... heh funny

Red Hood I don't see any rating on Trailer looks awesome...

mmm RED looking good...

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