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First Two GL Spots Online

Warner Bros. launches TV spot campaign for Green Lantern.

By Jarrod Sarafin     April 04, 2011
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures, MovieBox

Ryan Reynolds and the GREEN LANTERN ring
© Warner Bros. Ent. Inc.

On the same weekend that Warner Bros. Pictures was showing off ten minutes of Green Lantern footage at the WonderCon and CinemaCon events (check out an 4-minute abridged version here), the studio launched their TV spot campaign for the upcoming summer tentpole. Watch the first two spots online courtesy of TheMovieBox. The film stars Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins, Temuera Morrison, Jay O. Sanders, Taika Waititi and Jon Tenney. Director Martin Campbell led from the helm, based on a screenplay by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg.

Plot Concept: In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans, who have never harnessed the infinite powers of the ring before. But Hal is clearly the missing piece to the puzzle, and along with his determination and willpower, he has one thing no member of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax...he will become the greatest Green Lantern of all.

Green Lantern will fly into 3D/2D theaters June 17, 2011.

TV Spot #1

TV Spot #2



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jedibanner 4/4/2011 6:03:01 AM

It looks interesting but, if you compare those with the Thor's TV Spot, Thor is no contest.

Wiseguy 4/4/2011 6:12:04 AM

Thor is no contest? So you think GL looks much better, that's cool. I think they both rock. I'm a Marvel guy more than DC but I don't get why fans of one have to deride the other. I still love both

Anyway GL is looking really amazing.

I think Hammonds' powers are linked to Parallax in the film. His eyes turn yellowish after contacting Abin Sur's injury by Parallax. Oa looks amazing. I guess they're saving the Guardians for later

Badger 4/4/2011 6:41:05 AM

This is going to be an amazing summer for movies.  The only problem I see currently is that May 6 is still a month away.... sigh....

krathwardroid 4/4/2011 6:43:12 AM

Well, at least it isn't Blade: Trinity. :P And Hector Hammond looks like Ozzy Osbourne with that big head of his.

Wiseguy: Some misguided sense of loyalty, perhaps. I don't care who's publishing what character, I'll read and watch them all.

wessmith1966 4/4/2011 9:42:26 AM

These spots look much better than the first one, so that's good. I still don't like the costume, ring or lantern. The ring and lantern I can get past, but not the costume. Maybe once I see the movie I'll like it. One thing I find interesting is there's no Blake Lively in the spots. I read a little while back that she was pretty bad in the film so maybe that's why they're keeping her out of the new spots. Blake's a beauty and from what I've seen of her work I thought she was at least a fair actress so I hope the reports were wrong.

kennynine 4/4/2011 11:31:46 AM

The music in the first GL spot is a rip off from the Tranformers 3 tv spot in the superbowl

flinshadytoo 4/4/2011 12:50:26 PM

 I agree with Jedibanner sorry, & it still looks terribly cheesy but hey all you CGI junkies out there will lap it up & it will do reasonable well when it's released. I sometimes wish that CGI could be abolished so film-makers would have to think of cleverer ways to do things as the too perfect clean look of CGI sometimes kills a movie for me, look back movies like 2001, Alien, The Thing & Blade Runner they really had to work at it but it looked more real to me, but now it's directors like Synder that get all the love, & people have such low expectations as long as there's lots of noise & flash bang they are satisfied, sigh. Then again I'm almost pushing 40 so I'm an old fart & are not part of the target demographic, that said Thor & Captain America look awesome lol!

pekstrand 4/4/2011 2:06:31 PM

I'm right there with ya age wise flinshady, and agree that movies like Alien and Blade Runner (Two of my favorites, btw) are a dying breed with the technological advancements they seem to make on a moment by moment basis, but I certainly don't mind CGI if it's used well and enhances the story. Same way I feel about 3D. That being said, I think GL looks pretty amazing and I'm looking forward to it. Should be a great summer of movies with Thor, Cap and GL on the horizon. And Badger, I agree, May 6, seems so far.

Batmite 4/4/2011 2:34:03 PM

For those who have been asking for a Guy Gardner appearance, here's some news.  Wikipedia is touting that there is a Guy Gardner cameo.  No actor is named.

IMDB is confirming appearances by John Stewart and Tom Kalmiko.  Wikipedia also says Clark Kent pops up.  Check it out.

madmanic999 4/4/2011 2:43:47 PM

F@#$%ck !  I am so sick of the "CGI sucks" crying and whining.... Anytime some f@#$ing troll wants to hate on something on here they start with the CGI is too heavily used nonsense!!! Jesus, what is this other f#$%ing art form thats soooo amazing!  I've watched as many movies as anyone else but thanks to CGI worlds that never existed on film before are possible.  I'm not validating it's use where not needed but I wonder what transformers would look like as stop motion animated tin men, or how cool Spidey would look swinging through the city as a shot of some stunt man on a cable swinging back and forth.  I love Aliens, Predator all those great films, but the FX today crush anything from back then...  Good or Bad, GL will be better with CGI, then any other FX process they could of used... some films need CGI to achieve the crazy worlds and events in the story. ... Seriously, when does the whining end! 

end of rant

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